I like you, but I don't want to like you so much.

I like you, but I don't want to like you so much.

It's more important that I'm happy than I like you.

Wen /Tongc

"I can do a lot of things for you. If you want to eat pineapple oil, I can go out and buy it at 12:00 in the evening. If you want to go to Korea, I can book a hotel ticket for you. If you want to watch a football game, I can help you pay more for VIP seats, but why am I so kind to you? you don't like me after giving so much."

"because I don't like you."

in unequal relationships, those who are dominant tend to maximize their rights, and naturally do not refuse good intentions, and if you are willing to pay for me, then I am willing to enjoy it. After you have done so much, you think I will like you in this way. So sorry, you just moved yourself, moved me by the way, but unfortunately, not your heart.

when I was shopping for snacks in the supermarket today, I saw the "KIsses" at the chocolate counter. I remembered that when I was in high school, I had a tacit understanding with a boy, "you like me, and I like you, but I just don't say." He knew that I liked chocolate very much, so every time I passed his seat, he would stop me and take out a golden KIsses chocolate from the drawer. I didn't want to eat one of them that semester. When I moved books at the end of the term, the jar was full of kisses, cookie, milk, black, white. After graduation, I received a postcard he wrote while traveling in my mailbox at home. It was unsigned, but I knew who it was. There was only one sentence on it, "I hope one kisses every day and I will be moved rather than moved."

when I like you, no matter how small the things you do, I will be very moved.

later, in college, let's call that boy "1.8 meters". After taking my contact information, he kept looking for excuses to talk, chat, have dinner and even ask my friends to bring things to me. I always say, "Oh, yeah, no, thank you, I'm not free." In the end, I blocked him because, really, it was annoying.

Thank you very much for your kindness to me, but really, there is only thank you, nothing else.

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for a person who doesn't like you, all you give is his burden.

I hope that after realizing this, you can tell the difference between "sweet" and "sweet burden".

my good friend L, a boy who is usually very dull and calm, has tried to call me twice in the middle of the night, crying and saying, "Why is she always like this? I have given way to her everywhere. No matter whether it is his fault or mine, I bowed my head to her to admit it. Last night I took an hour and a half by bus to her school. I didn't answer her phone. I waited for her downstairs for two hours." "in fact, you are not wrong. Why do you have to admit your mistake?" "because I'm a boy, shouldn't I indulge her unconditionally? don't you girls like this?" "then you deserve it. Do you know that it is because you are giving every time and lowering your bottom line every time, so she thinks you will not be angry at any time, you take her for granted, you have paid so much, do you think this is love? Do you think you look like her boyfriend or a dog? "

they are in a city in the north. The temperature that night was minus eight degrees Celsius. I think he must think he is great.

when the feeling of giving is far greater than the sense of intimacy, it will create a strange situation. The person who pays too much will feel that he has done too much and will feel that the other person does not love him enough when he or she does not get a corresponding return. That's why there is a "I'm so tired" reason to break up.

there are times when people are exhausted. No one is Lei Feng or a great man. I chatted with H in the restaurant last week. He talked a lot about what he did to his girlfriend. Because of his career, H is a very romantic person. When he finished talking about their things, including everything he did in the pursuit, the last sentence was "I gave myself to leng" (Note: leng, Cantonese for 'touching, sweet') I am glad that the two of them are so devoted to each other that there is no need to be afraid to "pay a lot but be moved in themselves".

as I said before, I do not deny that I like a person, but I will put up with it, because I am not sure. I am afraid that the feeling of giving will move me and bring a burden to him. I just sometimes endure it and leave. Do you say this is lucky or unlucky? I personally give up the opportunity to move my heart, because what I am more afraid of is moving.

"so is it lucky to be liked by someone?"

"No, they like each other."