Father's pattern, mother's mood, is the best fengshui of a family.

Father's pattern, mother's mood, is the best fengshui of a family.

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there is a vivid analogy: if the father is a pen and the mother is paper, then the child is a painting.

A family is jointly run by father and mother, and how children grow and develop is also closely related to their parents.

the pattern of the father guides the direction of the family, while the mother's mood creates a harmonious atmosphere of the family.

Emerson has a famous saying: "Family is father's land, mother's world, children's paradise."

the father's pattern and the mother's mood often determine the fengshui and temperature of a home.


the ancients said, "parents' love for their children is far-reaching."

Father, as the most important man on the way of his child's growth, his pattern and vision have a profound impact on the child's long-term development.

the story of "hurt Zhongyong" is regrettable. If the father is short-sighted, does not want to make progress, and only focuses on small profits, then no matter how much talent the child has, he will eventually be reduced to mediocrity.

the father has a big pattern, broadens his vision, sets the sail for the child's life direction, and points out the right way, so that the child can go more smoothly and further.

Ye Shengtao once said, "the four talented women of the Zhang family in Jiuru Xiang, whoever marries them will be happy all their lives."

as a matter of fact, the four sisters of the Zhang family are talented and virtuous. they are married to Gu Chuanyu, a famous celebrity, Zhou Youguang, a famous linguist and philologist, Shen Congwen, a famous writer, and Fu Hansi, a famous sinologist.

in fact, the Zhang family not only has a daughter, but also has six sons, all of whom are outstanding and well-versed in Chinese and Western learning....

behind the success of all ten children, there is a good father-the well-known educator Zhang Wuling.

Zhang Wuling has always been enlightened in running his family, and the pattern of education is particularly broad.

take interests and hobbies as an example. Zhang Wuling is not like many parents who blindly instill their children with their will, let alone force their children to learn anything.

on the contrary, he gives his children great freedom of development and room for personality growth.

for example, children can go in and out freely anywhere in the home; children can read their father's most cherished books at will and never restrict them.

but after stocking and restocking, Zhang Wuling will give his own advice:

for example, although he never interferes with the teacher's specific teaching, he will select excellent ancient prose from books such as Literary selections, Historical Records, and Mencius and let his children read it.

in addition, whenever Zhang Wuling has time, he will take his children to listen to the excellent traditional art-Kunqu Opera.

along the way, the sons and daughters of the Zhang family have a wide range of interests and are good at each, but they all love reading and Kunqu opera, thus developing an elegant interest, which is inseparable from the educational pattern and broad horizons of their father Zhang Wuling.

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as Zeng Guofan said, "for those who seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

fathers can not leave their children with a wealth of wealth, but they must not control their children in a narrow field of vision and kill countless possibilities just because they are short-sighted.

the pattern of a father is the real estate of a family, a precious spiritual nutrient, and the sail of a child to the stars and sea.


the mood of the mother determines the temperature of the family

if the father plays the role of the helmsman in the family, then the mother is the regulator of the family.

if the mother of a family sighs and frowns all day long, the family will be lifeless and lifeless;

and when the mother of a family smiles and dresses up, the family will also be full of vitality and endless laughter.

Ms. Hong Lan, a doctor of psychology and brain expert in Taiwan, has made a research report on the brain of men and women. Her conclusion is:

the emotional energy of women far exceeds that of men, and the mother is the soul of the family. Mother is happy, the whole family is happy, the mother is anxious and the whole family is anxious.

the mood of the mother affects the atmosphere of the whole family and the character trend of the child.

Hu Shi once described his mother in this way: "my mother is magnanimous and good-natured. She is the kindest and gentlest to others. She has never said a word that hurts people's feelings."

Hu Shi's sister-in-law is not sensible and the second sister-in-law is small, but Hu Shi's mother never quarreled with her two sisters-in-law.

Hu Shi recalled, "they often quarreled with each other, just because of my mother's friendly example, they never openly scolded and fought each other."

"if I can learn a little bit of good temper, if I can learn a little bit of kindness in dealing with others, if I can forgive and be considerate-- I have to thank my loving mother."

the warmth of a home not only comes from material security, but also depends on the temperament of parents. Only when emotions are well managed can children set an example.

A home is warm because of having a mother, tolerant because of having a mother, and constantly upward because of having a mother reunited tightly together.

A mother's good temper is the most precious wealth in the family.


as the first sentence said, "the family is the father's land, the mother's world, and the children's paradise."

there is no absolutely perfect family in the world, but a broad-minded father and a kind and gentle mother

can create a family atmosphere full of love and laughter for their children. and lead the family to a future full of infinite possibilities and hopes.