From today on, you must take cash with you when you go out.

From today on, you must take cash with you when you go out.

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Today, you can enter the world without cash, which shows how fast the times are developing. Mobile payment is everywhere and gradually occupies the dominant position in life.

in the era of intelligence, convenience is beneficial to the younger generation, while the elderly have gradually become the edge of the times, and the intelligent society makes it difficult for them to move.

this often happens in life:

people in their seventies make a living by selling vegetables, but when people want to scan the code to pay, the old man will always ask with a melancholy face: is there no cash?

later found out: the collection code next to the basket is daughter-in-law, the elderly can't use smartphones, and all their hard-earned money goes to daughter-in-law.

while the daughter-in-law takes the old man's money, she doesn't give the old man a penny.

you know: not all children are filial to their parents. In real life, most parents depend on their children's face.

the way of life that we are used to has brought a lot of inconvenience to some elderly people.

from today on, please take some cash out, because some people really need it!

some old people may not be able to catch up with our era of rapid development, and we should respect and treat them kindly.

because maybe one day, we will also be abandoned by the torrent of the times.


on a rainstorm with lightning and thunder, the old man went to social security alone.

as soon as the staff saw that it was cash, they said impatiently, "We don't accept cash. Let your relatives pay for it."

after the cash payment was refused, the old man sat silently in his chair, stooping, dazed, helplessly fiddling with gloves, like a child who had done something wrong.

every time I see it, I feel unspeakable heartache.

some people may question: what is the age, how can the elderly not be able to surf the Internet?

but they really won't, and no one wants to stop and take the time to help them. They are out of touch with the times.

there are also many helpless things.

under the epidemic, an old man was quarantined in a hotel. The old man stayed in a hotel for the first time and excitedly recorded a video for his family.

in the video, the old man is full of curiosity about everything, wants to wash clothes, finds water in the hotel toilet and says happily, "I've soaked my clothes here. I'll rub them tomorrow."

looks funny, but it's more sad.

the old man stayed in a hotel for the first time and never used a toilet. Of course, he didn't know its use.

coincidentally, an old man who had been waiting in line for a long time to buy fruit was told that he could only pay by mobile phone instead of cash. I didn't know how to pay by mobile phone, so I had an argument with the supermarket staff.

after the event, the uncle felt angry and aggrieved and felt humiliated. He said angrily, "this is RMB, not counterfeit currency. You asked me to stand there and humiliate my old man. I can't use Wechat."

it makes people feel sad and sad to see the grievance on his face.

in this era of rapid development, there are many such things. How many obstacles and troubles have been caused to the elderly in the cashless era.


is there anything wrong with the progress of the times and the development of science and technology?


Today, in the era of intelligence and digitalization, each of us should respond positively and accept it, which is a new look of our whole social development.

for young people, in the face of new things, even if there is no one to teach them, they will try it a few more times, and even feel that they will enjoy such a convenient feeling.

but for the elderly, they have to bring presbyopic glasses to read newspapers, and it takes a long time to make phone calls, not to mention mobile phone payment and online payment.

many old people have never been on the Internet and don't have a smartphone.

their understanding of mobile phones is still in the era when they can only make phone calls.

many people will buy one-step push-button mobile phones for their parents in order to get in touch with their parents.

but many parents learn it that day and forget it the next day.

sometimes you don't even remember how to open the lock.

as children, we should remember how our parents taught us to talk and eat over and over again.

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now that they are old, we need to be patient to teach them to call.

they are very forgetful, but they are also trying to keep up with you.

in our eyes, convenience and quickness are the helplessness and despair that hit a brick wall everywhere.

behind all the old people referred to by thousands of people, there is actually the absence of their children.

sometimes, it is not this era that abandons them, but as children, we reject our parents thousands of miles away.


I don't know when to start:

parents, who were omnipotent, began to become confused and submissive. They began to look at your face, worried that you would dislike them, and even began to please you.

you think you have grown up, but your parents are getting old.

Hu Shi once wrote in his book: "the most disgusting thing in the world is an angry face, which is worse than beating and scolding."

Yes, your parents taught you patiently and took good care of you when you were young, and they didn't want you to suffer any grievances.

but when parents are old, what they get is the abandonment of the times and the dislike of their children.

when my father went out during the epidemic, he would not be turned away with his health code. He asked me when he got home.

I taught him how to use it before, but he forgot, so I taught him again.

after teaching, I went back to my room, not long after.The father knocked on the door again and asked in a low voice, "how did you operate the second step?"

when I was having fun playing with my cell phone, I said impatiently, "didn't I just teach you?" Why not? "

as soon as I uttered the words, I regretted it. When I tried to teach him again, I saw him turn around and leave a little lost.

then I heard the father whisper to the mother, "the child is busy, don't disturb him, let's study it ourselves."

at the moment, I threw away my phone, feeling very remorseful.

Yu Dan once said in a lecture: it is the easiest for children to buy a house and a car for their parents when they grow up, but the hardest thing to do is not to give their parents a look!

as the old saying goes, "when we are old, we care for the old; when we are young, we care for the young."

in fact, parents need more patient company than enjoyment in life.

A little bit of impatience we show will deeply hurt our parents' hearts.

No matter when, no matter how high our status is, don't hurt our parents.

the person who did his best to protect you when he was young gradually began to be at a loss about you.

the person who was indomitable for you when he was young gradually became estranged from the times.

and as a child, the biggest failure is to let your parents be careful in front of you.

Please be more patient and accompany your parents. They are really old. We should give them a little more help and love from the bottom of our hearts, be kind to them and make them feel really happy.


the kindness of upbringing is greater than that of heaven, and filial piety comes first.

the kindness of our parents is unforgettable in this life. as we grow up, our parents really begin to grow old.

but when did parents get old?

from the time when we were refused to buy vegetables with cash; when we never used smartphone shopping; when we never used taxi-hailing apps to travel; from when we only played with our phones and ignored them.

when people live a lifetime, home is where their parents are.

as children, the biggest illusion is that parents will stay with them for a long time.

later found out, lost only in an instant, you will find that there are still a lot of promises unfulfilled, there are still a lot of things undone.

parents are gone.

the luckiest thing for a person is that when you call Mom and Dad, someone will respond to you.

so please don't pretend you can't see your parents' care, let alone take their obedience for granted.

they need you, but they are more afraid of our dislike. In such a fast-growing society, they will worry that they will become a burden to us.

at this time, accepting them and walking into them is the most important thing we should do.