I don't want to go back to school.

I don't want to go back to school.

Do you want to go back?

Wen /Zhang Jingshi, Tong c

@ Zhang Jingshi


I heard from one of my brothers that his roommate A can just leave the dormitory once a week, sleep until he wakes up naturally every morning, and eat Meituan takeout for lunch and evening.

he sometimes goes out to the door of another dormitory, but if you ask him why he doesn't go down for a walk, he will think your question is very strange, and then ask you, "is it necessary?"

A's dormitory life is magical, but this "magic" is not because of "rich and colorful", but because of "extremely single". Because his daily life seems to be filled with games, TV dramas and variety shows, there is nothing he can do but this.

running man and runner and various domestic variety shows switch at lunch, watch the most popular TV series at dinner, play mobile games in bed, play LOL and some return games in front of the computer.

Brother is a very nosy person. Once when he went out for a midnight snack, he raised his beer and asked A, "have you ever thought about what we can do after graduation?"

A thought for a moment and said, "nothing can be done."

Brother wanted to follow the question, but he was interrupted by A: "I know what you want to say, but it's too late."

after saying this, A pursed his lips and continued, "have you ever wondered why so many people like to play LOL?" That's because it arranges everything for you. You just have to go up and compete with others like an athlete. You click a few mouse clicks, it will help you match your opponent, and then when the time is up, you will start to brush soldiers, and then choose alignment or gank. Although it seems that you are operating freely, in fact you have been doing the multiple choice questions it gives you. "

Brother thought for a moment and said, "but there are no multiple choice questions in life."

A filled up the wine and said, "Yes, that's why I said 'too late', because it's too late to change the option now."

Brother was so angry at this answer that he retorted, "there is no such thing as' late'in this world. It depends on whether you want to do it or not.

A said: "forget it, my college is constantly copying and pasting.

for people who have no self-control,

college dormitory is actually a paradise lost.


I remember that when I was a sophomore, I got gastroenteritis because I ate the wrong food.

I thought it was just a little cold, so I climbed into bed at 10:00 in the evening. I had nausea all the time, but I couldn't throw up. Who knows that I vomited into a fool in the middle of the night, went to bed and got out of bed countless times, and the whole lavabo was horribly vomited by me.

if I remember correctly, it was 04:25 in the evening. I turned on the computer and sat alone in front of the computer watching House of Cards. Not because I felt so good that I couldn't sleep after throwing up, but because I was afraid I wouldn't have time to throw up and throw up on the bed and on the floor.

at more than 6 o'clock the next morning, wearing the down of my roommate, I walked to the school gate alone and took a bus to the nearest hospital to see a doctor.

only then did I know what loneliness is.

means that one person goes to register and one person is given a hanging injection.

sitting alone in the unattended infusion room at 06:30.

then I shook my head back and forth,

because I almost fell asleep again.

and the loneliest thing is that you hold your purse and say to the doctor:

"I only have 100 yuan, so please prescribe less medicine."

what I fear most is getting sick at school

is not only unattended, but also afraid of bothering others

@ Tongc

to put it bluntly, I just don't want to leave Dongguan.

because of the habit of making memos, the phone saves a document in the format of "X month X, about XX, go to XXX." for example, on the 19th, I went to the airport to pick up two high school classmates to let me know that I had not seen each other for a long time, and a hug replaced all the love words. On the 24, I realized a high school agreement to watch a CBA game together. In the stadium in Shenzhen, let me know that the shouting is the most direct way to express warm emotions. In fact, the shouts of a group of people have changed from carnival to emotion. On the 8th, I saw the glow of the setting sun at the end of the slate road in the old street, and the whole ground was long and twinkling, so that I knew that the next time goodbye might not be because it was good enough to stop abruptly.

and my memo, the latest and last, is "28, go back to Guangzhou". When I typed the word "back", I stopped, screenshot. Because I found that I did not use the word "go", I thought I was leaving Dongguan, I was leaving, but I was just going to another way home.

the day before yesterday, one of my top groups, that is, a WeChat group composed of four roommates, D said, "I showed our photos to my good friends in high school. She said that she envied the dormitory for four, so that there would not be too many people to use enough space, and it would not be slightly deserted because of few people, and suddenly I would cherish your three pigs." I replied, "you are the pig. Your whole dormitory is full of pigs."

or the motivation is not how much the school or city gives me a sense of belonging, how good the food in the canteen is, how the surrounding environmental conditions are, but those people. And I also know that what makes me not want to leave Dongguan is not because of how comfortable I am here. I know the way everywhere, but those people who accompany me to watch the game, watch the sunset and take photos to paint with the children.

I have to say goodbye to you again

my dear friend

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