Ferry people, hearts, and oneself

Ferry people, hearts, and oneself

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the Ferry Man once asked such a sentence: "if fate is a lonely river, who will be the ferry of your soul?"

think about it, living is like sailing against the current. We are not only people who want to cross the river, but also people who ferry for ourselves.

all our lives, we spend our lives crossing people, hearts, and ourselves.


it turns out that the old man is a tramp. Some time ago, the shopkeeper saw that his life was really hard, so he invited him to a hot meal.

the old man has no means, so he can only keep the kindness of this meal in mind and always think about return.

and that peach is also the most valuable and precious thing that the old man can think of.

the shopkeeper, worried that the old man could not fill his stomach, said he would not accept anything. The old man said stubbornly, "this is for children. I don't want it."

after the old man left, the shopkeeper had a lot of feelings in his heart and posted the monitoring online.

it wasn't long before the old man's family contacted him.

in fact, the old man is not a tramp at all, and the whole family went crazy in the months when he got lost.

fortunately, I saw the video sent by the shopkeeper, so that the family could be reunited.

now, the old man has finally ended his wandering life, and the shopkeeper has been praised by the whole network for his good deeds, and the business is getting better and better.

so you see, aren't people crossing themselves?

the good cause you planted will one day bear good fruit to protect yourself.

there is a good saying: "I know the world, but I still feel sorry for the grass and trees."

the so-called "crossing people" means to always maintain a considerate and tolerant heart in a complex world.

each of us will encounter a storm that people can't avoid in our whole life. Don't forget those who have helped you, and hope you can be the one who holds an umbrella for others.


it's the best way to live.

there is a classic line in the movie Farewell my Concubine: "Man, you have to be on your own."

I believe you have also found that the hardest thing in our lives to control is our hearts.

when you see the glorious lives of others, you will doubt your present self. Obviously, it has been a long time ago, but you can't let it go.

in fact, the smartest way to be a man is not to compete with yourself.

I still remember that in the Swordsman, Tong Xiangyu always complained: "I was wrong. I was really wrong. I shouldn't have married in the first place. If I hadn't married, my husband would not have died."... "

then Bai Zhantang asked her, "you think life is hard now, don't you?"

Tong Xiangyu said that suffering is not bitter, but rather happy, that is, I feel tired.

Bai Zhantang said that if you feel tired, you can go back to being a young lady now.

but Tong Xiangyu began to struggle again: "how bitter it is. There is no freedom at all."

Bai Zhantang only said at last: "Xiangyu, this is the way life is. You have to choose between bitterness and tiredness. How can you take all the good things by yourself?"

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Life is always bittersweet, people should learn to free their hearts, rich and expensive life is very good, firewood, rice, oil and salt is also good.

of course, people don't go well all the time, but they can't work hard all the time.

to live is to live in a good state of mind. People should not only have the ability to afford it, but also the courage to let go.

what is at present is the best, and cherish what you have. Only in this way can you be content.

as the saying goes, "take a bath, look at a flower, eat a meal, if you feel happy, it is not all because the bath is clean, the flowers bloom well, or the dishes are to your taste, mainly because there is nothing on your mind."

people are alive, not imagined. When you let go of your worries, you fulfill yourself.


crossing oneself is the highest level

A few years ago, Jia Ling just graduated from college and planned to gain a foothold in Beijing with a warm heart.

but reality keeps slapping her in the face.

because she is poor, she is forced to live in a basement, the house is pitifully small. Jia Ling said that when the dog went in, it could only wag its tail up and down.

in the middle of winter, she was reluctant to turn on the heat, spread a few layers of newspaper on the quilt and fell asleep.

but there is not so much empathy in the world. For Jia Ling, who has no fame at all, a lot of suffering can only be endured slowly by herself.

on one occasion, she worked passionately on the production team, but was publicly humiliated by the director.

"Why does this girl look like a pig? stop talking!"

Jia Ling knows full well that it is useless to complain. If you want others to take yourself seriously, you must think highly of yourself.

she still clings to her dream, working hard for it day after day, always laughing at the oncoming ridicule.

it turns out that the sweat was not in vain, and she finally got through.

after becoming famous, recalling her past life, Jia Ling said, "when we climb to the top and look back at the so-called difficulties, it's no big deal." Because of what you have suffered, God has returned it to you. "

Don't underestimate those who come out generously from the wind and rain, because they not only overcome suffering, but also conquer themselves.

As Chai Jing wrote in the book: "behind every relaxed smile is a soul who once clenched his teeth."

there is no road in vain in life. All successes have to be experienced.

everything is bitter, but you have to cross it by yourself. when you walk through thorns, you will find that your heart is already in full bloom.


every step you take forward has its own destiny.

the people you meet teach you love and tolerance, and the things you experience bring the fullness of your heart.

May you accept yourself, be lenient to others, meet with beauty unexpectedly, and cross your heart as well as yourself.