Don't think too much, don't stay up too late, don't love too much.

Don't think too much, don't stay up too late, don't love too much.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there may be all kinds of troubles in everyone's life.

in fact, most of the pain and sorrow are given to yourself.

when you learn to let go of too much worry, too much entanglement, and even too much persistence, you can live more freely and happily.


Don't think too much

many moments, what makes us unhappy is not that we really encounter any troubles and difficulties, but that we always like to consume ourselves.

before something happens, we begin to worry and worry, and before a result comes out, we begin to imagine all kinds of bad possibilities and misfortunes.

slowly you will understand that the greatest failure in life is not the experience of failure, but the fear of failure. The greatest difficulty in life is not to encounter difficulties, but to avoid them.

A lot of people, you have to face it. There are a lot of things you should solve, you have to solve. A lot of pressure, you should bear, you have to bear.

most of the time, our wishful thinking is not only asking for trouble, but also invisibly adding unnecessary pain and suffering to ourselves.

because you want more, not only will not bring any turnaround and change, but also put yourself into negative emotions, affecting your state of mind and state of dealing with problems.

there is a saying: "people, do not think too much, think too much, people suffer; heart, can not pretend too much, pretend too much heart collapse."

keep a peaceful heart. If you are wrong, you will be wrong. Don't overdo it and don't think too much about it. What's more, don't put your heart like a trash can, holding too many unimportant things.

No matter small or big, it is not a matter in front of life and death.

Life is too short to learn to be calm, but also to be bearish.


Don't stay up too late

maybe everyone has a moment like this.

during the day, you hide all your emotions from the bottom of your heart. But when night comes, a lot of unhappiness will pour out.

sometimes you say you have insomnia because of inner frustration.

sometimes, when you say you can't sleep, you actually have stones and hurdles in your heart that you can't put down.

sometimes you say you're not sleepy, but you don't want to face the stress and burden that you can see when you open your eyes the next day.

often stay up late, it will not only damage the body, but also affect the mental state of the next day, and there is no help or improvement for the troubles and difficulties encountered.

writer Sanmao once said, "Today's things are done wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, and do their best. No matter what the results are, they should go to bed happily."

sometimes, only by getting a good night's sleep can you have good energy and strength to face greater setbacks and difficulties, and only by resting earlier can you better heal and relax yourself.

Don't mess with sleep, let alone yourself. You have to believe that everything will pass.

No one can solve all the problems by staying up late at night. No one can get rid of all the burdens that should be carried by staying up late.

you should always remember that the sun will always rise tomorrow.

No matter how unsatisfactory life is today, love and be kind to yourself.


Don't love too much

in a relationship, we are often desperate to give everything for others.

in fact, no matter how much you love someone, you can only give seven points and at least three points to love yourself.

if you hold the sand too tightly, the faster it will be lost. If a person hugs too tightly, the faster he will walk.

as a saying goes, "if the water is too full, it will overflow; if the bow is too full, it will break; if love is too full, things will turn to the extreme."

sometimes, being nice to others unconditionally is not only easy to get tired of others, but also a great harm to yourself.

when getting along with each other is too full, and there is no gap, it will make both sides feel depressed and suffocated.

when going is always one-way, maybe you should consider giving up at the right time. After all, people who don't love you don't love you no matter how much they give.

True love is not meant to please.

from the bottom of my heart, you can't force it.

learn to divide the time and thoughts of loving others, and practice yourself.

when you become good, you will naturally attract people who are equally good, instead of trying to retain people who don't think you are good enough by giving to others.

when you learn to be independent, you can attract people who are equally independent instead of relying on anyone materially or spiritually.

when you learn to love yourself, others will care more about you, because no one will love someone you don't even love.


everyone's life is not easy.

Don't torture yourself for the sake of unimportant people or things.

Don't think about it, don't think much about it.

when it's time to sleep, go to sleep, and when it's time to let go, let go.

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when you balance your mind, you balance your life.

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