"how can you live without me?"

"how can you live without me?"

"Please answer 1988".

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Please answer 1988, there is such a plot in "Please answer 1988". When Jung-hwan's mother is away for a while, the family leaves Jung-hwan, brother and father, and the mother thinks that if she is not at home, the remaining three men will definitely live in a mess. Who knew that when she came home in a surprise attack, she found that the house was out of order, the living room was polished, and the food in the refrigerator was sorted and arranged. Even her father asked her, "We are frying dumplings. Do you want to eat them?" So Zheng Huan's mother was inexplicably unhappy and hid in the room without saying a word. Zheng Huan was very distressed and asked his good friend Dong long: "it's all cleaned up, why are you still in a bad mood?"

Zheng Huan rushed into the kitchen, grabbed his brother who was cooking instant noodles and put them on the lid of the rolling pot. When his brother screamed, Zheng Huan called back to his mother and said, "Mom, my brother's hands are burning!" So my mother hurriedly carried the medicine box out of the room and said, "I can't live anymore. I really don't know how to cook instant noodles when I'm too old."

Zheng Huan went to the utility room and smashed the coal his father was about to change with his umbrella. when his father was surprised, Zheng Huan turned to his mother and shouted, "Mom, dad broke the honeycomb coal again!" So my mother came to the basement with an umbrella and shouted all the way, "nothing can be done well!"

Zheng Huan returned to his room, threw the clothes that had been neatly folded in the cupboard on the floor, specially created a mess, and shouted to his mother, "Mom, haven't you seen my shorts?" As a result, my mother found it within two seconds after she entered the room. When she handed it to him, she said, "really, you can't even find this!"

after this series of things, my mother turned her mood 360 °. She promised to eat the dumplings made by her father and drink soju with her father, and said proudly, "Oh, I can barely eat with you."

at the beginning, Zheng Huan asked Donglong's mother why he was unhappy. While reading the cartoon, Donglong asked him, "Don't you know why your mother is unhappy?" Because the family is doing so well... Because my mother is not here and my family is still doing well. "

you can still live so well without me

is it not necessary for me to exist?

when I think of my mother, I don't seem to have seen where she really traveled since I can remember. My father is a busy person who doesn't like to go out. He said that he had been to too many places when he was young, and now he just wanted to stay here and don't go anywhere. So my parents don't travel as far as I can remember. In recent years, I have mentioned to my mother many times: "I'll take you to play!" She would reject me like this: "what about your father and your brother when I travel? in a few days, the clothes must be piled higher than the mountain, and the dishes in the kitchen stink when no one washes them. Besides, they certainly won't eat well. Is it fair to order takeout every day?" Alas, how can they live without me? "

in fact, mothers who are overdependent, no matter how old their children are, they still think that my husband and children can't survive without me, but in fact, we all know that once this person is gone, we will still live well, we will wash the clothes until we can't wear them, we can wash the dishes and chopsticks when we can't use them, and of course we will try to cook ourselves when we are fed up with fast food. Anyone who leaves can't live a good life. But, yes, we just have to keep giving our mothers, ourselves, and people who care about us an illusion that I can't live without you.

Dachen once complained to me about his girlfriend. Because of some small details, Dachen felt as if he was not that important to her. He said, "once I clearly saw that the top of her bottle could not be unscrewed and her hands turned red again and again. I sat next to her, but she never spoke to me from beginning to end, and I stopped asking angrily. She could do everything herself, change the light bulb and carry water. Even on a rainy day, she would rather go back to the dormitory than call me to deliver the umbrella. In fact, I was thinking, it doesn't matter if she doesn't have me. She can live a good life without me. "

every time I hear someone say, "I can't live without anyone," I resist the urge to fan each other to death a million times. "shut up and don't be hypocritical!" Is there no one you can't eat, sleep or shit! "

obviously I am the kind of person who is too strong to bother others when I am young. I just asked my friend the other day, "Why can't I just show weakness once in a while and let others know that he is important to me?" On the other hand, it is different to change to yourself, and you will intermittently doubt whether you are important, intermittently doubt the value of your existence, want to be needed, and be complacent that "someone can't do without you."

I just want you to need me not to let you know that I need you

professional practice to make romantic films. Occasionally, when I am busy, the team members say that they want to shoot by themselves, although they feel unhappy and uneasy every time. I still pretend to be open-minded and say, "all right, then you go ahead." As a result, every time I came back, I would find that the plot could not be connected before and after the shooting, so I had to reshoot it and asked angrily what was going on at the same time. In fact, the arrogant os in my heart was: "look, I can't do without me!"

is it childish? What's even more childish is that every time my friends had a good time at the party while I was away, when send photos were given to me, I would secretly sulk, "Oh, it makes no difference without me."

Don't call me naive, but have you really never thought about it?

in fact, this kind of selfishness may be particularly "acting" in our eyes. Why do we always have to do some small moves to attract the attention of others in order to find our own sense of existence? it does not seem to measure whether it is important or not. But, yes, even when you have an intermittent infantile attack, you will want to think proudly, "Hey, these idiots, how can you live without me?"

of course, only if they are very important people to you.