If I fall in love with someone else

If I fall in love with someone else

Today, I post an article that I have posted before.

Wen /Zhang Jingbao

I hope you like it. Of course, I can't help it if I don't like it. Because this is the way the world is, it can't satisfy all the wishes of you and me.

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Today, a senior described it as disorganized, which I think is very interesting. He said: "the disorganized feeling to me is like when we were sitting on the playground drinking soda and chatting at the end of school in the summer afternoon. Today it may be Zhang thorns talking to us, tomorrow it may be Tong c, or the eel whale may be talking to us. It's like a group of people, yearning for the future and talking about a self-righteous life. "

in fact, falling in love is like wearing glasses, either to see the world more clearly, or the world has become blurred from now on.

and this often happens between two people who are in a relationship, one becomes realistic because of "falling in love", and the other becomes nothingness because of "falling in love."

A good friend of mine has a good temper and responds to all the demands of his girlfriend. He and his girlfriend began to know each other in primary school. At that time, they didn't understand the kind of "100% people" that Haruki Murakami talked about in his theory of "meeting 100% girls." But they did spend the sixth grade, junior high school, high school and college as lovers.

I remember last year this good friend and I went to a western restaurant for breakfast, and the next table was discussing marriage. A boy said, "We have known each other for three years, and it is time to get married."

"she and I have been together for eight years," my friend smiled. "I have the nerve to say it in public for three years."

but in their tenth year (the summer vacation of the previous year), the woman broke up on the grounds that "you are so naive."

in fact, this is not the first time they have parted ways in a long-distance relationship. They should have broken up no less than 10 times in the whole decade (and complain to me every time they break up). The breakup seems to have become a relative of the woman, but it doesn't happen every month, but as long as the woman is in a bad mood, they will have a "breakup".

so I'm not surprised at the fact that they broke up. It's as unusual but understandable as if he suddenly wanted to invite me to dinner. But this breakup is a little different, because he only sent me a Wechat the night of the breakup, instead of calling me in the middle of the night to accompany him to the big stall for a drink. We all know that the more sad people are, the less they talk. The Wechat post has only eight words:

"broke up and have breakfast tomorrow."

We went to the western restaurant where he laughed at other people's dating years a year ago. as soon as he sat down, he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Then he began to tell me what happened between them:

"when we were together, I didn't wear glasses. At that time, I didn't know much about anything. All I know is that a good boyfriend should constantly accommodate his girlfriend. And I think as a man, I should have a sense of responsibility. I thought I was already a good boyfriend, but she often said that I was bad to her. Am I really bad to her? "

"it's just great," I poked the sun eggs on the plate with a fork, "so she was spoiled."

"at the last reunion dinner, after the dish was served, I asked her if she wanted a bite, and she said she didn't want to eat it. I just said, "forget it if you don't want to eat". Then she started losing her temper and ignoring me in front of everyone, and no matter what I said, she just didn't care about me, and then we didn't sing because of it. "

"before every breakup, she would say that I was naive and would not think of her, but every time she would not think of me. She always made fun of me in front of my friends, not that I was stingy or that my clothes were ugly. I can't get dressed, but why can't she talk about it in private? Would she be proud to say I'm ugly in public? Two people together is not just to appreciate each other, if I am not good, why does she want to be with me? "

"I always thought that two people get along with each other is to accommodate each other, but now think about it, the two of us have been torturing each other, I have no bottom line to accommodate her, she is also no bottom line to challenge my bottom line. Maybe it's because she's used to my 'good' to her, so she always thinks I'm not good enough to her, and I'm used to being nice to her, so I keep forcing myself to lower my bottom line. "

I couldn't help interrupting him: "I really don't understand why she can casually say the word 'break up' because it's not a weapon to attack each other." Maybe she was just kidding, but the lie was told ten thousand times and it became a reality. "

"maybe she really doesn't like me. She keeps telling me that I can't afford her, and someone else is chasing her. Maybe she met someone better now, so she gave up on me. " After that, his eyes seemed to turn off the light, and he only stared at the bowl of roast goose wrasse powder that was already cold on the table.

then he seemed to remember something and said with a smile, "Ten years, can't anyone give up?"

I said, "but she is willing."

then I asked him to bring me his cell phone and help him delete everything about her. When I deleted it, I remembered an article by Haruki Murakami, "meeting 100% Girls". It said that a pair of 100% lovers specially separated in order to test whether they were "100% lovers" or not. But because of fate, two originally 100% lovers became strangers who passed by one morning.

I suddenly wondered whether the two of them thought that each other was 100% lovers ten years ago, but ten years later they also wanted to become strangers because of their fate. I looked up and handed the phone back to him and found that he didn't seem to have done enough. He wanted to ask me some questions.

but I think he just thought of me as her at that moment. He put on his glasses and asked

"but in the future, if she finds that no one is as nice to her as I am, and I have someone I like, what about her?"

"Don't you think this is a sad story?"

"meet 100% girls"