Ferry (good text in depth)

Ferry (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Human joys and sorrows are not the same.

I have read a story about two fat and thin monks going down the mountain together.

on the way, a mosquito landed on a thin monk. He was so thin and itchy that he was about to beat the mosquito to death when the fat monk said, "A monk cannot kill anything."

when the skinny monk heard this, he gave it up and had to endure it all the way.

soon there was a mosquito on the fat monk, and I didn't wait for the thin monk to stop it.

as soon as the fat monk's hand was raised and dropped, the mosquito died, leaving the thin monk dumbfounded.

aren't most of us the fat monks?

I advise you to be magnanimous, to be happy, and to forgive, but if mosquitoes don't bite you, you never know how uncomfortable it is.

people spend a lot of their lives walking alone.

countless thoughts can only be buried in the deepest heart, can not cross the heart river, can not go to the other side.

is also like what is sung in the lyrics:

our hearts grow on ourselves, ups and downs, and we only have to taste it ourselves and ask others to understand how you feel. It is a waste of time to shout no matter how loud we are.

because you are the only one who can really understand you.

this reminds me of a variety show, when Ma Weiwei mentioned that she was sad because of depression, Gao Xiaosong said:

then Cai Kangyong refuted him:

but in life, true empathy and empathy are so rare.

more often, it is just like a fish drinking water, knowing whether it is cold or warm.

but we always have to go through a period of unattended days alone before we can meet the flowers and applause.

even if you want to escape today, you still have to muster up all the courage to face it before the sun rises tomorrow.


loneliness is the norm of life

Maugham wrote in the Moon and Sixpence:

Shi Tiesheng was paralyzed in those years, he simply could not accept this fact.

I even spent hours thinking about death and why I was born.

at that time, he lived in the innermost part of a courtyard in Beijing Hutong. from the gate to the door, the wheelchair had to walk through dozens of meters of rugged dirt road. if he was not careful, the wheelchair would overturn.

the wheelchair turned over, and Shi Tiesheng didn't like to shout, so he sat on the ground and picked up the wheelchair first, and then pushed himself up with his arms.

such a man struggled with life for several years, and then he finally figured it out:

playwright Ibsen said: the strongest man in the world is the one who stands alone on his own.

maybe there is the most painful year in everyone's life; maybe everyone becomes depressed by running day after day.

but if you change your posture, you will find that even if you are in a desperate situation, there will be unexpected scenery around you.

as long as there is light in the heart, even in the dark, you can see the direction of the road ahead.

A Yu sings in the song "your answer":

Yes, when you can't hold on, grit your teeth and stick to it. Looking back, you've come a long way and stopped. All the efforts came to an abrupt end.

isn't God's help without help, and is it impossible for others to help?

before reaching the light, you must go through the darkness; through loneliness, you can hold the stars and the sea in your heart.


the world of adults is a world of joys and sorrows

Yang Jiang said in her speech on the 100th birthday:

Get set to buy a stunning plus size champagne wedding dress and be the centre of attention. Our large collections of collections are second to none.

it is precisely because it is bitter enough that we have to wait, so we have to put up with it. Only when the ordeal is defeated will happiness come uninvited.

but regardless of success or failure, never expect anyone to be your savior on this journey of life.

every adult should be his own silent ferryman.

when Bellich, chairman of Mobil Oil, visited the work, he saw a young man kowtowing piously while he was working.

Berridge was surprised and asked him why he did it.

the boy replied:

Berridge smiled and said:

since he is a saint, the young man said he would like to visit.

Berridge told him that the saint lived on a famous mountain nearby and could find him by climbing it.

after thanking Belic, the young man hit the road.

he finally climbed the mountain after cutting through all the difficulties and sleeping in the open. However, he wandered around the top of the mountain all day and didn't meet anyone.

the boy was so disappointed that he went back to the chairman of the board.

Berridge said:

20 years later, the young man became the general manager of Mobil Oil's Cape Town branch. When asked by many reporters about his legendary life, he said:

as the saying goes: relying on others is fake, and you have to climb when you fall.

there are many hardships in life, which can only be overcome by self-crossing.

the more bitter the day, the more sugar should be added to make it look sweeter.

I like the lyrics of "your answer" very much:

A long journey of life, there are years of peace and stability, as well as vagrancy, eating and sleeping.

No one is born a hero. They all rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength after experiencing despair and hardship.

the really strong is not those who do not have tears, but those who still run with tears.

as Xi Murong said:

Please believe that you can be more powerful than you think.

May all your sufferings and sorrows turn intoThe seed of happiness;

May you live thoroughly and walk freely and easily at any time;

May you always be true to yourself, open-minded and beautiful, warm and pure, and all the way to the sun.