Forget! (worth reading)

Forget! (worth reading)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say:

I think so. Just like this picture:

only by sweeping away unnecessary burdens and worries can we live a relaxed and comfortable life. From today on, try to be a "forgetful" person and not be tired by life.


forget your age and live a happy life

there is a question online: when is the best age in life?

there is an answer, which is very touching:

is now. The things of yesterday can not be traced, the things of the future cannot be expected, and only the present is the best.

at any time, being alive means possibility.

there will always be people who lament that life is too short and the years are ruthless.

but as long as we live, there are countless possibilities and countless happiness. the key lies in how we choose.

from the moment we came into this world, we have been standing in the long river of time. Aging is doomed, and no one can avoid it, but happiness is our choice. Forget the age, don't think about the bygone years, just do what you want to do, go the way you want to go, and see the people you want to see. All the happy things are worth trying.

as the saying goes: if the heart is young, the years are not old; if the heart is not old, happy to old!


forget troubles, live in

everyone's heart, there are more or less hidden things. Sometimes, it will be oppressed as if out of breath.

but in fact, there are many troubles in one's life, most of which never happen.

there was an experiment on annoyance:

experimenters were asked to write down all their "troubles" in the coming week and then put them into a designated "annoyance box".

for about three weeks, psychologists opened the "annoyance box" and asked all the experimenters to check each "worry" they had written down one by one.

it turns out that 90% of the troubles do not occur.

so the root of worry lies in the heart. Instead of asking for trouble, it is better to forget it.

to forget your troubles is to let yourself go. Remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, change what can be changed, accept what cannot be changed, and live freely and easily.

forget troubles, the mind can be liberated, the soul can be free, and the soul can live freely.


forget fame and fortune and live a comfortable life

I have seen a couplet:

upper couplet: sleeping until the second or third shift, all fame and fame will become an illusion

Lower couplet: think of a hundred years later, there will be no less long furniture in the whole life of the ancients

. After a hundred years, nothing can be taken away. What is there to dispute?

forgetting fame and wealth is not giving up, but indifferent.

not suffering from fame and fortune, can you really enjoy life and watch the flowers bloom and fall in a calm and comfortable manner.

in this life, the more you experience, the farther you go, the more you understand: the most important thing is to live a comfortable life.


forget the pain and live a comfortable life

the World Health Organization has shown that 90% of the world's diseases are related to emotion.

traditional Chinese medicine also says:

emotion is the root cause of most diseases. If you are in a bad mood, all health care is futile.

forget the pain, not give up treatment, but actively deal with it.

many facts have also proved that the better the mental state, the faster the recovery.

as the saying goes: people do not die of old age, not of illness, but of anger.

forget the pain, with a positive, optimistic attitude, live a comfortable, sunny life, is the best health.


forget sorrow and live through

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Li Bai once said:

in our lives, sadness always seems to be unavoidable and difficult to eliminate. But in fact, most of the time, we are just caught in the trap of sadness.

if we think of life as a journey, both the beginning and the end are predestined, and the only thing we can change is ourselves on the journey.

the scenery along the way is very beautiful. It is a pity to miss it, but it is more important to cherish it.

as Tagore said:

forgetting sorrow is self-liberation.

Don't worry about the past, don't worry about the rest of your life, you can live a transparent and beautiful life.


forget right and wrong, live a simple

forget right and wrong, not do not distinguish right from wrong, but rarely confused. I have read a story:

two people quarreled all day, one said 3 × 820, the other said 3 × 821, which could not be sued to the county government.

after hearing this, the county magistrate said, "drag the man of 3824 out to play 20 boards!"

24 of people are dissatisfied: "obviously he is stupid, why hit me?"

the county magistrate replied, "you can argue with people who are thirty-eight and twenty-one all day, and you still say that you are not stupid?" If you don't hit me, who will you hit? "

it is rare to be confused, that is, do not argue, do not quarrel, do not care, is a great realm of life.

indisputable, it is magnanimous; not noisy, it is tolerant; regardless of care, it is the pattern.

as the saying goes: the width of the heart is one inch, the width of the road is one inch. If the heart is not as wide as the sea, where is the calm?

Life is not easy. Try to live it simply.

Let go of unnecessary quarrels and right and wrong in order to live a simple, stable and peaceful life.

forgetfulness is the highest wisdom in life.

if the heart is too full, it is very difficult to hold new happiness.

learn to forget in order to live freely.