Getting up early can solve 80% of life's problems.

Getting up early can solve 80% of life's problems.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

have you found that most of the people around you who are used to getting up early have a happy life, smooth work and good luck?

some people say that the identity of a person can be inferred from the time of getting up early:

those who get up at 5 o'clock are usually the elderly and their parents;

those who get up at 6 o'clock are mostly student parties;

those who get up at 7 o'clock are mostly office workers;

those who get up after 11:00 are either loafers or employees in the catering and entertainment industries;

those who get up after 2 o'clock in the afternoon are a group of night owls who turn day and night upside down.

different wake-up times represent different lifestyles and occupations.

the little thing of getting up early, which seems inconspicuous, determines our lives to a certain extent.


the earlier you get up, the more wonderful your life will be.

my friend Xiaofan has been in particularly good shape recently and is full of energy every day, which stems from a recent change in her.

Xiaofan is a girl from a small city. In order to catch up in Shanghai as soon as possible, she tries her best to live and work every day.

after work, she also insists on learning professional knowledge by herself and will never give up until 12:00 in the morning every day.

when I came across the boss's temporary assignment, I worked overtime and worked until midnight.

the most direct result of staying up late is getting up late.

she gets up every day like a war, and then hurriedly catches the subway.

it was not easy to step on the company, but the late night of the previous day, coupled with the rush in the morning, consumed her a lot of energy, which made her depressed and unmotivated all day.

one day, Xiaofan was so tired that she decided to go to bed early in the evening and get up early the next day to study again.

the next day, she got up early for the first time. As soon as she saw the time, she was still early from home. So, while listening to the English class on her mobile phone, she made herself a big breakfast.

then I took the subway and arrived at work ahead of time.

during the day's work, she found herself full of drive and much more efficient than usual.

when she tasted the sweetness, she quickly adjusted her schedule.

go to bed on time at 11:00 every night, and then get up early the next day.

regular work and rest make Xiaofan feel full of strength and begin to have a sense of control over her life.

most young people nowadays are used to staying up late and getting up late. If they don't have to work the next day, they wish they wouldn't get up all day.

have you ever noticed that time flies very quickly during the holidays?

get some sleep and the holiday is over.

it's like having a fake holiday.

in fact, the days when we don't get up are quietly devouring our time and lives.

writer Haruki Murakami is an excellent novelist. I like his words and his way of life better.

at the age of 33, Haruki Murakami was determined to write for a living.

then he showed a great sense of control over his life.

he gets up at 4 o'clock every morning, then immediately sits down at his desk and begins to write.

write for 5 or 6 hours until you have finished 10 pages.

after writing 10 pages for the day, he began to run and work as an interpreter.

I had a wonderful day.

he said: "the life of getting up early is really making money."

I think so.

the time after getting up in the morning is the prime time of the day, during which we have the fullest mood and state.

and this mood and state will affect our daily life.

controls the time to get up early, which also controls our state throughout the day.

you can't even get up early, so why are you talking about controlling your life?


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the earlier you get up, the more self-discipline. Self-discipline can change your life

I often hear people complain:

"I'm used to sleeping in, but I really can't get up."

"how cold it is, how comfortable it is to lie in bed."

Why do I have to get up early? Anyway, it's all right. I might as well get some more sleep. "

British writer Dickens once said: people should get up early and get up early to see the brilliant sun, because the light of the sun can hardly last all day.

if you get up early, you will feel that you really have the power to heal your heart when you witness the sunrise.

there was a time when I was in such a bad mood that my friends called me to get up early and run together.

before dawn, we went out and ran for half an hour before the sun slowly poked out.

at the moment of sunrise, I was suddenly moved and felt that life suddenly became better.

it was at that moment that my bad mood got the best treatment.

getting up early really changes our lives.

A few years ago, there was a wave of "morning people" in Japan.

Morning type refers to those who insist on going to bed early and getting up at four or five o'clock in the morning.

the slogan of the morning type is: "your future, fight in the morning!"

in fact, many successful people at home and abroad have the habit of getting up early.

Li Ka-shing gets up at 6 o'clock every morning to exercise, watch the news and deal with work things. he is not only in good spirits, but also in a very good mood every day.

Virgin Group CEO Bronson gets up at 5 o'clock every day, exercises and exercises, and spends time with his family. He said, "this will makeI cultivate a great mood before I work. "

Franklin gets up at 5 o'clock every day, prays, makes a schedule, and studies. His 13 virtue self-checklists have affected countless people.

Liang Shiqiu gets up at dawn every day, moves a rattan chair, sits under the eaves of the corridor and begins to write. He doesn't stop writing until everyone wakes up one after another.

getting up early is the cornerstone of success, all good habits are attached to it, and all achievements are born around it.

Mr. Nan Huaijin said: only if you can control the people in the morning can you control your life.

the earlier you get up, the more self-discipline you are. And self-discipline can change your life.


people who are really good know how to control the time to get up early

Buffett said that if you can't restrain yourself in small things, you are likely not to restrain yourself in big things.

for those who are successful, the key to their success is not that they have done great things, but that they can keep doing such little things every day.

and getting up early is such a small thing.

how can we get up early and become a morning person?

1. Get into the habit of going to bed early

the purpose of getting up early is to have a better future.

getting up early may not be easy, but we can go to bed early.

getting up early and going to bed early complement each other.

only when you go to bed early can you have the energy to get up early; only when you get up early can you have the motivation to go to bed early.

2. Make the to-do list of getting up early

Why is it not easy to stick to getting up early?

because in the process of persistence, it is easy to forget why we get up early.

make a list of things you need to do to get up early one day in advance.

in this way, if you follow the list after getting up early, you won't give up getting up early because of why you should get up early.

3. Don't pursue perfection. You can get up 80% of the morning every month

remember that we are all mortals, so don't be too strict with ourselves.

if we get up early 80% of the time every month, we will succeed.

requiring ourselves to get up 100% early will only make us give up getting up early because of stress.

4. Join a circle and let the environment affect you

the reason why Meng's mother moved three times in the past is because she is well aware of the impact of the environment on a person.

you can find a circle of getting up early and make friends with the same frequency, and you will find that the power of the environment will push you forward.

as the saying goes, he who can tame the morning must tame life.

getting up early, even if it's just an hour early, you can make yourself calm, find your own rhythm, and then let the whole day follow your own rhythm.

May you and I both be morning people, often get up early, hold on to the steering wheel of life with a sense of control.