Don't take your ruler to measure other people's lives.

Don't take your ruler to measure other people's lives.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


A new pedicure house has been opened in front of my building, and business is booming.

the staff in the store are a family: the old couple, daughter, son-in-law, son and daughter-in-law, all have a pedicure.

some people are surprised. First, the epidemic has just improved, and on the other hand, it has just opened. How can there be so many customers? So the gossip spread.

some people say:

others say that parents don't let their children go out to work and hold other people's feet all day long.

I've had a pedicure a few times and learned something about it.

the reason why business is good is that most of the people who come here are regular customers, and the pedicure house has just moved from the north of the bridge to the south of the bridge.

and after notifying regular customers one by one before moving, people who are familiar with them will naturally follow.

besides, everyone in the store is very enthusiastic and conscientious.

from foot soaking and massage to pedicure, every process is done solidly, and even if someone waits for someone to urge them, they will not shorten the time and rush to work.

this kind of service quality, business is good as a matter of course.

when I go to have a pedicure, I always designate the daughter of this family. I asked her:

she said she was never bored, the wind could not blow, the sun could not be exposed, and there was no happier job than a pedicure.

it is much better for a family to be together, to take care of each other and to take care of the children every day than to go out to work.

people, there is always prejudice and arrogance, and they always like to measure others by the ruler of their own heart.

in fact, just like your own abdominal pain that others cannot understand, you may never understand other people's happiness.

is there any one-size-fits-all standard of happiness in the world?

you feel bad about pedicure because your standard of happiness lies elsewhere.

some people are happy to read books, some people are happy to play football, some people are happy to fish by the river, some people think that a stable career is happiness, and some people think that starting a business is happiness.

only they know whether everyone is happy or not.


A psychologist did an experiment in a publishing house: each editor was asked to plan the most influential topic.

editors who are studying for their second degree choose the topic "how to write a graduation thesis";

female editors who are going to send their children to kindergarten are entitled "Preschool Education Series";

an editor in marital predicament chooses "getting out of marital predicament";

and a chess-loving editor chooses "Master Chess path Analysis".

from this experiment, it is not difficult to see that

everyone likes to think about what others need from their own standpoint.

all over the world, everyone has their own unique attributes.

many people do not see the difference and are accustomed to throwing their likes and dislikes, aesthetics and values into others. If they conform to the projection of their characteristics, they think it is good.

on the contrary, it feels wrong.

Li Shutong, a famous musician, art educator, calligrapher and drama activist, from prosperity to shaving, is an unwise decision in the eyes of many people.

No one knows that this kind of serenity is precisely the state of complete self-sufficiency he wants.

people think that Jia Yuanchun is the most blessed in A Dream of Red Mansions, but she says, "send me to a place where I can't see anyone on that day." she doesn't enjoy court life.

in her eyes, born in a small family, flesh and blood reunion, the whole family making dumplings is happier.

you don't understand other people's happiness, and you may not understand other people's difficulties.

so put away your ruler and don't judge others.

Don't think that other people's seclusion is unfortunate just because you are obsessed with lively and prosperous life.


there is a classic movie line:

"some people are born to sit leisurely by the river;

some people are struck by lightning; some people are artists;

some people know buttons; some people are dancers."

all things in nature have their own seasons and beauty;

people, too, have their own unique texture and direction.

after all, everyone is different.

you are in your world, I am on my planet, and no one gets in the way.

you must have seen the fable of father and son riding a donkey:

father riding donkey, people say that this father is cruel;

son riding donkey, people say that this son is unfilial;

father and son ride donkey together, and people say that the two men are really ruthless and the donkey is pitiful;

finally, father and son simply walk, and people say they are stupid.

everyone's mouth is a ruler, so that father and son stay on the road, not knowing what to do with themselves and the donkey.

in this world, there has never been a ruler with all the energy of life.

your hobby is not him.Your values are not his either.

Don't take your ruler as a sharp weapon to judge others wantonly;

Don't use your ruler as an excuse to interfere with others; let alone your ruler as an excuse to hurt others.

there is a lot of space and a lot of ways to live, and we only have the right to live our own lives.

your ruler can only be used to define yourself;

other people's rulers can only define themselves.

Don't take your own ruler to measure other people's lives, and don't let other people's rulers affect your own life.

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