Don't live a life of discount (very classic)

Don't live a life of discount (very classic)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when Tao Yuanming wrote the poem "picking wild flowers by the fence and accidentally seeing Nanshan", I don't know how many people were attracted by the leisurely and leisurely life.

however, people who work hard on paperwork seldom understand the simple and worry-free happiness.

the strong scent of flowers needs to be felt with the nose, and a happy life should be understood with the heart.

when you forget to enjoy life, beauty passes you by.

Life without fun is being discounted.


worry about the future, ignore the present, and give life a 10% discount

not long ago, I saw a survey on the Internet: are people anxious now? What are they worried about?

the results are surprising: 96% of people have anxiety, and 54% of them are anxious every day.

the three things that worry them most are: no goals, no money, and jobs they don't like.

No goal, feel the stones to cross the river, feel uneasy; without money, afraid of accidents in the future; without a career, the future is confused.

have you found that we always worry about what we need in the future and what will happen in the future?

in fact, this excessive worry and anxiety about the future has seriously affected our present life.

the hero Belikov in Chekhov's novel the Man in a condom is a man who is extremely short of sense of security for the future and often lives in anxiety.

perhaps out of self-protection, he always takes great pains to wrap himself airtight.

even if he goes out on a sunny day, he will take an umbrella, overshoes and a warm cotton-padded coat.

A mantra he often says:

he is afraid of trouble, afraid of danger, he feels unsafe outside, everyone may hurt him, and any change is terrible.

and in life, many of the things he was worried about never happened.

finally, he died in anxiety.

Dale Carnegie has a famous saying:

when you devote all your energy to worrying about the future, it's easy to make your present life scribbled and cheap.

Don't let a dark cloud cover 90% of the sunshine in your life, and don't negate all previous efforts for a moment of bad luck.

Life is never as bad as you think.

all we have to do is to hold an umbrella when the rain comes, the wind comes to take shelter from the wind, relax the tense nerves and make our life easier.

A good state of mind, life is good everywhere.

as the old saying goes, "there must be a way when the car comes to the mountain, and the boat will be straight when it comes to the bridge."

with regard to life, we should be more comfortable with what happens and less alarmist.


sacrifice your health, overdraw your body, and live at a 30% discount

Emerson said: "Health is the first wealth of life."

in this life, only when you have a healthy body can you look forward to the rest of your life.

but in life, there are too many people, in the overdraft health in exchange for wealth, and finally life is a trough, life is a lot of dissatisfaction.

I have seen such news on the Internet:

A 30-year-old boy with a monthly salary of 20,000 to 30,000 decided to resign naked and replan his life after working for five years in a company.

speaking of the original high-paying job, it brought him more bitterness and tiredness.

work six days a week, of which three or four days are spent on the company sofa.

it is normal to stay up late and work overtime. Eat takeout three times a day.

he has long forgotten what it feels like to have a quiet breakfast without a good night's sleep.

for him, life is work, and work is life.

and his long-term irregular life led to problems in his bile duct and had to be hospitalized.

after being discharged from the hospital, he began to think of death for the first time.

on second thought, he decided to change the state.

before resigning, he told himself:

We always feel that life is long and young can be squandered at will.

until life turns red, you suddenly find that the rest of your life is not long.

the most money-losing business in the world is to trade health for money.

you know, money is valuable, but the price of living is higher.

No healthy life is like leftovers kept in the refrigerator for a long time, with less taste and seven points more harm.

We must not ruin our lives for the sake of being overexert and having fun for a while.

sometimes, have fun in time, indulge your desires, and seem to live as much as you want.

but every act of self-discipline lays a hidden danger for the future.

there is only one life, so have a good life.

Don't let life discount, start from taking care of your body, starting with three meals a day, sleeping well and not staying up late at night.


consume feelings, forget companionship, and have a 50% discount in life

some people say that

feelings are beautiful and fragile.

some people walk away and get tired when they are in love.

when you are too lazy to maintain, they all leave your life quietly.

how many vows of love have not been able to hold hands for a lifetime;

how many intimate friendships have drifted away and become invisible;

and how many relatives whose blood is thicker than water broke up after quarrelling.

sometimes, we lose not to time, but to our own carelessness.

neglected feelings will eventually cool and freeze in time and disappear into invisibility.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: "what will a person be like without feelings in life?"

one netizen commented:

No one tucked me in, no one turned off the TV. "

A life without feelings, even if you live in a busy city, you are still physically and mentally drifting and have nothing to rely on.

the beauty of life is that there are people who care about and have company.

A life without feelings is like an oil painting drenched by Rain Water. The crescent moon in the seventh and eighth day of junior high school fades half the color and lacks half the perfection.

all we ask for in this life is:

on a rainy day, it is not a person waiting for the rain to stop, but a lover to send you an umbrella;

when you are sad, you are not drinking alone, but with friends by your side;

when it is cold, instead of holding yourself warm, you have cotton-padded clothes sent by your parents thousands of miles away.

the luckiest thing in life is that the one you love most is around, and the best friend lives next door.

Please cherish the people around you who love you for the rest of your life, protect every relationship you cherish, and don't lose the people you love and those who love you.

in this way, we are more confident to face the problems thrown by life and live a relaxed and happy life.


but the life at a discount, love what you love

"Soldier assault" Xu Sanduo said:

do something meaningful, that is, when you are faced with many choices, you are no longer hesitant and helpless.

but after careful consideration, firmly choose a direction and go on bravely.

No matter what lies ahead, I firmly believe that I can break through and win my own world.

to do something meaningful is to start taking care of your body.

pay attention to a healthy diet, give up unhealthy food, and begin to pay attention to health.

eat breakfast and exercise every day.

after work, I no longer stay at home, but exercise and travel with three or five friends to see a wider world.

use weekends to cultivate a hobby you like and make your life more fulfilling and colorful.

to do something meaningful is to start leaving time and a good temper to the people closest to you.

stop focusing on unimportant people and leave ineffective socializing.

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begin to attach importance to friends, lovers, children, parents and cherish the time they spend with each other.

sometimes, your attitude towards life is life's attitude towards you

when you are perfunctory, life will not give you a good look; when you live seriously, life will give you something in return.

as the saying goes, troubles have no roots, and if you don't pick them up, you will have nothing; confusion has no source, and it will be easy to correct it.

the way to live up to life is to live a good life.