Don't let "junk happiness" ruin your life.

Don't let "junk happiness" ruin your life.

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in life, everyone likes to enjoy it, some people indulge in low-level pleasures, some people pursue spiritual pleasure.

but the joys and sorrows of the world are always intertwined, and your body will be severely retaliated one day for your cumulative indulgence; your hardship of self-discipline will be rewarded by fate in the near future.

Austrian writer Zweig once said:

low happiness,

indulgence is the body,

I have seen a piece of news on the Internet:

when the doctor asked about her illness, she often chased plays, played games and chatted on her mobile phone since she was a freshman. She spent as much as 16 to 18 hours a day on the Internet, sometimes even playing all night.

College life is relatively easy. Without the pressure of the college entrance examination and the supervision of their parents, many students indulge and feel that life is too short to have fun in time.

do not know that fleeting happiness will pay the price of health, temporary happiness will become everlasting pain, even if the dream has set sail, can not reach the distance thought of.

there is an 11-year-old boy in my community. His parents do business in other places all the year round. He only goes home for the Spring Festival. He spends years with his grandmother.

parents usually have no time to spend time with their children, so they always satisfy their children's desires with money.

every day, the boy buys drinks when he is thirsty and orders takeout when he is hungry. He dislikes the food cooked by his grandmother. He often takes hamburger, fried chicken, steak and barbecue as staple food, and takes milk tea, cold beer and fruit juice instead of boiled water.

in the long run, with excess calories and fat accumulation, he, who is only 1.5 meters tall, weighs 165 jin. During the school physical examination, he found that diabetes had reached the middle stage.

Today, many teenagers are unable to control their mouths and legs, allowing their desires to run rampant, watching their health be swallowed up little by little.

Chen Daoming once warned young people:

people who indulge in low-level happiness are like those who fall into a swamp, the more they sink, the more they cannot turn back. It is the body that indulges, the health that is wasted, and the years that are wasted.


Senior Happiness, fighting for self-discipline, winning strength

Haruki Murakami said:

some time ago, Liu Tao joined Ali and became the preferred official with an annual salary of 1.5 million, a live broadcast debut and a lot of results. in just 4 hours, the turnover reached 148 million, and the maximum number of visitors to a single item was 3.93 million.

at the beginning of the broadcast, Liu Tao promised to perform a handstand if the number of viewers exceeded 20 million. As a result, the number of onlookers exceeded 21 million, setting a new record for live broadcast by all-net stars. She made good on her promise to perform a handstand live.

netizens shouted: "Sister Tao, that's awesome!" Someone joked: "with the face of a good wife, it is the life of the president!"

Liu Tao's concave and convex figure, the lightness of performing a handstand, and the state of beating chicken blood, is simply a "sister who braved the wind and waves", showing a state of reverse growth, and most people feel inferior to themselves when they see it.

but her deep-seated self-discipline is indispensable behind her splendor.

No matter how tired she is from filming, she always goes to the gym for three or four hours a week, running every morning, rain or shine.

the attitude of doing things is extreme. Before this broadcast, she said on Weibo that she was so stressed that she couldn't sleep and had made in-depth understanding and full preparation of the product in advance.

during live streaming, she can not only introduce the performance of the product in detail, analyze the advantages of price and quality, but also teach you how to cook delicious food without wasting it from the perspective of consumers, and the strength and professional level of carrying goods is no less than that of Li Jiaqi.

in her acting career, she has portrayed every character accurately from the iron-blooded neon princess in Nirvana in Fire, the ambitious girl in Legend of Miyue, to the intelligent and cold Andy in Ode to Joy.

as the writer Wang Xin said:

people can still hang all the way to middle age, with the fruit of their left hand and the honor of their right hand. Behind this is Liu Tao's ascetic self-discipline which is different from that of ordinary people.

she can hide behind the scenes for her family, and she can pay off her husband's debt with the hard work of winning 18 plays a year when her husband owes a lot of money.

she shared on Weibo: don't be lazy after work, clock in and sweat before going to bed.

people who are extremely self-disciplined give unparalleled bitterness, but can also have happiness that ordinary people can't enjoy.


the real happiness is physical peace and mental abundance

Wang Xiaobo said:

the American TV series "Best Mom" tells the story of the unrestrained life of a single mother and daughter.

the main character Christy is a young single mother who works as a waitress in an upscale restaurant in the United States.

influenced by her original family, she followed in her mother's footsteps, was addicted to alcohol, abused drugs, and had a bohemian love life. She became pregnant and gave birth to a child at the age of 17.

when Christy's daughter grew up and began to have all kinds of bad behavior, she realized that her chaotic life had affected her children, so she took the initiative to stop drinking at the AA club.

but because of her daughter's rebellion and pressure at work, she abstained from alcohol and repeatedly, and always struggled with anxiety and pain until her daughter did not forgive her and her ex-husband left her before she began to save herself.

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she goes to the abstinence club on schedule every week, rain or shine, no matter how troublesome she is, no matter how uncomfortable she is when she is addicted to alcohol;

restrict love, no matter how much she loves a man. if she is not a normal person, if she is not in the time of the date, she will refrain from contact and contact.

through strict control over herself, she devoted all her time and energy to her work and study, studying part-time, and eventually counterattacked from a waitress to a lawyer.

British writer Owen said:

self-discipline makes people determined, distracted, get rid of bad habits, stay away from bad taste, live a regular and fulfilling life, and make their body and mind free and happy.


Kant once said:

there are many ways to pursue happiness. If you are immersed in the bad taste of eating, drinking and playing for a long time, you will certainly have no time to do something more meaningful.

if you use self-discipline as a bargaining chip, maintain a healthy body and find a spiritual dimension, physical peace and mental well-being, good luck will follow.

Destiny is fair to everyone. If you indulge yourself, life will be cold to you; if you are hard on yourself, life will treat you gently.

low-level happiness is like bright fireworks; short-term happiness is scattered; high-level happiness is like still water flowing deep, Cangsheng stepping on the song.

self-discipline may not be effective in the short term. If you persist in three, five, or ten years, the scenery you see must be different, your realm of life must be higher than that of others, and your happiness comes from the depths of your soul.