Give up + de (really well written)

Give up + de (really well written)

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as the old saying goes: give up, give up, give up.

all things in the world are between giving and getting. Giving up is a kind of choice, an attitude, and even a kind of wisdom.

as the saying goes, life needs to be willing to enrich life.


what is giving up?

to give up is to give up, to let go, and to learn to let go.

most of the time, some things are like sand, and the more you hold on to them, the more they will pass away.

in life, some people and things, if they regard them as extremely important, the more they don't want to let go, the faster they lose.

Sun Tzu said, "if you want to take it, you must give it first." If you want to get it, you must give it up first.

in a village, when persimmons are ripe and farmers have a good harvest, they do not pick all persimmons.

some persimmons will be left on the trees to quench thirst for passers-by and to prepare food for birds. Passers-by stop to stay or eat, driving the development of the local economy. Birds will fly to eat the worms to help persimmons grow better.

giving up seems to be giving up, but it is actually an invisible harvest. The same is true in


willing to smile, invisible gain strength; willing to exercise, long-term adhere to the harvest of health; willing to give in, gain understanding and respect.

it is precisely because there is a house in the world that many beauties can be found.

money is hard to give up, but it is not worth mentioning in front of health; fame and wealth is hard to give up, but it is like a bubble in front of happiness. Money, fame and fortune are like passing in the blink of an eye. Only by giving up the pursuit and stubbornness of the heart can we see the bright blue sky.


what is obtained?

what you get is what you get, what you get, and what you have.

what is given is the result of giving, and the harvest that is willing is the cycle of cause and effect.

if you want to get rich fruit, you must first work hard;

if you want to get help from others, you must first learn to give;

if you want to get people's respect, you must first learn to respect others.

Nebula Master once said:

the premise of

is to give up, but very often, people only care about getting it in the end, but ignore that giving up is the most important thing.

there is such a short story:

two people search for treasure together, only to find that there is no grass here, let alone find the treasure.

when I was about to leave, the voice of an old man came from the air, asking about their wishes and saying that they would help them realize their wishes.

one of the men said excitedly:

another man thought for a moment and said:

their wishes have come true. The former has become a beggar, and people give him money and food every day.

the latter became a millionaire and helped a lot of people with his ability.

the story is unexpected and imagined.

if you haven't given up, how can you get it? If you don't give, how can you get a harvest?


in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,

being willing is not only a realm of life, but also the highest spiritual practice in each of our lives.

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