I only care about what I care about.

I only care about what I care about.

such as,

Wen /Tongc

about half a year ago, I lived in a youth brigade by the river, and there were three girls in the same room, including me. That night, we were so shy that we didn't know each other until we started talking about "Let's go for a drink". From the invitation bar to the riverside, for more than three hours, the Jiangfeng was very clear and gentle that night. I didn't know their names and occupations. I didn't ask them. We didn't add Wechat either, because it was clear to everyone that we met by chance and were full of visitors from other places. The acquaintance of this night can be regarded as the joy of meeting each other at first time, so there are many things we can talk to each other, but it is conceivable that, with Wechat, we will leave the hostel the next day and embark on different journeys, we will no longer contact each other, there is nothing to say, instead of making her a silent space in our contacts, it is better for us to cherish each other at this moment and cherish each other the next.

willing to live freely, a lot of socializing is not necessary. Instead of desperately trying to meet new people, it is better to get in touch with people for a long time. After all, everything is good for the old.

I've tried to have a lot of different people add me, some from group chat, some business cards from others, and I didn't add any of them, unless he explained why and what happened.

Why do I have to meet different people for no reason, people who "add you as friends" but don't say anything, when I don't know who they are and what they will do and who we will be in the future. Some people add you to wonder what kind of person you are behind the text, click on your moments and swipe them once. They may not have stories with you and say hi with you, so why should I add them? moreover, I have disabled the function of moments. I just think browsing moments is very boring. When I found that I hadn't seen moments for four days, I thought I had missed something interesting in the world. I think in fact, I just don't know who showed love with whom, who went to have afternoon tea, and who sent a selfie.

the vast majority of people must only be like friends, or even many, even think, "Oh, this person likes me, is he in my moments?"

the reason why I delete the chat log is the same as why I put some people at the top of some group chats, depending on whether she /he /it is important to me and why I should keep the unimportant things. just like why I don't add new people who don't know why. Admit that I am indeed cold-blooded sometimes, but I still insist that I only do what is worth doing to the right person. My mind is always limited. If I give it to one person, I cannot give it to another. This is my understanding of "cherishing the present person".

if I were in the past, I would delete or block some people who can no longer contact, because I thought emotional break and revenge were the cleanest and most affectionate. Now I won't. I'm not on Wechat. I don't use moments. I want to take a few days off, or rather, I want to disappear for a few days. I'm waiting. I'm patiently waiting and reconciling with myself in peace. When I came back later, what you saw was an understatement. I didn't say anything because it didn't help.

compare life to a small saloon car that can only carry 10 people. You live in the same world, but on a long or short journey, someone has to get off, or else you let the next person who is going to get on the bus sit. The load is so much, the constant can not be the companion, but it must be the change of the car, it is all part of your life. Because what will never change is change. Maybe you are a person waiting for an RV, if you believe me, then I hope you can believe that this one is not good, then wait for the next one, always wait.

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because it is destined that some of your friends must be fair-weather friends, if everyone can let you take the initiative to contact, it will not have the uniqueness of soulmate. Y is the one person I define as "the only one who understands the meaning behind what I want to do". I have a lot of things I want to do. Many people have asked me how much money I can make. Only she will understand. The meaning behind what I'm going to do is-- it doesn't mean anything. Live a casual life, justforfun.

in the noisy restaurant, the packing of cups and chopsticks mingled with the order of waiters and guests. I listened to her with headphones and shook it. I told her to hear the faint sound of wood burning inside, like stepping on a thick snow. I recorded the squeak of stepping on the wooden floor on gallery (because I thought it was textured). She didn't ask why, she just walked with me for five minutes without saying a word. You see, this is the only scene that not every "friend or Wechat contact" can understand. So, why should I contact people who don't even have a potential acquaintance?

everyone can accompany you to drink snowflakes, not everyone can accompany you to wander around the world, fate ends here, disappointment has reached the critical point, why do we have to meet again, tonight do not care about human beings, I only care about what I care about.

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good night.