I saw someone trying to kill himself.

I saw someone trying to kill himself.

The courier smiled and said to me, "I don't even want to send express mail."

Wen /Zhang Jingbo

A phone call from the express woke me up and he told me to go down and pick up the laptop bracket I bought the night before last.

I squinted, my teeth didn't say, and my hair was in a mess.

it was so cold that he drove a small tricycle with tin. When I went up and signed my name on the paper, he smiled and said to me, "someone in that factory is going to jump."

I asked why.

"I heard that they haven't been paid for three or four months, and they have to go home for the Spring Festival."

"which factory?"

he pointed to the road I had to take when I was in primary school, and I knew which factory it was. When I asked if I had jumped, he said, "No, it's all standing on top of it. It's so beautiful. I don't even want to send it."

I went home and put the express mail at the entrance of the stairs. My mother was dragging the stairs. I shouted, "Mom, someone in the XX factory is going to jump!" I'll go and have a look. "

I walked there at the same pace as usual, because it was not serious enough for me to run there.

the closer it is, the more people there will be, but in fact there are very few people. on New year's Day, there are dozens of times more people in any square than the onlookers downstairs. Only a few of the onlookers were from our village. When I walked over, I met different people and called out a few uncles and aunts with different tones.

when I arrived at the factory gate, I saw five people upstairs, a woman lying on the edge of the roof, three standing inside, and one riding on the gray wall to prevent others from falling.

the atmosphere downstairs is not tense at all. Unlike what we saw on TV, someone downstairs told them not to jump, and no onlookers shouted immorally, "jump, why don't you jump?"

is very common, as if it is only a very small thing for them to jump, because no one believes that they will jump. I don't believe it either, really, I don't believe they will jump at that moment. I was about 40 meters away from them in a straight line, and I didn't see any emotion except at a loss.

there is a man in a security uniform standing next door to me. He is talking to the people in the shop. The man from the shop said, "the owners of these factories are black-hearted."

the security guard put his leg on the pedal of the electric car and said, "it's all like this. I have a colleague who hasn't paid his salary in September yet."

the people in the shop ate the melon seeds, looked at the five people on the roof and asked, "is that all right?"

an uncle from the same village saw me and asked me what had happened.

at that moment, I felt embarrassed and didn't know how to answer.

because this is obviously a very miserable thing, but I can't obviously show sympathy. I don't know why, but I just can't, will be laughed at, although no one will laugh at me, but I just have such an idea.

so after a moment of embarrassment, I smiled at my uncle and said, "it seems that someone is going to jump off a building. I heard that he owes several months' wages."

at that moment, I seemed to understand why the courier smiled when he said it.

then I went back, because even the security team drove away, and I didn't know why I stayed there.

on the way back, I saw my aunt in the same village. She asked me what happened on the balcony upstairs, and I answered truthfully. Then she asked me why I didn't go to school at this time, and I said I was on holiday.

I remember her playing mahjong downstairs. I remember once her little son came to her to pick up the keys to the house at 11:00 in the evening. I don't know if she will talk to her husband about jumping off a building or start playing mahjong again with Wechat when she returns to the living room.

I think of Jia Zhangke's "Destiny", in which there is a story about a teenager in a factory. After reading it at that time, I wrote a small film review:

I went home and unsealed the courier. Take out the silver bracket wrapped in plastic foam. Then I put out the VN7 I earned from my summer vacation. If I remember correctly, I spent five thousand yuan on VN7. My mother asked me what happened, but I said I wouldn't jump. I was just scaring their boss.

I froze after I finished.

whether it is an attempted jump or a successful jump, it must be a big thing for the lives of those five people. But for people other than those five people, it is just a piece of conversation, a joke, a hot topic of current affairs. Their business, to us, is like a colorful bubble blown out when we were young. If it breaks, it may attract attention, and let it float away without breaking.

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but I don't know if you remember the sound of color bubbles bursting when you were a child. It goes like this:


Alan Rickman passed away yesterday. Countless people mourned for him on the Internet. I also forwarded an article to pay tribute to my moments. If my death can also make countless people I do not know regret, perhaps it also reflects the value of my existence.

but I am neither Alan Rickman nor David Bowie. Maybe in the eyes of others, I may be no different from the five people on the roof. If I didn't have nothing to do in my spare time, no one would want to record their expressions and their stories.

in fact, everyone has a story, but in fact our story is the story of those five people.

stories that no one cares about.

someone told us backstage earlier, let's write something positive.

I said "OK" without even thinking about it. "

it's like a waiter in a restaurant, standing next to you with a plate, listening to your needs. We waiters adhere to the principle that we have to give customers whatever they want.

the more I think about it, the more wrong it gets, because I really think of myself as a low-level waiter. It occurred to me that the road had gone astray. I should be a senior waiter. Customers say they want what they want, but they actually want more. So this article was born because of this. If we want to gain strength from the article, we must first gain a sense of powerlessness.

you know, powerless.