I want to be as fragile as porcelain.

I want to be as fragile as porcelain.

"go to war with people."

I sat on the side of the road opposite the people's government of the county, and my partner and I each had a can of Qingdao, while a group of 50-and 60-year-old aunts were wriggling to the extremely high music in the speaker, and I talked with my companions, drinking and drinking. The other person asked me, are you all right? Because before that, I was misunderstood by acquaintances and attacked by strangers because of some views different from ordinary people. I heard a lot of words like "bitch", "bitch" and "hypocritical", and received some condolences from conscientious people. for all attacks or misunderstandings, I have only one standard to deal with: no explanation, no pressure, no pursuit.

at the same time, I accompanied Golden Retriever, who grew up with deep feelings, and was abducted by a dog dealer. I didn't know he would be treated, sold, or killed. I repeatedly imagined him staring at him with dirty tears and begging me to save him when he was attacked. The dew of the house tends to rain all night. I think it is. I spent a long night with some kind of despair to the bottom, and even hated all the people with malice at one time.

just think, if I live with hate, what's the difference between that hatred and their malice? I comfort those who come to comfort me: the more I see the malice in the world, the more I want to maintain a rational goodwill, because I know what kind of mental journey it is to be a malicious undertaker. So I don't want others to be the next person as far as I can. I don't care what other people think. I just know who I am.

the editor-in-chief asked everyone a question: how do you feel when you are attacked in life? How did you adjust? I watched the stories you shared all night backstage and temporarily picked a few paragraphs to share with you.

if I am attacked, I will first wonder whether what he said is right or reasonable. If not, I will ignore him. When he talks nonsense, I think he is a passer-by and does not know me, then let him attack. There is no need to argue or get angry with him at all. Sometimes, if you think you are doing the right thing, you should strengthen yourself and not be influenced by others, because most people are mediocre and do not pay too much attention to him.

I have a friend, because I said a bad thing about Deng Ziqi on Weibo, as a result, a fan of Deng Ziqi scolded my friend, attacked her with vicious language in her Weibo friend Weibo, and specially opened Weibo to call my friend a bitch, a bitch, said my friend went into prostitution or something, something very ugly. I really thought these people were unreasonable (because that Deng fan also scolded my friend in my Weibo comments). I talked to my friend for a while. She told me she was sorry, and I asked her how she was doing. She said that the only thing that bothered her about that person's attack was harassing her friends. People who knew her naturally knew that she was not such a person and that there was no need to get tangled up with that person any more. She would just work harder. Just let it go.

We are good friends. Well, in fact, we don't know each other for a long time. We just get to know each other better when we are learning to drive. And then we all go out to play. Maybe I belong to the cheap type, and it has nothing to do with my character. Then she once said coquetry in a group chat, you are so cheap, I really want to delete you out of the group, and then I saw that I was removed from the group chat. It was added in a second later. Although nothing has been lost, I think it is a sign of disrespect. Then I thought about it all afternoon and decided to quit the group chat. Before quitting, I told everyone why I quit because I had crossed my bottom line. Some people think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. I don't know. I'm just following my heart.

it's funny that when I read tiny Times at 03:00, I really thought that the university was as drunk as they were, and that everyone's standard of living, not to mention affluence, should be regarded as well-off. There is no denying that the high school environment has given me an illusion that everyone's family is good and passable. But when you go to college, it will have a great impact. You will see some people hand out leaflets in the hot sun for a few yuan an hour, others wear clothes worth more than 30 yuan, and some people use flip phones used ten years ago. They can't understand how I can go to class in a pair of grocery slippers (that's a pair of crocs), how I can be willing to buy a set of imported skin care products, and how I can buy hundreds of yuan worth of sneakers. I don't understand at first, these are all normal. But other people don't think so.

I like to look at clothes and collocation. I once turned an article to complain about the clothes of school boys (I regret it now, but I was really ignorant when I was a freshman). In fact, there were not many comments under that circle of friends, until one day, when I was walking with a brother, I happened to talk about the topic of school boys. He said to me, "do you think it's really good to talk about us boys on the Internet?" Don't put it on the Internet even if you don't like it. At that time, I argued that there was no such thing. I was not targeting you. But when I go back to the dormitory and think about it, he is right. Although I am biased against school boys (especially in a place), don't say it publicly on the Internet, ah, what other people will think of you. So I almost emptied my circle of friends, and now I seldom express these views on social platforms.

I think that although there is freedom of speech on the Internet, there are some things that still have to take into account the feelings of most people. What I am talking about is only aimed at the small circle of schools and families. It is normal for you to have different values. If you still want to continue to communicate and cooperate, can you avoid that thunder spot and talk about other things? even if you don't like it so much, I won't say it to your face, because it hurts people.

with regard to the question of whether or not to attack, I would rather this official account be aggressive, because here I feel the wonderful feeling of independent thinking, which I wanted to pursue before I went to college. What attracts me in disorder is the truth, especially the previous tweets, which make me want to clap my hands. Second, I want to clap my hands. After thinking, chicken soup for the soul is the least.It will offend people. Sweet things are not necessarily nutritious. I don't think the author should care too much.

during the summer vacation of my third year of high school, I rebelled and quarreled with my mother for the first time in my life. My mother was a fighting type. When I tried to convince her that your point of view was wrong, you should consider our feelings. She didn't think that I would contradict her like this before, so she broke the jar and broke it. In the end, I failed miserably, and she ignored me for two months.

since this incident, I feel that some people's thoughts and horizons are fixed there, and it is futile for you to try to get them to change and accept your point of view. Therefore, I do not casually attack others, complain privately, selectively block things I do not like, and do not impose on others to accept their own views. I used to share their favorite articles and things with others, but from the indifference and perfunctory of others sometimes, I think that you should not expect too much of what you give to others. After all, no other person will ever feel exactly the same as you. Getting approval from others is in itself a thankless thing. Or be yourself, live a good life is the king. When you take care of yourself, others will take your words as words. It would be nice to have someone who can understand you. This kind of thing is about fate. Whether or not to accept what you have is someone else's business.

my degree is dont give a shit. As long as I think that many of the people who attack me don't know me, it doesn't matter if they don't know me, most people don't know me, and I only have a few life experiences with most people, I don't think it's a big deal.

when she was in high school, a girl with a certain "strength behind her" was quite self-centered. On the surface, she could talk with you, but if a little thing didn't agree with her, she gathered a group of good people to criticize the meeting. Unfortunately, I became the target of criticism, just because one of her favorite friends came with me, or maybe I used something better than her.

within a few months, I was hated by her and them. So I could hear them whispering around and talking about me for no reason. In fact, it was really simple, but because people were different, I was scared, and I tried not to pay attention to their rumors. But sometimes I watched them whisper and laugh loudly, and my heart began to contradict, and even my confidence in myself was destroyed by their language.

the third year of high school was the most painful. When I fell in love, I was inexplicably convicted of collusion. To be honest, I hated her, and I hated her, but reason told me that it was too wrong. Finally, one night, I approached her on Wechat and told her directly about her friend and my relationship. After typing, I found that my hands were completely sweating. I felt like a loser because "I don't think I was wrong" seemed to have lost to her word by word. I even began to lose confidence in myself, in fact, personal attacks, to a person, more or less will bring harm, and more is the suspicion of themselves. I won't go on with the story, because the ending doesn't matter. After all, she and I are no longer in the same university.

I've been criticized by a group of girls walking behind me when they yell at my dog and bark angrily, but this kind of relationship only wears off after a week of parenting. I don't agree with you, but I defend your right to speak. It should be a moral point to balance different values. If you can't change others or continue to be yourself, you won't be so upset.

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