"I must be a good man this year."

"I must be a good man this year."

An overdue year-end summary.

article /Zhang thorns


at this time of year, people are busy summing up what they have done during the year, and then look forward to the future work at the end of the year. But in fact, we all know that what we do this year has basically nothing to do with our New year's resolutions, and we will continue to do what we like without saying it, while those wishes that seem to be good for us but need willpower will be forgotten with the advent of February.

I'm going to do the same thing, but I want to write it backwards, that is, from the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2015, to see which five things I remember most this year.


I went to a Korean barbecue with my girlfriend last week, and I planned to do everything I could to get her to succumb to my sushi. But in the course of the argument, she said very seriously: "but I just want to eat Korean barbecue, I really want to eat."

all right, let's go and eat. At that moment, I seemed to understand why she likes Korean barbecue so much, just like I have to drink a bottle of Vitasoy every time I eat midnight snacks. You don't know why, you just want to drink it.

it obviously does not wave to you, let alone provoke you, just lying quietly in the freezer, but you just want to drink up the bottle of soy milk that has not been changed for ten years.

maybe everyone has something similar to "vitamin milk". My girlfriend's is Korean sushi, yours may be sushi, or pineapple buns with frozen butter, or that plate of steaming beef balls.

of course, the Korean barbecue was invited by my girlfriend, which is why I remember it so clearly.

it was Christmas.


in November, our TEDx West Tower was going to start looking for guests from this conference. Oba, they asked me if I had any candidates, and I said I was looking for Lingwei.

they asked me who Ling Wei was, and I said he was a radio anchor I had heard since high school. From the second year of high school, whenever I couldn't sleep, I would turn on my N86 radio station and listen to his Fantasia on Phoenix URadio.

he never plays pop music, always some niche but special songs, and I remember one night he interviewed the new jazz /electronic music producer who was popular in the underground music world. On weekends, I will take all the songs that are not bright during the day to IPOD to listen to at school, and accompany me for most of my senior three self-study classes.

so I wanted him to be our guest. A few days later, Oba threw me Lingwei's WeChat account, saying that since it was what I was looking for, let me chat.

that's right, I just added my idol's Wechat. However, the thing about TEDx was finally turned down because he was very busy at this time. I didn't ask any more questions, nor did I chat with him again. I just silently liked his circle of friends.

sometimes when I look at his circle of friends, I think I'll stick to it, and maybe one day I can reach that level.

Don't ask, the young man with a schoolbag with a red scarf on his back is me. Yes, he is the one who points his handsome back at you.


the Strawberry Music Festival on November 27.28 is probably the happiest two days since I ran a mess. Our first strawberry tweet was read by less than 3000 people, but the WeChat group was full in one night. Although the process was arduous and anxious, in the end, that is, 27.28, nearly 50 people should have come to us.

everyone wears our prescribed red ornaments, or the red scarf that we have long abandoned, or the red hat used as a token, or a red watch hidden in the sleeve. All the people I didn't know, just come up to me and ask me, "disorganized?"

the invisible estrangement between us disappeared in an instant, and we immediately became acquainted with each other, took photos together, had a fight, and yelled and bounced together when the hot dogs came on stage. Or slowly wave to the rhythm together, until the Strawberry Music Festival, I do not understand what "synchronization" means.

our actions are synchronized, consciousness is synchronized, and joy is synchronized.

that feeling goes without saying. I don't know who you think of when you read this passage, but that should be your best friend, right?


this is a senior invited me to drink coffee, American coffee, bitter, but not astringent.

he told me: "Coffee is divided into three flavors: the front is the taste you taste with your tongue, the 'middle' is the taste when the coffee reaches your throat, and the 'back' is the taste that you can only taste after drinking a mouthful of water."

that afternoon, he talked a lot with me and the eel whale, and it was really just "chat", not the kind of finger-pointing of the elder to the younger generation. He said that when he was in college, his first choice was graphic design, but he was manipulated by his teacher and transferred to photography.

so he started his photography career. He said that his addiction to smoking was caught at that time, because at that time, he almost spent every day in the darkroom except for meals. At that time, the photography was not like it is now. Instead, it has to be developed slowly, and you have to wait. Only when you wait for a cigarette, the outline of the photo will slowly emerge.

he said:'a lot of people think I have a good picture and can take a good picture at once. But they don't know that I pressed three cameras in the first two years, and the shutter button life of each camera is about 15W times, that is, I took 45W pictures in those two years.

then he lit his cigarette again and said: there is genius in this world, but I know I am not. Now people think that I am born with a sense of painting, but in fact, IJust diligent.

and as he became more and more powerful in the photography circle in Shenzhen, he made a decision that no one agreed-to be a design company in Dongguan. He was very insipid when he told us about it. I thought a man would be vivid when he talked about his achievements, but he didn't. He just left a message at the end of the paragraph:

"if you bend over, the crown will fall to the ground, but you can pick it up and put it on."


after I went to college, I spent the end and beginning of each year with her.

on the 31st of the 14th, we just finished the countdown to Huiyi City in Dongguan, and when we left, we happened to see a Shaxian snack by the side of the road. We looked at each other and then turned to it.

sit down and shout: boss, two bowls of wonton, one bowl without onions.

then I started playing with my phone, receiving countless "Happy New year" that I just couldn't receive, and giving the most sincere responses one by one. I took a leisurely look at Weibo and patted my thigh vigorously:

"Damn it."

she asked me what was wrong.

I said: there was an accident on the Bund in Shanghai, a stampede.

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she also got nervous and said, what are we going to do?

I said: what can we do, hey? Shit, we were just in such a happy countdown, but there was such a big accident.

then I read her the news I saw on the Internet.

my girlfriend has shallow eyes and is prone to tears. Yunton is placed in front of us with a sigh and a mouthful. The cruelest thing is that we still eat wonton in a mouthful, the people outside the store are still in high spirits, but there is purgatory, and life here goes on and does not stop.

I clicked on a video on Weibo, and after the stampede, several students began to call on everyone to shout: "back off!" Get back! "then more and more people joined the shouting lineup, and the indecent trend began to slow down. I don't know how many people cried and watched this video at that time, because it was wrapped in a sense of powerlessness, all we can do is watch and forward it, and nothing else can help.

after buying the bill, we walked on the road, which was still very busy, but at that moment we felt a little cold and had to warm each other's hands.

I said: I must be a good man this year. I don't want to wait for the day I die to regret why I didn't finish those things.

she looked at me and replied: mm-hmm.

Life will never touch your head and say, "be good, don't forget it next time." But when caught off guard, slap you in the mouth and say to you: boy, this is life.

and maybe it didn't hit you, but you woke up with it.

I don't know how those people in Shanghai are doing now. Good luck.

"you should be good people, too, you know?"