I didn't understand it before.

I didn't understand it before.

Thank you for waiting so late.

Wen /Zhang Jingshi


the recent disorganized articles are a little negative, as I'm sure you can see. Tong c is very abnormal in the editorial group these two days, either sending a series of "ha" for no reason, or suddenly throwing two 3,000-word manuscripts to me one night, asking me how I feel after reading it.

she asked me to choose which title is better.

I'll say the second one.

without even thinking about it, she said, "then use the first one."

I said, the second.

I used to be like a big brother, saying one is one and two is two, but not recently, because my little brother lost his temper. I said one, she said two, and for no reason for her "two" platform, she wanted two.

I didn't ask why, because I knew it was because she was upset.

she asked me how I knew.

I shook my head (if she could feel it) and said, "I can see through it at a glance."


I was supposed to tweet you tonight with the title "the older you get, the more unhappy you will be".

I killed the topic at first sight, because I didn't want to spread such a meaningless article in disorder. These days backstage fans told me how to push love every day.

Yes, as editor-in-chief, I was also thinking about how to push love every day.

because love is watched by many people, the degree of spread and conversion rate are higher than practical information, and it coincides with Valentine's Day, so why not push love? The market chose this thing, and we chose to cater to the market. Of course, I don't think it's shameful to cater to the audience. I just know that while pandering, I have to constantly improve myself so that I can rise to a higher level.

because when I went for an internship during the summer vacation, the boss said to me, "A powerful person, his lowest point is the highest point of the audience, so it is the audience that caters to him, not him." And you are not good at all right now. "

so when we go back to the editorial group, we share those nice post-shakes, in-depth articles, interesting videos, and interesting ideas. We still want to be better, and pandering is one of the abilities we need to develop.

back to the beginning article, "the older you are, the more unhappy you are." after reading it, I asked Tong c a question:

"do you know what it means to be really sad?"

admittedly, everyone has their own unique sadness, just as everyone has their own unique degree of myopia.

but teenagers with 100 degrees myopia cry in front of people with severe myopia and shout, "I can't see the world clearly." In fact, this is an insult to people with severe myopia.

when you are really sad, you don't cry when you say it. But a sigh of relief, because to say it means to put it down in the heart, and there may still be tears in your eyes, but those tears are not used to pity yourself, but to be glad that the difficult time has passed.


when I was young, when I was asked to recite Zhu Ziqing's "figure", the whole class was in an uproar and booed desperately.

didn't I think this was an article praising fatherly love? why should I memorize it? so I bought a few packets of instant noodles and bribed the group leader to endorse it.

at that time, I didn't understand, and I didn't understand what was so good about this article.

my father works in another province, which is a little far away, so he only goes home once every six months.

he came back and left a year later.

the night before I left, my sister said to me, "Why don't you go and stay with your father?" He's leaving tomorrow. "

I just realized that in the more than a week since he came back, I didn't sit down and chat with him once. It's not because he doesn't have a chance. Sometimes he watches TV in the living room all afternoon. I sit in the room and watch the computer all afternoon. I want to go out, but I don't really want to go out.

so that night I went out and sat on the sofa chatting with my father until after two o'clock in the evening.

We talked about a lot of things, and 90% of it was about me, about what I wrote, about my work, about my future.

when he left the next day, I took him downstairs, and he waved to me twice as he left, once before getting on the bus and once behind the window that reflected my appearance. Every time he smiles happily, I can't see the slightest reluctance and worry.

Life is so strange. My father's first forty years were extremely chic and autocratic at home. He said exactly what he said, what he said, and often taught people lessons. But after more than 50 years old, I have to go out to make a living. When I go home for the Spring Festival, I not only don't like to scold others, but sometimes praise my mother.

I remember a few years ago, when I went to the first floor to call him for dinner, the lights were not on, the smell of smoke was all there, only the TV was on, and he sat there as if he were looking at something and nothing at all.

he said to me, "Don't worry, Dad will take care of it."

Step into the ultra chic in our dusty lilac bridesmaid wear. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

I didn't believe it at that time, but I was afraid of it.

when he came back this time, he never said to me, "Don't worry, Dad will take care of it." Instead, he waved, smiled and said to me, "good-bye. I'll call you when I get there."

only then did I know why "figure" is so popular, because Zhu Ziqing wrote about everyone's father.

when crossing the railway, he first scattered the oranges on the ground, climbed down slowly, and then picked up the oranges. When I got here, I hastened to help him. He walked with me to the car and put the oranges on my fur coat. So he fluttered the dirt on his clothes, feeling very relaxed, and said after a while, "I'm leaving; write a letter over there!" I watched him go out. He walked a few steps, looked back at me and said, "go in, Li."There is no one by the side. " When his back mingled with the people coming and going and couldn't be found any more, I came in and sat down, and my tears came again.


I find that whenever I am lost to the extreme, I will try to the extreme.

otherwise, you will be sad for nothing.

I hope you understand the same truth.