Don't explain yourself to people at different levels! (depth)

Don't explain yourself to people at different levels! (depth)

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Haruki Murakami said:

I didn't do anything wrong, so why rush to explain?

explanation also requires conditions, that is, whether the person opposite you understands your desires.

if you are not willing to understand you, no matter how much you say, you will be wrong; if he is willing to understand you, just a few words to resolve the fight.

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between people, not everyone is willing to listen to your explanation, not everyone cares about your opinion, and not everyone will go the same way with you!


levels are different, so there is no need to explain

words to people who understand.

well frogs can't talk about the sea, summer worms can't talk about ice.

some people, you talk to him about the stars and the sea, he says you are dreaming; you talk to him about the ideal of life, he tells you to eat, drink and be merry.

you can't drag someone who doesn't want to leave, you can't change someone who doesn't listen.

how much you tell the sparrow about the vastness of the sky, he still chooses to sing on the branches.

there are some things that can only be said to those who understand, and to those who do not understand, it is a waste of time and meaningless.

people at different levels cannot have the same thinking; people with different goals cannot run in at the same pace.

with different levels, it is the wisest choice to do their own things and not to interfere with each other.


do not understand you, there is no need to explain

Liao Yimei said:

everyone has his own position and his own ideas. Sometimes, we are willing to take the initiative to think about and understand each other because we care enough.

if you don't care at all and don't want to hear you say one more word, then the explanation is undoubtedly powerless.

No matter how much you talk to someone who knows you, he will find it interesting; with someone who doesn't understand you, he will be bored as soon as he starts to talk.

there are some people who don't care whether you are right or wrong or whether you are misunderstood.

such a person, why explain?

the more you explain, the more he feels that you make up stories, don't listen to what you say, and don't understand your innocence, so why waste your breath?


Don't care too much, others

each of us has our own world and our own life, so why care? what do others think?

if you blindly cater to the preferences of others and keep changing yourself, you will only be regarded as a fool.

what is even more frightening is that whenever there is a person around you who sees that you care, he will hold your emotions. He even understands some words, but does not respond, the more anxious you are to explain yourself, the more smug he is!

in a relationship, it is terrible to have a person who loves too much, because this person is doomed to be hurt to pieces.

remember: you can't make a person completely satisfied!

because when you try to do it, he will have higher demands, and people's desires are endless.

instead of finding a sense of existence in others, it is better to live into a light and illuminate the way you want to go!

your efforts can be seen by God; your kindness will always be appreciated; your sincerity will pay for it!

as for those who go different ways, those who don't understand you, those who don't like you, and those who don't cherish you, why care what they think?

if you don't explain, the world will prove everything. No matter how difficult the road is now, stick to being yourself, and you still have a future!

hard work, regardless of the outcome, the result will make you satisfied!