I hear you don't have any friends.

I hear you don't have any friends.

It seemed a shame for me to have no friends when I was ten years old.

in one issue of your sister's radio station, Da Bing came to be a guest with a new book. When it was said that Da Bing was going north and south and his friends were everywhere, he forgot whether it was Qin Hao or Xiao Hou who said, "We don't have any friends." like Song Dongye and Ma Hou, they are even people who are familiar with their peers, but we don't have friends like brothers.

at that moment, I really wanted to pat Qin Hao and Xiao Hou on the shoulder through the current to the other end of time and space, and tell them, "what a coincidence, brothers. I have no friends either."

when I was a child, I was very reluctant to admit that I had no friends. The most thing I did was to be a little Snotlout running behind my brother and sister all day. My uncle asked, "Why don't you go play with your friends?" Her parents sometimes joke: "she has no friends." I always retort angrily: "you don't have any friends. I have a lot of friends." When I was ten years old, it seemed a shame for me to have no friends.

when I was 19, my father was still making jokes about ten years ago. As soon as I went out, I shouted that I ran out all day. I hated that I stayed at home all day when I didn't go out. He said, my brother and sister go out with friends every day. Why do you always stay at home? I turned the channel by the remote control as usual, or tapped the keyboard in front of the computer and calmly replied, "because I have no friends." The eyes are so calm that there can be no ups and downs. At the age of nineteen, it was normal for me to have no friends.

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how can one not have friends? They question it as if they were asking, "Why can a woman not get married?" In my opinion, these two questions should be answered like this: why does one have to be surrounded by friends? Why does one have to get married?

many people around me are not short of people to accompany them wherever they go. The so-called friends are all over the land of China. I think in the eyes of people other than me, people who eat together, go shopping together, play computer games, sing, play, drink and get drunk together are even friends? People I know say "how are my friends, how are my friends" every day, which makes me seriously suspect that this is their mantra. I can't help but ask: "people who have met and greeted people in the same class can be regarded as friends." Then the whole galaxy and the whole universe are friends of Ye Liangchen. "all right!"

is it good to have many such friends? I don't think so. This kind of people make me feel that there is no limit to their principles. There are "my best friends" everywhere, "my brothers" everywhere, one dinner on the left, a selfie on the right, a selfie on the right, and a photo on the right. We are good brothers, and there are no ghosts at critical moments. Is your standard for choosing friends so low?

maybe it's because I have strict and clear boundaries for friends, or maybe my standard of treating friends is more serious and formal. The so-called "friend", whether I am ten years old, or I am 20 or 30 years old, can afford the word "friend". Only those who share the same interests and appreciate each other, the rest can only be regarded as acquaintances, students who know each other very well, neighbors who know each other very well, roommates who know each other very well. A very familiar work partner. Anyway, they won't be very close friends. You don't have to persuade me that there are many kinds of friends, the difference between pig and dog friends and best friends, you don't have to tell me this, I will only determine my standards.

I can eat, go shopping, sing, drink or even share a bed with people I know very well, but I only want to share the story of the journey with my friends. I just want to talk about music and movies with my friends. I only want to describe life and ideals with my friends one by one. I can look at the stars and the moon with people I know very well, but I just want to talk to my friends from poetry to philosophy of life.

Mr. X is always jokingly called a "socialite". He is the kind of person who has friends to turn to no matter where he goes. He is the kind of person who will never eat alone, watch a movie alone, go to a concert or travel alone, because as long as he has a phone call, his friends have to schedule a schedule. Even if we go to the North Pole tomorrow, there will be a lot of people packing tonight. I used to envy him. Someone would cover for him if he skipped class, someone would pay for his drinking, someone would copy him for the exam, and he lived like a fish in water every day.

until last year, on my Lunar New year's birthday, I was in a clear bar with a group of college classmates, singing and holding wine glasses to welcome the birthday and New year. I received a phone call from Mr. X. I yelled at the end of the phone, "I can't hear the noise here, please wait a minute." while stuffing the wine glass into the hands of my classmates and running to a secluded place, when I ran to an alley where I could hear each other clearly. He said: "when everyone is having a party, some are smoking, some are gambling, some are dancing, some are singing, some are drunk and drenched with beer, and it is crazy and noisy, I suddenly feel like I have nothing. I have a lot to say, but I've been looking for so many people for a long time and I can't find one to say." He paused for a few seconds and sighed, "do I really have so many friends?"

I stood under the fireworks and in the deserted alley, watching the drunken pedestrians being surrounded to the next stall, the 40-and 50-year-old uncle vomiting on the side of the road, the young lovers hugging and kissing in the corner, and the bright moonlight of the new year. At that moment, I wanted to take the train all night and bring two cans of beer to the far north to have a drink with him.

people always come to me with confusion and ask me what to do without like-minded people around me. It's like every time I seriously talk to you about life and you fantasize about how to rub your lower body with your male god; I want to spend 80 yuan to listen to a folk song, but you want to save 1500 yuan to see my Korean brother sing and dance; every time I go to Hong Kong, I want to find time to go to record stores and bookstores, but you drag me to spend all my time on cosmetics shopping. When I was worried about how to find a good internship and how to integrate my hobbies with my career to go further, you told me that as long as your boyfriend competed for a bright future, you could rest easy with your legs crossed.

does not compare the meaning of who is noble and who is vulgar. I very much understand that everyone's value orientation and hobbies are different. maybe we can still get the affection between friends in other ways if the things we like are different, but if it is really very little, I can only say an old-fashioned but not unreasonable sentence: the circle is different, there is no point in merging.

because they are like-minded, Boya and his children make friends with each other to interpret the stories of high mountains and rivers, Marx and Engels make the Communist Manifesto, Liu Yan and Dapeng make a billion comedy "Pancake Man", Eason Chan and Nicholas Tse sing "better man", and large and small S Fan Xiaoxuan and Fan Weiqi form a partnership to create the Seven Fairy Sisters of Taiwan.

because of different values, it can also fall apart overnight, or estranged over time. I will never ride a bike for a few kilometers in the heat of nearly 40 degrees Celsius as I did when I was 14 years old to save a "friend" who stabbed you for no reason. I will no longer put off all my jobs and invitations to another city to visit "friends" who have been estranged for many years. Naturally, I will not take the initiative to hold a small group party or travel that has never been successfully pushed again and again. If you are willing to come or go, if you are blocked or deleted by one person, another person will naturally send you friend authentication. No, it doesn't matter, instead of pretending to create the illusion of harmony and happiness, it is better to look at the fact that "I have no friends".

and for those estranged so-called "friends"

I just want to say: "Don't chase".