Don't live in other people's eyes, don't live in your own emotions.

Don't live in other people's eyes, don't live in your own emotions.

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once upon a time there was a little Taoist boy who was chubby and a little stupid, so his brothers called him "steamed bread".

one day, a naughty brother drew a little turtle on the face of steamed bread and hid his mirror.

after waking up, steamed buns walked out the door unknowingly and saw the appearance of steamed buns. Many Taoist monks could not help laughing.

the old Taoist called the steamed bread into his room and asked:

the steamed bread replied:

after listening, the old Taoist affectionately touched the steamed bread and wiped the graffiti off his face.

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the truest and happiest self is in your own heart, not in the eyes of others.


Smart people never live in the eyes of others

A person's life should never be determined by the evaluation of others.

all over the world, everyone has his own most beautiful posture. Life is not a classroom quiz. Every way of life is the standard answer.

Life is not about sketching. We don't need to spend our energy to depict the appearance of others.

Huizi once said to Zhuangzi, "Zi is not a fish to know the joy of fish."

only we know whether the shoes fit, and only we know whether life is happy or not.

other people's tongues belong to others, and our lives should belong to ourselves.

most of us envy others sometimes. Do not realize that other people's lives look more beautiful, but we are not in it.

the life of celebrities has little privacy, and the life of the rich needs to guard against evil thieves with ulterior motives. Everyone's life has its own difficulties.

this is exactly what Chuang Tzu said:

everyone's life is precious and short. If it is all used to please others, isn't it a tragedy?

Li and Xuedove laughed at Kunpeng because they could not understand the sea of stars in Kunpeng's heart.

Zhuangzi would rather drag his tail than pay homage to the Prime Minister in the State of Chu, precisely because he did not want to give up his life and yield to the secular tongue.

A truly wise man will never let himself live in the eyes of others, but follow his heart and live for himself.


wise people will never live in emotion

there is a good saying in "not happy with things, not sad with yourself" in the Story of Yueyang Tower.

there are joys and sorrows in the world, and people naturally have joys and sorrows. It is a sign of wisdom for human beings to have emotions, but it is the stupidest thing to let themselves live in emotions.

it's a big taboo in life that you can't control your emotions.

when you get a little blow, you give up, you get a little affirmation, you get carried away, your anger goes on a rampage, and you feel sad without scruples.

this kind of person is not a strong man, but a slave to emotion.

there is such a story in Zhuangzi:

A boatman ferries across the river. when the boat is in the middle of the river, another boat suddenly collides.

during the panic, the boatman was frightened and immediately cursed, but when the ship approached, he found that it was an empty ship.

seeing that there was no one on board, the boatman stopped cursing and roared with laughter.

most of the time, our emotions are like this empty ship, and it is precisely because there is no control of the boatman that we will run rampant on the river and hurt others.

only the weak will let their emotions drift like this broken ship, while the strong will adjust their emotions and be the masters of their emotions.

days are for ourselves. The more others criticize our lives, the better we will manage our days.

the past has become a memory, the future has not yet come, only the present belongs to us.

Don't beat your chest because of loss, and don't feel anxious because of the unknown. Cherish the present is the essence of life.

to live, you never need to live in the eyes of others, let alone in your own emotions.