How terrible is it for people who have been exercising for 20 years?

How terrible is it for people who have been exercising for 20 years?

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Young is not capital

in your impression, what should an 80-year-old look like?

stumble? Walking with wheezing? Bend your back?


because of a grandmother, she broke our inherent understanding of the elderly.

79-year-old lady Zou Jiaming dominated Weibo's most searched list for a group of sports videos.

Grandma Zou in the video is strong and strong, her hair is thick and black, she is not ambiguous when exercising, and she doesn't know her age at all.

it has been revealed that Grandma Zou's compulsory sports classes every day are: 6-minute plate support, 100 sit-ups, and rope skipping.

A set of exercises is dripping with sweat, and this physical quality is eye-popping.

because of decades of persistence, Grandma Zou seldom gets sick, and the medical records of the past 14 years are only 7 pages.

Grandma Zou said: "No one will not get old. the important thing is how to complete the process of getting old."

after such an excellent grandmother was reported, what was left was envy and jealousy.

some netizens said:

"I am 25 years old. Look at my grandmother's thick hair and look at the top of my bald head."

"I will kneel to my grandmother first. After so many years of persistence and self-discipline, it is really amazing. If I put it on me, it will be difficult to persist for three days."

not to mention that it is too difficult to keep exercising. Nowadays, it is even more difficult for young people to have such physical fitness.

A friend went for a physical examination a few days ago, and the results were surprising.

A lot of problems have been found in the previous two tests, and it is hard to imagine how many diseases there will be after all the tests.

the doctor said, "you don't have this big problem, but there are a lot of minor problems. In the long run, once it gets worse, it will get out of control."

my friend was frightened and said bluntly that he would quit staying up late and exercise well when he got home.

you see, this 25-year-old girl is no better than a 79-year-old grandmother.

Don't be surprised by this comparison, because it is the most common state of health among young people.

now "young" does not represent health.

in the 2019 National Health Insight report, the health score of post-90s is the lowest.

the report shows that the main health problems of the post-90s generation are:

the post-80s generation, which was supposed to be young, healthy and energetic, turned out to be the weakest.

Yes, it's really hard for young people of our generation.

vengeance staying up late, vengeance eating and vengeance laziness have become an indispensable way of life.

you may not imagine that young people who laugh at themselves as "social animals" have less than 5000 Wechat steps, and they don't exercise as much as they did after 60 years.

and netizens make fun of themselves:

it's not surprising that they eat poorly, stay up late and exercise less.

it is this irregular routine that leads to the abnormal physical examination of 98.75% of white-collar workers.

Don't always think that disease can only threaten the elderly, and that youth is never the capital for your health.


any "excess" consumes health

some time ago, Wu Minxia's husband was sent to ICU, the condition was critical, and the doctor issued a death notice.

the reason is that Zhang Xiaocheng indulged in eating, eating a whole 3 jin of crayfish, especially the yellow inside the shrimp head.

because I ate too much, I had a fever, accompanied by muscle soreness, but I didn't take it seriously. I went to the gym for a day's rest and went to the gym for strenuous exercise. Then I found that the urine color turned black and the whole person began to relax.

after being sent to the hospital, Zhang Xiaocheng found that creatine kinase seriously exceeded the standard and got rhabdomyolysis. The doctor said that the situation was so serious that failure to treat it in time would lead to uremia.

Zhang Xiaocheng, who lives in ICU, hangs 12 bottles of water a day to help urinate.

the two people who were discharged from the hospital said in the video that eating and exercise should not be indulged or excessive, or the consequences would probably be unbearable.

indulgence of appetite and overeating is not an isolated phenomenon, it has long become the standard for contemporary young people.

when you get off work in the middle of the night, make an appointment with a couple of friends to have a barbecue and drink, and get a stomachache. To reward yourself in this way is to satisfy your desires and vent your emotions.

but the result of overeating is "stomach trouble, three high, diabetes" and so on.

many people feel guilty about "getting fat" after indulging in food, which is replaced by strenuous exercise.

this kind of excessive eating and exercise can only bring more harm to your body.

but more terrifying than indulgence in appetite and excessive exercise is "overwork".

when he used to work in the laboratory, the boy next door was very interested in research and worked very hard.

often we all get off work, and he continues to write experimental reports. It is common for him to come early, leave late and work overtime until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.

he thinks that he is healthy when he is young, and seldom goes to a physical examination, let alone that he has diabetes.

Unfortunately, he worked overtime all night before a holiday. After returning home, he developed a variety of complications of diabetes, resulting in ketoacidosis. When the landlord found him, he was still alive and was sent to the hospital for two days, but could not be saved.

if he had paid a little more attention to his health, such an accident would not have happened.

and staying up too late is of no use but to overdraw your body.

think carefully, what is the purpose of work? Money must be made at the expense of the body.?

Why do you destroy your health under the banner of "earning money to support your family and working hard"?

people trade their lives for money, and in the end, they can only "work 996, get sick ICU, stay up late every day, and vomit blood."

it is because of this "desperate" idea that sudden death is common in the news.

Life is so impermanent that a lot of thinking about the future may become the other side that you can't reach.

Yu Juan once wrote in her diary:

"at the critical point of life and death, you will find that any overtime (staying up late for a long time equals chronic suicide), putting too much pressure on yourself, and the need to buy a house and a car. These are floating clouds.

if you have time, spend good time with your children, buy a pair of shoes for your parents with the money for a car, don't try your best to change a big house, and be with people who love each other, living in a humble home is also warm. "

say 1000 times not to stay up late, do more exercise, and eat well are of no use. As long as you get sick, you will understand everything.

when you lie in a hospital bed, you will find that what you dream of chasing doesn't seem to be so important.

with the money earned by overdrawing life, you can't buy the bill for health at all.

what you need to understand is:

porridge in the morning is better than late-night wine;

the bed at home is more comfortable than that in the hospital;

drinking boiled water is better than infusion;

health is more important than illness.

Don't leave your regrets to those who haven't had a good life yet.


Love yourself in a healthy way

I have heard countless people say that the reason for working so hard is to think that there is no one behind.

maybe, under the pressure of life, you have to stay up late and dare not go back, but you still have to understand that once you fall down, all the people who love you will collapse, and your back is not empty, because there is too much love.

the night you stay up now is a debt owed by your body, and the lack of exercise is the energy lost by your body. One day you will be punished and will no longer be able to resist the future.

look at Grandma Zou. At the age of 79, she is at a brisk pace. At the age of 79, we don't even know if we can dance in the square.

someone on Zhihu asked: when did you know that good health is the most important?

"some people say that it is the time when the physical test of Tsinghua University requires students to finish the 3km;

some people say that they work the night shift, earn little money, become ill, and give all their savings to the hospital."

after all, the body is always the most important.

it's good to work hard and have dreams and ambitions, but also give yourself time to rest.

when you are in a bad mood, it is healthiest to stay away from alcohol, exercise and sweat.

when working during the day, reduce the time spent playing video games, improve work efficiency, and reduce overtime caused by your own reasons.

get home at night, cook your own meal, treat yourself to a busy day, take a hot bath, turn off your cell phone, put on soothing music and go to bed.

as Haruki Murakami said:

only by taking good care of yourself can you make life love you as much.

Don't wait until infinitely close to death to understand the true meaning of life.

Please, you must love yourself well. There is a long way to go. Don't lose your health if you lose anything.

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