For the rest of my life, to myself

For the rest of my life, to myself

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life, you have to go your own way and understand your heart.

remember: reduce dependence, lower expectations, and maintain love.

the road will be more stable and the heart will not be so bitter.


the best way to love is to be affectionate but not dependent.

Don't expect anyone to accompany you to the end. You will be very sad when he is gone.

recently I watched the movie "Twelve Nights" starring Eason Chan and Cecilia Cheung, which is about the love track of a young man and woman.

from the beginning of falling in love with each other, anxiously looking forward to each date, to the later speechless choice to separate.

is a true portrayal of the feelings of many people in reality.

Cecilia Cheung, who has a stubborn desire for love, confirms "do you love me" to her boyfriend over and over again;

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her life after falling in love revolves around each other, and the other person is anxious without answering messages in a second;

in order to retain the relationship, she has changed from a proud goddess to a humble and flattering little girl;

even tracking her boyfriend's whereabouts.

however, in a trance for love, she said, "I don't need you to do this."

an almost suffocating relationship is like the love of many people-I love you, so I can't leave you and want your company all the time. I will do anything as long as I can keep you.

No one knows that pressing step by step will only be counterproductive.

I like what MiyazakiHayao said:

"Don't rely on a person easily, it will become your habit. When parting comes, what you lose is not someone, but the pillar of your spirit. Learn to walk on your own no matter when and where. It will make you walk more calmly."

when you really become your own support, you won't be at a loss because of who leaves.

good love should be affectionate but not entangled, attached but not dependent.

Liu Ruoying wrote a book called "I dare to be alone in your arms".

in her book, she described herself coming home from outside with her husband. After entering the door, she "parted ways", one to the left, the other to the right, and each went back to his study.

they live under the same roof, but they have their own private space. They rely on each other but never over-rely on or pester each other, but give each other plenty of personal space.

as written in Shu Ting's to the Oak Tree:

We share cold waves, thunder and thunder, and we share haze, haze and rainbows; we seem to be separated forever, but depend on each other for life.


if you lower your expectations, your troubles will be halved

I have seen a question: what is the fastest way to improve happiness?

A high praise replied: lower your expectations and don't take the kindness of others for granted, including the people closest to you.

indeed, most of the time our inner pain is because our desires are not satisfied.

more than once, and then again and again unsatisfied, unsatisfied, then began to resentment, anger and disappointment, and finally, became miserable.

but people cannot live without desire in the world, so we must learn to lower our expectations a little bit and put it in a place where we can often feel it.

in the Swordsman, Tong Xiangyu and Zhu Wuwu have a conversation like this:

Tong Xiangyu: woman, when can you be your own master?

wish unparalleled: what would you like to do if you were in charge?

Tong Xiangyu: then I'll let him peel an apple for me and feed it into my mouth.

Zhu unparalleled: is that all you ask?

Tong Xiangyu: you don't understand! Don't set your goal too high, or you will be disappointed.

unparalleled: if you don't have a goal, you won't be disappointed.

Tong Xiangyu: that's not interesting anymore!

indeed, it is frustrating to have no expectations, disappointing to expect too much, and happy to find a point that suits you and a goal that is within reach.

borrow a classic line from the bankrupt Sisters:

"you really need to calm down." You always break down easily, just because heaven does not follow the will of the people, and things do not follow your heart.

that's the way life is. Don't always expect too much. "

sometimes you don't have high expectations, but the surprises you get will make you feel happy.

the best way to be happy in life is to live in the present and be content.


running in love, happiness will embrace you

Han Han once said: "the life I understand is to be with everything I love."

Love is a passion for something that remains constant for years, and it is the refuge of our mediocre life.

A rural man named "Uncle Shoushan" is an ordinary person with a Mediterranean comb, a beard and a smile.

in the village, he lives by raising chickens and is busy living day and night.

Uncle has not read any books, but he has a special fondness for singing and ancient poetry.