I want to be with you

I want to be with you

You can't refuse to meet interesting people.

before going to college, I packed my bags, stood in front of the bookcase and hesitated for a long time. Should I take the Little Prince with the blue cover in my hand and put it back a few minutes later, because the subconscious is desperately telling himself: when you get older, you have to be realistic. What are you daydreaming about?

two days ago, I was sitting in the cinema yawning, waiting for the opening of the movie version of "the Little Prince." my cell phone signal was blocked, I couldn't get on the Internet, and I didn't want to watch it seriously. Probably my subconscious was growling to myself desperately: don't accept the values of the children it's about to tell me.

anyone who has seen the Little Prince should know that it tells the story of a pilot who accidentally landed in the Sahara Desert during a flight and met a little prince from an alien ball. The pilot told the story of the little prince and the roses on his planet. When he left the roses for a walk, he met all kinds of "very strange" adults on six planets. Some of these adults like to hear applause, some like money, some want to materialize everything for themselves, and some want to manipulate others to follow their own path.

the movie version adds a main character, a little girl high achiever. The story starts with an accident that the little girl encounters in her mother's planned life path-the old pilot. The little girl learns the story of the little prince from the pilot.

there is an interesting detail. A poster appears at the beginning of the movie, which roughly says, "what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up?" Under the arrangement of her mother, the little girl entered the interview scene of a famous school with the standard answer behind her back. When they all thought that the final interviewer's final question was "have you ever won a so-and-so award?" the interviewer asked an unexpected question: what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? The little girl who couldn't answer was brushed.

originally I was a little confused, so just say it straight away and make up a few sentences, but can't you say a word? Later, I thought about it carefully, in fact, it is because many people, including themselves, do not know what they want to do in the social model in which others teach you what is right and wrong from an early age. Have you ever been speechless in someone else's "what do you really want to do" and then lost in thought?

do you remember dreaming

what kind of person you want to be when you grow up?

our parents told us that we need to be admitted to a good university and study a hot major in order to find a good job. Before going to college, my sister told me that you must strive to join a certain student organization in order to find a job in the future. When changing majors, my cousin frowned and said to me that it was difficult to find a job in this major. After I went to college, the "experienced person" who was older than me told me that to do what others like, to be loved by others.

they keep pointing the way and tell you that you can live well only by following the crowd according to their rules. I nodded like a little girl in the movie, thinking that they were all for my own good. I did what they said, and guess if I was happy?

the little girl jumped out of the usual system and entered the world of the little prince. The little prince is exactly the opposite, because he does something meaningless in the eyes of adults. They tell us that you should do more "useful" things and not have "useless" dreams. Pour cold water on it when you have sudden fresh inspiration, it is impractical to have new ideas, it is impractical to be an actor, it is impractical to learn photography, and it is impractical to create your own brand. It seems that the most practical way is the one taken by most people, while others who turn "impractical" into real events are just lucky.

Eason Chan once sang "how the crowd is like a flock of sheep". No one will spend as much time looking for answers as the little prince, because they say it is a "waste of time".

Why do you always feel that you are not as happy as you were when you were a child?

when I was a child, I was single-minded. When I liked someone, I went to hold his hand and play with him. If I was unhappy, I didn't have to hide and carry it. I don't mind if I had an idea. But now, most relationships have to turn to eight streets to manage. It's strange to think about what you do in advance. Isn't it strange that you take the time to do something before you can find its meaning? The little prince watered the roses and accompanied them, so roses were very important to him on the lonely planet; the fox was tamed by the little prince to accompany the little prince, so she would say to the little prince, "to me, you are unique in the world." We like a person or something, originally simply like it, and then because we spend too much time and effort on it, they become irreplaceable to us.

four years ago, my brother brought back a piece of Golden Retriever. I call it Amy. At that time, it was 50 days old, and it was only a little furry, from fear to getting closer. For four years, I bathed him every day, talked to him, ran with him, basked in the sun, and combed his hair, because my family was busy, and most of the time I was left with him at home. I would tell him some messy things, and he would just stand there and listen to me. When he was bored, he would call his name, and he would come from far away.

my mother told me that if you move to a new house, you are not allowed to bring a dog, then Amy will be given away. I did not hesitate to tell her, then you go to move to a new house, I live here alone with it. A month after saying this sentence, it was abducted. I didn't talk to anyone for three days. on the third day, the neighbor's five-year-old boy ran up to me and took me by the hand and said, "We have two Amy and one for you." I gently held his little hand and said the first words: "but it's different. I just want to be with it."

adults bring Amy back, but forget it because they are busy with work and parties every day.We are like childhood dreams, can be abandoned, transferred, replaced at will, they are like the little prince who grew up in the movie, work after job, ask the original intention, he will wave his hand to tell you, I am very busy. I don't have time to think about those things.

like me, who was overwhelmed by various tasks and had such a nervous breakdown that I slept an average of three hours a day, I was dragged to the cinema and realized that I didn't know when to spend an afternoon on a movie. it has become a very sinful thing for myself.

in addition to the things we need for daily use, we must have a little useless games and pleasures in order to find life interesting. We watch the sunset, the autumn river, the flowers, listen to the rain, smell the fragrance, drink wine that does not quench thirst, and eat snacks that do not satisfy our thirst. These are all necessary things in life-although they are useless decorations, the more refined the better.

-- Zhou Zuoren

dare you tell the people you like, do I want to be with you?

some people may have only met once, but you feel like you like them very much. A few days ago, when I attended an issue of sowhat, in a coffee shop called Camilla, I heard the hostess Xingzi tell her story, majored in design, taught herself dessert, graduated and got married, opened a coffee shop, and she did something that many people were afraid to try, and she looked as if we were free to paint our dreams with others when we were young, and our eyes were glowing. Every girl has more or less had a dream of flowers and cafes, but how many have really done it and are so meticulous that every brick, tile and light bulb have been carefully selected or even participated in the design?

and the sowhat team, after contact, I found that they are really a group of interesting and fun people, people who will fall in love at first sight. I don't know why, maybe they have turned my daydreams that I have only dared to do secretly into reality. I don't know how many people are willing to spend as little as two hours to understand what they are doing in the field they love, and what I have the privilege of participating in a small part of the project is that no matter the team working on the first phase of the project or the shop owner involved, they do or speak with their own halo.

they say: only when you really like it can you be so persistent.

A person who lives in the world must have something he really likes in order to live an interesting life.

this hobby is entirely out of his true temperament, not for some external benefit, such as money, fame and so on. He likes to do it just because he thinks it is very beautiful, and he is attracted by the beauty of it.

-- Zhou Guoping

many people think that "no friends" is wrong. What I want to say is that you can have no friends, but you can't refuse to meet interesting people. Just like a little girl meets a pilot and runs away from her arranged life, like a pilot meets a little prince and finds a bosom friend who is a little different from the people on earth, like an adult who is tamed by adults and meets a little girl. awakened the dreams of childhood.

towards the end of "the Little Prince", the children around the cinema chewed popcorn and giggled, and the adults who went with me yawned all the way and told me it was so bad. I don't know if I was the only one who resisted the impulse to cry a million times.

I want to travel through time and space to another planet to pat the little prince on the shoulder and say, I want to be with you; I want to go back and say to the little girl who sat on her doorstep fantasizing about the future ten years ago, I want to be with you; I want to say to people I like very much and like me a little bit, I want to be with you.

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I want to be with you to do things that

they think "useless" and we think "right"