Happiness is hidden in simplicity (for a lifetime)

Happiness is hidden in simplicity (for a lifetime)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

maybe everyone is like this: the more you grow, the more complicated you become.

there are more and more desires and pressures.

after a long time, it is hard to avoid pain and exhaustion.

I have read a sentence that says that the most tiring thing is not knowing what you are tired of.

isn't it--

the word "complex" is taken apart, "complex" is day after day, and "miscellaneous" is disorganized.

repeating a disorganized life, even if the body can support it, the heart will be overwhelmed.

the best way to live in life is to abandon complexity and return to simplicity.


get up early and go to bed early, far and near happiness

Life is rapidly changing. In this fast-paced era, we are often dominated by unexplained tension.

during the day, the brain is empty and in a nervous daze.

get excited at night and play with your cell phone nervously.

finally staying up late has become the norm, the spirit is also more and more tired, listless all day.

instead of falling into this vicious circle, it is better to live a regular life.

go to bed at night, get up on time in the morning, and devote yourself to the new day with a clear head.

keeping this simple routine is not only good for health, but also can set the state to the best and improve the efficiency of doing things.

if it continues to accumulate, it will have a great impact on your career and life.

the philosopher Kant is a good example.

Kant is a man with a very simple schedule. According to Manfred's Biography of Kant, his day usually goes like this:

get up at 05:00, drink tea, smoke a pipe of tobacco  teach at 07:00  write at 11:00  have lunch with guests at 13:00, chat  take a walk at 15:30  visit friends at 16:30, go home to work, read

go to bed at 22:00

for many years Kant insists on getting up at five in the morning and going to bed at ten in the evening.

his schedule can be said to be the best performance of the combination of work and rest.

although he spends a lot of time on leisure, if you look closely, you will find that his working time has actually reached more than nine hours a day--

during this period of writing after class, he has completed the famous "three criticisms".

simple living habits make focused and efficient work possible.

on the contrary, the efficiency is much higher than that of many people who are busy late into the night.

in the book from Excellence to Excellence, Jim Collins proposed the famous "flywheel effect":

to make a stationary flywheel turn, it takes a lot of effort to push it at first. maybe do everything you can, and you can only rotate a little.

but gradually, the flywheel turns faster and faster, and in the end, with a little effort, the flywheel can rotate at full speed.

the same is true in life.

A lot of things seem difficult, but if you can form a good habit of making the flywheel rotate faster and faster, you will gradually be able to handle it.

getting up early and going to bed early is effective precisely because it can help us push the flywheel.

living simply like this is the most efficient way to do it.


Social excellence, the circle should be simple

We will meet too many people in our lives.

the last ones left in life are the few in the minority.

there is a famous social concept called "Dunbar number", also known as "150 Law".

it tells us that human intelligence only allows one person to have a stable social network of about 150 people.

the number 150 refers to the number of friends contacted at least once a year.

recall that the number of people we have dealt with since childhood must have far exceeded this number.

but how many of them are in constant contact?

Dunbar's numbers reveal a social truth that we ignore:

the more friends the better, because the relationship we can maintain is limited.

if all the limited energy is spent on low-quality communication, the result can be imagined.

therefore, there is not much in the matter of social interaction.

in fact, we all know that the number of friends on Wechat doesn't mean anything at all, and the promises on the wine table may not be counted.

those three or five sentences began to be called brothers at the dinner party, people in the push cup change room, exchanging business cards smelling of alcohol.

I don't know that most of them end up in the trash cans the next day.

Wang Tong said, "there is a saying:" those who interact with potential will be overwhelmed; those who exchange benefits with poor interests will disperse. "

people who come to meet you because you have something, when you lose these things, they naturally stay away.

this kind of low-quality social interaction is not an addition, but a subtraction.

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minus more points, it becomes a poison.

there are also some relationships, not to say low quality, but it always makes people feel separated by something.

or friends who are supposed to be good friends are drifting away and become speechless.

the fate of the world is scattered, just as the saying "everything is fate, nothing is human".

you don't have to force a relationship that feels tired to get along with.

you know, you don't need to be close to everyone-

to please everyone, you don't necessarily get anything, but you must be tired.

andMore importantly, you can't please everyone.

since the excitement of others can not become their own, it has nothing to do with themselves, and it is of no benefit to them.

so most of the time, it's good to have a few sincere friends around you.

the circle is more concise, but more comfortable.

you see, although the crowd is lively and flashy, it is not as warm as that of good friends.

belong to their own simple circle, is a corner of the vast world of mooring.


Don't think too much. Flowers always bloom

Lin Huiyin once said:

very often, there is no point in tangling too much.

because the truth of life is often simpler than we think.

sometimes, even if you go through the problem sets of life, you can't find the answer, but if you wait patiently, the answer will come.

-there is such a story around.

once upon a time, my friend Ah Qing fell into a low ebb.

first there is something wrong with my health, and then I have trouble in my career.

in his late thirties, there seems to be a lot less road ahead.

standing at the crossroads of life, A Qing felt more confused than ever before.

do you want to grit your teeth and stay in the big city, or do you want to go back to your hometown?

do you want to continue your 9-to-5 life or regain your music dream?

is it an honest blind date or an ethereal love?


all the mysteries were intertwined into a big net, which made it impossible for him to escape.

I can only sit on the balcony drinking beer and thinking about things I can't figure out late at night.

until some point, he suddenly felt that he didn't have to think too much about everything, as long as he moved forward step by step.

with such an idea, he devoted his wishful thinking to a serious life.

sure enough, when he looked back again, he found that the answers he had begged for had been put in front of him by time.

Today, A Qing finds himself mediocre in music, so he focuses on his career, becomes comfortable at work, and has a girlfriend with the same hobbies, and the two are happy and sweet.

when we stand on this bank of time, through the fog on the river, it is always difficult to see everything on the other side.

however, we just need to know that everything will happen naturally.

the dust will always settle down, and time will leave what belongs to us in the palm of our hand.

whether it's expectation or fear, ready or unprepared, what should come will come.

you don't have to look for answers nervously.

because all the answers will emerge over the years.

since entanglement is useless, you might as well keep your mind simple and wait for the flowers to bloom quietly.


Su Shi once wrote:

Snow cream floats,

try the spring dish of artemisia bamboo shoots.

the taste of the world is Qinghuan.

delicacies are delicious, but light rice and tea are also delicious.

the greatest flavor in the world is often in simplicity.

in fact, life is the same--

the mind is trapped in the square inch.

the best way to live is to keep it simple.