Hello, the tenth thousandth you.

Hello, the tenth thousandth you.

You finally made it?

in fact, according to reason, I should solemnly thank those 9999 fans. But now that you are here, I will leave it to you to thank you, because without them, how could you let me spend three or five hours writing about you.

you have a 60% chance of being a woman, because among the disorganized 10, 000 fans, there are more than 6600 women, more than 3300 men, and less than a hundred left. They should be the legendary "bachelors". Every time I open a WeChat group, countless little girls join the group, while the boys are always shy and don't come in, hiding backstage and asking me questions.

and the most common question they ask is: "Why can't I find a girlfriend?"

I always reply to them like this: "who told you not to join the group?"

you should like to read long, otherwise how can you read a messy paragraph with thousands of words? Although others say that this is an era of "too lazy to read", we prefer to struggle again before becoming a flock of sheep in the stream, like the howl of wolves because of bloodlust, like the struggle of the sun against fog in order to reach the ground. Just as we use the Tyndall effect to describe traces of sunlight struggle, we use chaos to prove that we have tried to understand the meaning of words.

that's right, you, like me, smile and say "Paper Books are Dead" but still open the worry-relieving grocery store that you've read countless times when you can't sleep. But when people ask about you, you still can't explain why we want to read.

you may be watching the play in a disorganized way, trying to see what meaningless paragraphs these boring people can piece together every day. You may also be a brother who has graduated to work. You want to know what these brothers and sisters are thinking about every day. If you praise them for two yuan from time to time, you can make them happy all night.

or maybe you want to pin your dream on me. Maybe it's playing the guitar, or running, taekwondo, basketball, graphic design, or even literature. But as soon as I graduated, I was so pressed by my work that I had no time to take care of my hobbies, so I left a sentence in our background:

"I failed, come on."

in fact, it is disorganized and has no intention of changing anyone, nor does it intend to shoulder the responsibility of enlightening everyone, but it actually took 10, 000 people 0.3 seconds to click on the green word "follow". Also let 57 people confirm that they will take a nonsensical picture in accordance with our request this Saturday and Sunday. My article "you are Lin Zhen, I am Xu Taiyu" has been retweeted 1554 times. An article by the eel whale made everyone desperate to move in the direction they liked, because she said, "I want to be with you", while Yu Tong's article "Don't you say that" reached a reading volume of 2W + in the morning and suddenly became the first in disorder.

if the ten thousandth of you, you would have focused on chaos a year ago. Then you may remember that I wrote a sentence:

"we changenothing but ourselves." (we just want to change ourselves)

well, although the tenth thousandth you finally pay attention to the chaos.

but the sun will still rise at 06:35, and the moon will choose whether to hide behind the clouds according to its mood.

the weather in Dongguan is still unable to be influenced by people's wishes.

long reading still cannot beat light reading, and

life will go on.

Thank you for giving five minutes a day to chaos.

text, Tong c.

I have always felt that disorder has a centripetal force, and the people who follow it are not because they can get some high-availability information, but because they find a group of people who are close to their own aura. Or think that the disorganized articles write their own ideas, of course, this is my own view and the reason why I focused on chaos, because the text here is neither chicken soup nor entertainment. It's the opinion, the view of the young.

once I sent a disorganized article to a friend, and his first comment was "well written, very literary." But when I keep telling people about disorder, I always say that I think chaos is a winning attitude and pointless literary talent. Later, that friend focused on chaos, and after a while he said to me, "you are very good at expressing yourselves." I prefer the latter comment, because it is what he thinks after carefully reading the disorganized previous articles.

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in the chaos, I used to be just a reader. Like you, it is my bedtime reading. I often leave comments after reading it. I remember that my first selected comment was in disorder. At that time, I already felt very excited, because this Subscription account has a very important and favorite position in the account I follow. So later, when Jing Jing, the editor-in-chief, asked me, "have you ever thought about joining chaos", there was a voice in my heart that said, "Oh, my God, no!"

at first, I really didn't have confidence because I didn't know how to write it, which could help it better influence other people. However, what thorn said to me seemed to be repeated three times, "slowly find your own style." in the process of writing articles and reading comments, I began to realize that what is more important is not what readers think of me, but how I write.

so, please believe that you can look at us with any attitude and vision, because we are free, and you are also free, it doesn't matter whether the comments support or oppose the ideas in the article, because you are you.