For the rest of your life, please stay away from the poor.

For the rest of your life, please stay away from the poor.

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as the saying goes, "if you are poor for a while, your heart will ruin your life."

it is true that a person who is in need of material needs will not worry about a way out if he makes more efforts. But if a person's spirit is barren and narrow-minded, he is doomed to find it difficult to turn around.

if money brings a chance to live, then inner prosperity enables people to find the meaning of living.

people live not only by the money in their pockets, but by their vision and wisdom.

in Uncle Fan's view, people with poor hearts all hide these characteristics. Is there such a person around you?


people with poor hearts think that I am weak and reasonable.

people with poor hearts always let themselves go as weak, but ask others to do things according to the standards of saints.

I have seen such a piece of news.

in Guangzhou, a nearly 60-year-old man climbed up a tree and secretly picked bayberry while playing in the scenic spot. As a result, he accidentally fell from the tree and died.

the family members were so angry that they demanded more than 600,000 yuan in compensation from the scenic spot. The reason is: who said your tree is too easy to climb!

you see, this is a person with a poor heart who is not ashamed of stealing, but blackmails others by virtue of his old age.

being kind to others is a code of conduct for the noble, not a shield for the vulgar to take advantage of others.

be sure to stay away from people with poor hearts, because they only have the ability to cause trouble, but they do not have the courage to take responsibility. They are full of negative energy and feel that they deserve special attention if they are weak, and if others are strong, they deserve to make more sacrifices.

I still remember that in the TV series "the first half of my Life", Luo Zijun intervened in the relationship between Tang Jing and her boyfriend.

her mother came to Tang Jing, saying that her daughter was far less beautiful and capable than her, and asked Tang Jing to let her boyfriend out for them.

Tang Jing countered: "my money and ability are all based on years of hard work. If your daughter wants to have a good life, she can think about how to rely on herself."

A person can have no money in his pocket, but he can't live cheaply. People with poor hearts despise themselves from the bottom of their hearts. they are unable to change the status quo, so they have no choice but to expect others to accommodate themselves.

be with someone who is rich in heart. They firmly believe that everything depends on themselves, knowing that gratitude is measured and worthy of deep acquaintance.

people with poor hearts lose the bottom line and lose their hearts, so please stay away as soon as possible.


people with poor hearts can't see others good

Lu Xun once said: "many people can't see others lead a good life. If they don't have it, they will hate it."

A man with a poor heart has a bad heart. Rather than fighting for their own happiness, they prefer to drag others into misfortune.

in 2018, graduate student Xie Diao was killed while having dinner with his high school classmate Zhou Kaixuan.

Zhou Kaixuan was originally a person with excellent grades, but he failed to be admitted to Tsinghua twice and was admitted to another school.

however, when he was in school, he was always addicted to the Internet, failed many times, and was canceled by the school.

he looked sad at the reunion, and Xie Diao kindly comforted him.

I had no idea, but Zhou Kaixuan took the other party's goodwill as a show off and held a grudge in his heart for two years.

two years later, under the pretext of asking Xie Diao for dinner, he had already prepared a knife and stabbed him.

people with poor hearts never think about trying to improve themselves, but are dissatisfied with why the good is not their turn, envy why others are superior to themselves, and do bad things behind their back.

in their logic, if you don't have a good life for yourself, don't think about it for others.

I agree with the saying: "just give off your own light, don't blow out other people's lights."

envy others is anger at one's own incompetence. Really strong people are willing to applaud the excellence of others, will not step on each other, but will only help each other.

I still remember that when the movie wandering the Earth was released, director Guo Fan wrote to thank two people who competed with him.

one is director Ning Hao, who directly lent him the props of his crew, and the other is director Han Han, who generously helped him with publicity on the Internet.

these three people have obvious competition of interests, but none of them maliciously slander each other, but encourage each other.

the last three films all got a good harvest of word-of-mouth and box office.

A person who is really strong is strong enough to never be afraid of the steps of others to catch up.

people with poor hearts are full of intrigue in their lives for fear that others will live a better life than themselves.

get too close to the poor, killing the mind and affecting the mood.


people with poor hearts love petty gains

Jose Mujica once said: "Real poverty is not those who have less, but those who need more."

netizens @ cherry blossoms have shared their stories.

she is a person who is very willing to dress up. Sometimes when relatives come to their house to see the clothes they like, even if they don't wear them once, she will give them away generously.

A few days ago, my sister-in-law came to her house and took away two or three new clothes that had not been opened, which amounted to more than 1,000 yuan.

everyone is related, and she doesn't care about the clothes she wears.

unexpectedly, the next day, my sister-in-law came to her with a pair of shabby trousers, saying that she didn't look good and wanted to give them to her.

she couldn't get rid of it, so she had to stay, but her sister-in-law's next move made her angry.

when her sister-in-law saw her take down her trousers, she unexpectedly asked her to transfer 20 yuan.

she was so surprised that she was no longer willing to give face to her sister-in-law and asked her to hurry up.Take your pants away.

there are many such people around us.

always excuse forgetting your wallet when eating;

never take the initiative to pay back money borrowed from others;

obviously you have to take a detour to give it away if you can take your own way.

such a person, even if you give him a golden mountain and silver mountain, he will not feel grateful, but will feel that you are weak and easy to bully.

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as the old saying goes, "people who are poor are three percent cold, and their hearts are poor and seven percent bitter."

frugality and taking advantage are two different things. One can be careful for his own life, but there is no reason to let others pay for your stupidity.

people with poor hearts lose not one or two dollars, but their long-term vision and ambition.

A really shrewd person will never lose face for the sake of petty gain.

Human feelings are too expensive to be wasted on people with a poor heart.


someone once asked, "what does a man with a rich heart look like?"

the answer with the highest praise is: don't look down on others when you are above others, and don't look down upon yourself when you are below others.

No matter in adversity or prosperity, they always live with temperature, know how to cheer for others, have attitude, and are willing to grit their teeth to fight for their own life.

the heart is rich, the life is rich, the heart is barren, and there is no cure.

May you stay away from the poor and choose the good for the rest of your life.