Home is the warmest year after year.

Home is the warmest year after year.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

year after year, home is the kindest; year after year, home is the warmest.

sit down and think carefully in your spare time. What is home?

Home is a haven for us to take shelter from the wind, a big umbrella to protect us from the wind and rain, a post station for us to rest freely when we are tired, and a paradise for us to talk.

what is home?

Home is the place where we are sad, home is the mediating station for us to digest contradictions, home is the secret place for us to act like a spoiled wayward, and home is a small world for us to rely on.

Home, how many of our happy and romantic laughter? Home, how many of our bitter and aggrieved tears? Maybe it can't make us poor, maybe it can make us rich, but in any case, we love it very much!

No matter what year, month, or moment, home is always the most important, the warmest and the sweetest. At home, you can laugh as much as you can when it's time to laugh, and you can go crazy when it's time to play. Some words can only be said at home; some things can only be done at home; some complaints can only be expressed at home; some tears can only be shed at home.

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Home is not a battlefield. Families need to care for each other and treat each other gently. Home is not a flower, but it is better than a flower and needs careful care. Home is not an inn, but it is warmer than an inn. It is always waiting for you to return.

Home is a place to talk about love. In this small world, we need to respect the old and love the young, to respect each other, to take care of each other, to take care of each other, and to understand each other.

Home is not a place to be reasonable. Because every member of the family or blood relationship, or love relationship, family love, are inexplicable and inextricably linked. If one day triggered a "war", ignited the "smoke of gunpowder", injured, are their own relatives, sad, are their own sweetheart.

everyone in the family, if there is an argument or a quarrel, there is no need to win or lose, because no matter who wins, it is only vanity that wins, while what is lost is the affection of each other.

Home, the most important thing is not to have Jinshan and Silver Mountain, but to be healthy and safe. The most important thing is not poverty and wealth, but to be happy and happy.

Don't say there is a contradiction at home, whose spoon doesn't touch the bowl? Whose stove doesn't smoke? Not to mention the hatred between the family, the broken bones are attached to the tendons. It is difficult for an honest official to break household chores, and there is no reason at home. After all, blood is thicker than water, and cooking beans and burning a dustpan is too bitter.

Life, there is no afterlife, only this life, cherish every family around you. It is worth more than anything that a family can stay together, care for each other and tolerate each other. Family affection is priceless, hurt anything, do not hurt family; lose anything, do not lose affection. No matter how much money is not as warm as family; no matter how good wishes are, it is not as good as having a family to accompany you!

Home, we need our common management and care. It is the hometown that the drifter misses day and night, it is the mother's deep concern for the wanderer, it is the exhortation at work, it is the distressing reproach when sick, it is mutual tolerance when quarreling, it is the cozy smile of children around their knees.

Home is the root of our generation after generation, and home is what we miss forever. No matter we are together day and night, no matter how far we go, no matter how far we go, year after year, home will always be our favorite and warmest!