Half (good in depth)

Half (good in depth)

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since ancient times, life is the most taboo, half poor, half rich and half self-satisfied.

half deaf, half dumb, half confused, half awake, half drunk, half immortal.

half life, half chance, half vulgarity, half elegance.

as the saying goes: dress and eat as much as you can.

if you are rich, enjoy it; if you are poor, you don't have to force it.

if the material wealth is too perfect, it should be reined in in time.

this is in line with the natural law.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "if you are full of gold and jade, you can keep it; if you are rich and proud, you will take the blame."

Jinshan Silver Mountain is full of houses, and who can hide it?

when you are rich and noble to the point of arrogance, you have planted a curse on yourself.

Zeng Guofan said: "in good times, I often think about bad times, and when I go on the court, I think about it when I go off." Wealthy people should keep these two words in mind. "

No one can be rich forever, and no one will be poor forever.

if you are defiant when you are proud, you will not be able to be deceived when you lose power.

when you are rich, you should think of thrift and don't be too complacent; when you are poor, you should think of self-improvement and don't be discouraged.

the state of mind is always balanced and the mood is always stable.

there are thousands of people in the world.

not everyone can be in tune with you tacitly.

the same ears, different listening methods, the same mouth, different words.

the same heart, different ideas; the same people, different ways of living.

if you are smart, people will say you have a good heart; if you work hard, people will say you are lucky.

mouth grows on other people, no matter what he says!

if you hurt someone, go in one ear and out the other.

after hearing it, you forget it, and you don't have to argue with others.

Mr. Lu Xun said: "Silence is the highest contempt."

speak half of what you say and leave half of it.

Don't say all you know and don't believe everything you hear.

the record of worry-free says: "the ear does not listen to the wrongs of others, the eyes do not regard the shortcomings of others, and the mouth does not talk about the mistakes of others."

Life is like a wine table. If one wants to live happily, one should not be too sober or too drunk.

too sober, it is easy to give the impression that you are insincere, too drunk and easy to be pushed around.

A really smart person always lives between half awake and half drunk: don't pretend to be stupid when you should know, and don't take it seriously when you should be confused.

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people who are too sober tend to get tired.

in the cold reality, dash forward alone.

you will not be happy, and the people around you will not be comfortable.

Tang Bohu wrote a poem: "half awake and half drunk day after day, flowers bloom year after year." I wish I were old and dead, but I didn't want to bow in front of the chariot. "

Life is so difficult, always let go of the burden in your heart.

Life is partly made up of personnel and partly ordained by heaven.

there is a saying in Daojing: "if you are strong, you will grow old."

when things are strong to the extreme, they begin to decline.

after noon, the sun begins to incline to the west; when the moon is full, it gradually loses.

the sun and the moon rise and fall one after another, not to mention people?

if you get love, you may not have money; if you get money, you may not be able to have happiness; if you have happiness, you may not be able to enjoy health; if you enjoy health, you may not get what you want.

Ji Xianlin said: "everyone strives for a complete life. However, from ancient times to the present, there is no such thing as a 100% perfect life at home and abroad. So I said, imperfection is life. "

when something happens, you must be open-minded, eat and sleep.

if there is a problem, try to solve it; if there is a difficulty, try to overcome it.

do your best, and then listen to your destiny.

as the ancients said, "the body is defecated when the heart is full."