Guangming Middle School | the principal said it was a magical place.

Guangming Middle School | the principal said it was a magical place.

At every big gathering, the headmaster would say, "Guangming Middle School is a magical place."

I hope to share our view of the world

that blue school rope #

in the first year of junior high school, our school rope is blue. At that time, the second year of junior high school was yellow, the third year of junior high school was pink, and high school was red, green and as dark as black.

We all thought that the blue school rope would turn yellow in the second year of junior high school, but in the end it stayed with us for six years.

so my six years are bright and blue.

this article is written to my middle and high school alma mater, Guangming Middle School.

it was said to be the most beautiful school uniform in Dongguan #

navy collar and pleated skirt. White shirt, dark blue trousers, sweater, suit.

in those days, girls' school uniforms were always changing, sometimes sports shorts were popular, sometimes they liked men's white shirts, and sometimes they changed back to regular sailor collars and pleated skirts. However, the aesthetic appreciation of boys always stays on the most handsome match, that is, sweaters and white shirts with trousers.

at that time, ALL STAR was still very popular. Every pair of shoes I had in the first two years was ALL STAR. I heard that Converse's cloth shoes are classic only in black and white, but in those years, the color on our feet was more than black and white.

Are you ready to buy a magnificent prom by blush gowns that will make you stand out in any crowd? Our stunning options are light on your pocket.

those smelly trees in junior high school #

in the third year of junior high school, our classroom was transferred to the infirmary. At that time, I would pass by a smelly tree when I did morning exercises every day. At the height of summer, it produces a red, salty fruit that looks like clusters of small grapes but smells like salt bean paste. We walk drowsily out of the morning reading class every morning, and then the salty smell gets into everyone's nostrils at a sudden speed.

this is definitely a refreshing method faster than coffee

the two long rows of "ancient basin shelves" trees in junior high school continue from the main entrance of the school to the end of the teaching building, and taste more like chemicals. I remember when my mother took me to school and approached the shelf of the ancient basin, she suddenly stopped, took a deep breath and said, "it smells good!"

from then on, I felt that my mother's sense of smell was not on the same level as mine.

Steam Happy Milk Tea Shop Xinhua Bookstore #

there was an ice cream shop in the canteen near the current primary school. I still remember that the charge at that time was five yuan per ball, but Xiaogui was very delicious. At about three o'clock every afternoon, the ice cream shop begins to bake egg rolls, when there is a sweet and greasy smell of egg rolls floating around the whole ice cream shop.

at that time, I liked vanilla cookies best. Have you ever tasted it?

in the third year of junior high school, there is a steam happy restaurant next to the supermarket. At noon on the opening day, we stood in line to get close to one point, and one of us ate a portion of shredded rice with mustard, thinking, "Bah, this is not as delicious as the chicken steak and Chicken Curry in the canteen!"

but later, steamed happy opened one after another, from steamed rice to steamed rice to fried rice fried noodles, it has become a "bright trench food" for every enlightened person.

I like fried rice and Sautéed Rice Noodles best. How about you?

in the third year of senior high school, a milk tea shop and Xinhua Bookstore were opened in the middle of junior high school, just outside the new supermarket. It is said that the milk tea in the milk tea shop is robbed by junior high school students every day after school, and there are many books and magazines with good covers in the bookstore. However, I didn't have time to take a closer look at these, because I graduated that year, June 2013.

everything else belongs to the memory of the enlightened #

Puji Hospital, Xinglin Spring Herbal Tea, Concord Egg Tart, Gordon, Paradise Bread. At that time, when we asked for leave from school, we always said that we would go to Puji to see a doctor, but we ended up eating a meal opposite Puji.

every time I leave school, I go to buy bread. Concorde egg tarts and cheesecake, Gordon's original square bag, paradise bread red bean bag.

at that time, Xinglinchun was the only takeout that the school did not confiscate, so B sent me herbal tea and tortoise Ling ointment every other day in my third year of high school.

I still remember the cleaning of the dormitory at the end of each semester. We "caught" the hostel everywhere, dragged her to check the hygiene of the dormitory, and begged her to give us a slip.

in my third year of high school, I asked for leave once a week for all kinds of excuses.

at that time, I was so tired and wanted to leave. As a result, one night two years later, when I was browsing my moments bored at the bedside, I looked at the aerial picture of Guangming Middle School and burst into tears.

every building, every school road, has already left the memory of each and every one of us unconsciously.

have a nice late graduation. I wish my alma mater better and better.

remember the bright canteen

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