"I dare not look at the circle of friends of Henan people!"

"I dare not look at the circle of friends of Henan people!"

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"the water is almost up to the shoulder! Help call the police! " "the first affiliated Hospital, the third affiliated Hospital and the Central Hospital have lost power! ECG monitoring and backup batteries have all been used up! Emergency help! "

"there are trapped old people and children at home who have been out of touch for a long time! If there are any nearby, please help me! "




on the evening of July 20, messages from Henan tightened the hearts of countless people.

because of an once-in-a-thousand-year torrential rain, the whole city of Zhengzhou became a country in a thousand years in only one hour.

how terrible is the rain?

the car floats around in the water, and even standing on the road, the water has flooded the waist of adults.

at Zhengzhou East Railway Station, the water in the ceiling of the waiting hall leaked in many places, and the stagnant water suddenly gushed out from the gate of a shop in the waiting hall and spread in all directions.

in the subway station, a large amount of stagnant water was poured into the subway station, and many lines were interrupted.

hundreds of passengers were trapped in the carriage, either standing on their seats or holding on to the handle.

the stagnant water has already reached their waist and even their shoulders. Outside the car, the high water level in the tunnel is even more suffocating.

the first floor of the first affiliated Hospital was flooded with stagnant water, there was a power outage in the hospital area, all elevators were shut down, and the standby power supply could not be used.

the same scene also happened in other parts of Henan yesterday.

Mihe Town, Gongyi City, the whole town is submerged in the flood.

the underpass is almost full, and even a number of cars are swept away in a pile.

in the flood, the villagers clung to the big tree for help and could be washed away at any time.

more than 50 scenic spots have been temporarily closed, and the current in the Shaolin Temple Scenic spot and Longmen Grottoes Scenic spot has risen to the mountain gate.

the mountain under the Longhai Railway Bridge was washed down by Rain Water, and many trains were suspended.

in Dengfeng City, the wall of the aluminum alloy factory was washed down by the flood, and the river water was poured into the high temperature solution in the furnace trough, causing an explosion.

maybe it's hard for you to imagine how heavy the rain is.

rainfall reaches 201.9 mm in one hour! It has reached the local rainfall of one month all the year round, exceeding the maximum hourly rainfall on land in China!

and from 20:00 on the 17th to 20:00 on the 20th, the three-day rainfall 617.1mm is equivalent to the rainfall of the previous year in these three days!

according to the area of Zhengzhou, 103 West Lakes are poured into Zhengzhou!

where did this rainstorm come from? According to the analysis of meteorological experts, there are three main reasons for the disaster in Henan.

1 Typhoon fireworks. Although Typhoon fireworks is still a thousand kilometers away from China, it has remotely controlled the torrential rain in Henan Province.

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under the guidance of fireworks and subtropical high, a large amount of water vapor is continuously transported from sea to land through easterly winds, gathering rain in Henan Province.

2 topographic reasons. After the easterly airstream met Taihang Mountain and Funiu Mountain in Henan Province, it converged and uplifted in front of the mountain, and the topography led to the concentration of rainfall and stronger rainfall.

3 the atmospheric circulation is stable, which leads to the long duration of rainfall. At present, only when Typhoon "fireworks" is closer to China, the circulation situation is adjusted and the source of water vapor is truncated, can the rain in Henan stop.

the bad news is that the torrential rain in Henan will continue in the next two days.

Henan sleepless! Henan, urgent need of rescue!


the disaster in Henan is affecting the hearts of countless people across the country. It is being hit by the torrential rain, but it is not destroyed by the torrential rain. At this time, one by one wet figure, is using their own way to protect the land under their feet!

A girl was accidentally involved in a torrent on the street of Zhengzhou.

when it was a close call, the three eldest brothers picked up the sticks on the ground and walked little by little in the direction where the girl was washed away.

but the water is so urgent that the girl can't hold it at all.

Big Brother in White rushed forward, and another guy in gray rushed out of the crowd, stepped into the rapids, and finally hugged the girl with Big Brother in White.

A mother took her two children through a water accumulation point but accidentally fell into a mud puddle, which was almost above their heads.

in the critical moment, the strange eldest brother risked his life to lend a helping hand and pulled the mother and son out.

A woman was accidentally washed into a deep puddle. Under the impact of the current, her body was completely out of control and was almost engulfed by the flood.

passers-by stood up resolutely and snatched the man back from death with a rope and dozens of hands.

they are all saved.

it is said that human beings are incomparably small in the face of natural disasters. But love and responsibility connect every bit of goodwill into a force to repel many crises.

thank you! These strangers holding hands!

A mother trapped by a heavy rain is pacing hard with her child on her back. I don't know how long it will take before they can go home.

then passing a car, the driver opened the window and extended a helping hand.

in the flood, the car undoubtedly became the "Noah's ark" for the trapped.

and the lucky little guy on his mother's shoulder also knows that in addition to maternal love, there is the same tenderness and kindness.

"Don't pass! Don't pass! The front is flooded! "

the sudden heavy rain caused serious water accumulation on the road surface in Xuchang, Henan Province. When danger comes, women, children and children should be given priority protection.

but a group of children took to the streets in the rain and waved their hands at the coming car just to remind drivers to make a detour.

when it comes to a stalled car, the little guys swarmed in to give the driver a hand.

A little boy said that his father's car had been flooded once, and if someone had said hello, this would not have happened.

As he spoke, he scratched his head shyly.

if the youth is strong, the country is strong. In the heavy rain, the tender voice and face made the night full of warmth.

"it's time to come forward and contribute."

on a rainstorm night, countless people are trapped outdoors and cannot go back home. Some people have opened their 50 accommodation for people to rest, while others have spread sheets and quilts in their own billiard saloon for passers-by to stay for free.

on the other hand, the major hotels in Zhengzhou not only did not raise their prices because of the torrential rain, but collectively reduced their prices spontaneously.

No matter the size of the place, no matter how much effort.

the small corner that can keep out the wind and rain is the safest harbor in the night.

"I don't know if I can help, but Zhengzhou! I'm coming! "

late at night, a young man from Shandong took his motorboat and supplies and was ready to set out to help Henan. He was accompanied by several of his friends.

when in crisis, people's first reaction should be self-protection.

but there are some people who are willing to be a retrograde, come forward when the crisis comes, just to do their part, just to be worthy of the heart.

Heroes are always with us.

torrential rains continue in many parts of Henan, and rescue efforts are also continuing.

at this moment, a group of people are charging at the forefront of flood fighting, using their ordinary bodies to build a solid fortress for the hundreds of millions of Chinese people behind them.

according to @ CCTV military news:

A project anti-chemical brigade of the 83rd Group Army urgently rushed to assist Yichuan County of Luoyang City to carry out the task of blasting flood diversion.

this unit is a national specialized unit for flood fighting and emergency response, and they have successively participated in major rescue and rescue missions such as flood fighting along the Yangtze River in 1998 and earthquake relief in 2008.

sense of security is their commitment to the people!

people from all walks of life have also extended a helping hand to help Henan tide over the difficulties!

Xiaomi Company donated 50 million yuan to provide emergency aid to Henan!

Ali opened Henan Cang, providing 450000 daily necessities free of charge!

Tencent Group announced a donation of 100 million yuan to Henan Province!

Popao Matt has donated 5 million to the Henan Charity Federation!


No matter where you are, no matter where you are, no matter where you are, when

is in danger, everyone is protecting the land under his feet in his own way.

they are not for fame, not for profit, but for their own responsibility and conscience.

there is a little bit of heat, send a light, and gather the little fireflies into warm stars on earth.


what can we do in the face of this disaster?

if you are in the disaster area at this time, it is most important to protect your safety!

Please pay attention to the following 14 risk aversion guidelines!

Please spread the following list of Henan rainstorm rescue calls! If someone is trapped, please call the following number to contact help!

@ People's Daily has also opened an emergency channel for help. After filling in the help information, he will immediately transfer it to the relevant departments for assistance!

you can also ask for help in the Weibo topic # Henan rainstorm Mutual Assistance # post!

in addition, many public places in Zhengzhou provide emergency shelter from the rain! If necessary, you can take refuge!