Exercise can cure everything.

Exercise can cure everything.

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Tokyo Olympic Games are over.

the result of 38 gold medals, 32 silver medals and 18 bronze medals of the national team makes us feel the strength of our motherland.

but the athletes who returned home for quarantine have never been idle.

trampoline champion Zhu Xueying took yoga mat and yoga ball with her, and even built a mini trampoline beside the bed. I have to say, she is really the champion.

weightlifting champion Li Fabin practiced handstands with just two boxes of water, as if he were in the gym.

Wang Shun, who won the 200m medley, squatted and stood up without any equipment.

as long as people who really want to exercise, not to mention no venue, no equipment, is the most difficult isolation period, still does not hinder.

No wonder netizens commented: "in the future, my excuse for not exercising at home is gone."

We have known for a long time that most of the time we are tired, stressed and have headaches, which is just an excuse and has nothing to do with the exercise itself.

the hardest part of exercise is not the process of doing it, but the decision to do it.

when you really start exercising, you will find that it is too cured!


exercise is tired, not exercising is more tiring.

there is a way to play mobile phone while exercising on the front net:

you can lie on your stomach, lie down, and be paralyzed in all kinds of postures. Just move your legs and look relaxed.

but people who have really tried say this:

"if you move twice, you don't want to move. You want to play with your phone quietly."

"once I lie in bed, I really don't want to move."

"and raise your cell phone, your arms are too tired."

steady exercise does not take much time or trouble. On the contrary, the more you want to be lazy and the less you want to move, the harder it will be to move in the future.

sometimes, tiredness is not the amount of activity, maybe it's doing nothing.

sometimes, you don't lie down because you are tired, but you get tired when you lie down.

exhaustion and burnout have become a modern disease.

I saw a post: "what is the experience of exercising for an hour every day?"

the main answer is that he goes to work normally every day, and he is unspeakably tired, even when he goes home.

he is more introverted. He can sit for half a day either by going to the bookstore, playing games or having dinner once in a while.

but his physical foundation is already weak, coupled with high-intensity work, it is almost impossible to deal with it easily.

until he made up his mind and made an exercise plan for himself.

exercise flat plate lying push, pull back, leg flexion and extension.

among them, there is a movement called dumbbell flying bird, which needs to lie on a stool, step on the floor with both feet on the floor, and reach out with dumbbells in both hands.

he held on for 10 months, lost the fat, had abdominal muscles, and the whole person changed.

the diet is becoming more and more regular, and when I come home every day, my face is no longer tired.

when I started exercising, I found that it was nothing more than the things that had made him extremely tired. Apart from work, I could do what I like and fall in love, and I could do a lot.

used to say that if you don't die, you won't die, and if you don't shout, you won't be tired. Only later did you find that those tired reactions are your true physical state.

physical strength is enough, and you won't be tired for long.

Don't stop until you like sports.

when you feel the pleasure of exercise, you don't want to stop, especially when you taste the sweetness.

after all, this is the best way to relax.


exercise is the best way for the brain to relax

people who exercise for a long time. It is easy to experience that the brain has become clear.

this is not a coincidence, but a necessity.

A study in the United States shows that

middle-aged people do 75 minutes of medium-and high-intensity exercise every week, which is very effective in promoting brain health and maintaining brain structure.

in the elderly, the risk of cerebral infarction will be greatly reduced. The most immediate benefit of

is that things go more smoothly.

We now receive so much information every day that it is difficult for the brain to digest.

I can't concentrate when I read a book. I don't want to cross out when I watch a short video for 3 seconds, not to mention what I really encounter. I need to think deeply.

the brain is like every part of the body. If you use it too hard at one time, it will strike.

in constant movement, it will also become stronger.

actress Tao Hong accidentally entered the show business at the age of 22. After filming a play, he was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama with full marks. She is the first student to get a full mark in Chinese opera.

before the age of 30, she became the queen of the Golden Rooster Award and the Huabiao Award.

when she retired, she was silent. "Little Joy" became popular again two years ago, and even Huang Bo praised her: "she is a very smart person."

she was on the synchronized swimming team when she was very young. Even if she retired as an actress, she often practiced water yoga. Pilates, morning running, never stopped.

after exercise, everything is easy to do.

if you think it's not enough, you can take a look at Academician Zhong Nanshan, now 85, who fought on the front line of the epidemic when the Delta virus spread.

he fought against SARS at the age of 67 and studied COVID-19 in the past two years.

all these years, he has either treated people or is on his way to cure them.

he also exercises three times a week for decades to make his brain run at a high speed.

even when he is on a business trip, he will wear a puller and do some simple exercise. There are dumbbells and treadmills at home, everything.

there are no simple-minded, well-developed, truly intelligent people in the world, and their limbs are by no means simple.

envy the excellence of others, envy the ease of others, but do not realize that kung fu is behind it.

living soberly and working clearly, it is in exercise that makes a strong mind.

the sports you do now will have surprises waiting for you in the future.


your state of mind determines your state

A person is physically tired, can rest, brain is tired, can relax, and is most afraid of mental fatigue.

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your state of mind directly determines your state.

Psychology has long been studied, and people who exercise regularly are much less likely to suffer from depression.

for everyone who works hard, the state of mind is something that can be adjusted.

some netizens have shared her experience when she lost her job, and a trifle can collapse.

A colleague who pushed her out everywhere before leaving her job was promoted to a leader. She was treated as an idiot and had a particularly unpleasant time before she left.

she was depressed for a time, didn't look for a job, and was too scared to sleep at night, so she had to turn on the light.

occasionally drink with friends, come back and stare at the ceiling all night, self-doubt over and over again.

at that time, there was a workplace Reality Show on TV. in the camera, the boy asked the leader, "am I really no good?"

she sat on the sofa and burst into tears.

it's really hard to start exercising. She plucks up the courage to run downstairs, climbs back and forth with fat, gasps for breath after a while, and often feels depressed.

slowly, she began to adapt, increased the amount of exercise, and went to the gym to practice.

she finally came out of the emotional black hole, could meditate on her own, could find something to do, and began to enjoy the loneliness of doing nothing every minute.

even her diet became regular, and she began to cook rich meals for herself, reward herself, and began to appreciate every good weather.

when she is alone, she is also in the mood to read books and movies, and often makes videos to record her life. She also bought a full set of review materials, always wanted to take the business English certificate, and finally had time to read it carefully.

when you are at a low ebb, you have to cross it by yourself.

do happy things, change the angle to think, this is the surface, the most direct, but also rely on exercise.

exercise produces dopamine that can help you.

exercise dripping sweat, or the same dilemma, but you unconsciously completed the adjustment.

you don't have to force yourself to laugh, but you smile unconsciously.

Fashion blogger @ Yangyangzi said that every day she was asked how she persisted in signing in sports, but in her opinion, only those she didn't like needed to stick to it.

exercise is just like eating and sleeping, or even more enjoyable.

with the good mood gained in sports, even all kinds of unhappiness in life can be swept away.


your body is the beginning of everything.

before we go to the gym, there are always countless hesitations: "it's raining, it's too hot, I work overtime today, I have dinner tonight, I have trouble changing sportswear, and the equipment is not ready yet."... "

but if you ask people who exercise a lot, they have only one sentence: "put on your running shoes and go."

exercise is not supposed to be an ordeal.

when sweat flows down, you cure all tiredness, and your body, mind and mood are slowly getting better.

exercise is the investment with the highest rate of return and will not regret it.

because when you fall in love with sports, happiness will favor you.