Heart tired to eat pears, legs tired to eat persimmons, eyes tired to eat what? You have no idea.

Heart tired to eat pears, legs tired to eat persimmons, eyes tired to eat what? You have no idea.

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many people are tired and always say it would be better to have a rest, but in fact, eating something can also relieve fatigue.

the following will tell you to eat what you are tired and keep you healthy and energetic!


Eye fatigue

carrots, spinach, kelp

reading, mobile phone and computer for too long will cause eye fatigue. We all know that carrots are good for eyes because carrots are rich in vitamin A, which nourishes nerve cells in the retina and is good for eye health.

eyes are afraid of sunlight and free radicals. Lutein in spinach is a good antioxidant to avoid their damage to the eyes, protect the microvessels of the eyes and maintain good blood circulation. Remember to eat more spinach. Do you know what the thick "white frost" is on the surface of sun-dried kelp? It is mannitol, which can reduce the pressure in the eyes and relieve the fatigue of the eyes.


brain fatigue

walnut and grape

work without the operation of the brain, and headaches are common. Walnut contains zinc and manganese, eat more is good for the brain nutrition, with nutrition, the brain will not cry tired.

eating grapes is also good for the brain, did you? Grape fruits are rich in glucose, organic acids, amino acids and vitamins, which can excite brain nerves and eliminate brain fatigue.


stomach fatigue

Millet Congee, peanut

modern people work under great pressure, it is easy to forget to eat, the stomach is naturally bad.

Millet Congee can not only nourish the stomach, but also strengthen the stomach and digestion, prevent nausea and vomiting, and remember to drink Millet Congee when you have a stomachache.

another stomach nourishing food is peanuts. Peanuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, no cholesterol and dietary fiber. They are natural low-sodium foods. But do not exceed 50g /p>


leg fatigue

persimmons and bananas

because of the nature of work, some people often run around and their leg muscles feel tired, so eat some persimmons!

Persimmon contains a lot of iron, which can stimulate the production of hemoglobin, promote blood circulation and drive away fatigue.

fatigue is often a lack of potassium, once the human body is short of potassium, energy and physical strength will decline, while bananas are rich in potassium, which can maintain the normal operation of nerves and muscles after eating, and the legs are no longer sore.


ear fatigue Laver

I wonder if people will have earache. Don't worry, Laver can help you relieve ear fatigue.

it contains the most iron in daily food. eating more can ensure the sufficient oxygen and blood supply of the ear.


Heart fatigue  Red beans, pears  supply blood every day, the heart is also very tired! Li Shizhen once called red beans "the valley of the heart", which shows the heart-nourishing effect of red beans.

Red bean can clear the heart and relieve annoyance, tonify the blood and calm the mind, and it is rich in crude fiber, it can also reduce blood lipids, blood pressure and improve cardiac activity.

if the middle-aged and elderly want to protect their hearts, don't miss red beans.

in addition to red beans, pears can also protect the heart. Vitamin B1 in pears can enhance myocardial vitality, vitamin B2, B6 and folic acid can reduce blood pressure, which has a certain preventive effect on cardiovascular disease.


Blood vessel fatigue

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Corn and yam

Blood vessels not only transport oxygen and nutrients, but also discharge metabolic garbage. Its fatigue can be imagined.

how to relieve vascular fatigue in daily life? Eat corn.

Corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid, which can reduce the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels, thus softening arteries.

Chinese yam has the same effect. It contains mucin, which can effectively prevent fat deposition in blood vessels and maintain vascular elasticity. If you want vascular health, eat more corn and yam.


liver fatigue

broccoli, red jujube

fatigue is the natural enemy of the liver, which greatly damages the health of the liver. Eating more broccoli can help to relieve the fatigue of the liver.

organs have the ability to distinguish the color of food, while cyan food can enter the liver, which is beneficial to liver circulation, promote liver metabolism and eliminate fatigue.

on the other hand, people who are often angry can eat red dates or soak them in water. People with poor liver function can drink more jujube water, which can not only protect the liver, but also help detoxify the liver.

do you remember the above methods?

turn it out when you are tired to help you get rid of fatigue!