Guoji | A Dongguan retro bazaar that has been run six times and lost six times.

Guoji | A Dongguan retro bazaar that has been run six times and lost six times.

A pure Dongguan market.

as early as my freshman year, my moments were scanned by the "Collection" to be held in Xinghe City. At that time, I thought that the retro bazaar on the other side of Guangzhou finally came to Dongguan, but unexpectedly, the original creative team was all from Dongguan.

while in Haoye, I happened to interview four creative members of Xiji, who (all four were girls) were planning to hold the seventh episode of the main album with the theme "Yan" on gallery in Zone 21. I originally intended to help them write an article, but procrastination occurred again, and it was not until today that I wrote the article down.

on October 2 /3, the collection will hold their 8th retro creative bazaar on Gongnong No. 8.

Shopping for one of our delightful girl flower gowns on sale to draw every eye to you? Our large collections of collections are second to none.

I remember that on the afternoon of the interview, there were four creative members of the collection. We tried to dig up some of their sad stories, but the atmosphere couldn't get up. When asked "whether it is profitable", they did not hesitate, as if a pause of half a second would make them particularly insincere, saying:

"the collection is not profitable, nor will it be profitable." And we held six issues of the collection, and we also lost six issues. "

this seems to be a more moving point, but they can't help joking: "but it's getting better and better. we lost less and less. We only lost one or two hundred yuan last time, ha."

however, our booth fee this time is a little more than before, 50 or 80 a day, but this can only maintain a balance of payments. At the beginning, some stall owners thought that it was too expensive and that we made a lot of money. In fact, we really did not make a profit, and we lost money all the time. "

then why do you keep doing it? I asked.

"because it's fun, we do the collection because it's fun." They said with a smile.

but I know that there are some uninteresting things in it. Because they are not profitable, they can only bring back some venues for sponsorship every time. When the collection is not well-known, it is very difficult to talk about sponsorship. In fact, the same is true of the last TEDxXichenglou. When we went to solicit sponsorship, many people would say to us like this: "when you have finished this issue, I will sponsor you next time." Actually, soliciting sponsorship is not a good thing because it distracts most of the attention of the team.

in the minds of many people, "fun" and "profit" do not seem to appear together, as if someone has made a profit because of this, this activity has become not fun at all. But have you ever thought that if a team can get some funding for their hard work, they can focus more on the activity itself?

you are willing to pay for a cup of milk tea, why not pay for a fun activity? Of course, Fengji has no intention of making a profit, but I encourage them to make a profit, because I always believe that only by making a profit can a team go further. After all, dreams cannot be eaten.

"Yan" retro bazaar promotional posters

"We want the local stall owners in Dongguan not to go so far"

"We actually go to Guangzhou and Shenzhen to participate in those retro bazaars before we do the 'bazaar'. Most of the handicrafts sold in the bazaar are handicrafts made by the stall owners themselves. At that time, I thought why Dongguan didn't have its own creative bazaar, so we started looking for people who liked it as much as we did.

in fact, it is a bit selfish to do the collection, because only in the collection, when you wear the clothes you want to wear, others will not find it strange. "

A Hua, who used to be a stall owner and now a member of Fengji, said, "I

the collection aims to encourage interesting and thoughtful vendors to continue to develop their own products. "

Xuan Ji pioneered the Dongguan Creative Market. From setting up stalls and selling things at the beginning, they have now cooperated with Gongnong 8 or Space 21 gallery, adding some elements that they did not have on the day of the event, such as the makeup, diet and photography sharing meeting in "Yan" and tomorrow's "01:30" forum. They integrate resources, combine "fun" with "thinking", and localize the creative bazaar, just like the Twelve Citizens I saw yesterday, paying tribute and innovating at the same time.

every time I take part in local activities in Dongguan, I want to write down the stories behind them as a recorder. Because I want to be able to throw some links to him instead of being speechless when others say that Dongguan is a cultural desert.

also want to use the article to gently say to them:

"come on."

will you attend tomorrow's fair

or do you have any plans for National Day