Don't disturb someone who doesn't have you in his heart.

Don't disturb someone who doesn't have you in his heart.

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there is a question on the Internet: why is everyone too busy to get in touch with each other now?

one netizen's answer is very piercing:

in the adult world, if you don't take the initiative, you don't care, and if you don't get in touch, it doesn't matter.


people who don't care about you, don't curry favor with

in the Swordsman, there is a distressing character-Zhu unparalleled.

in order to integrate into the big family of Tongfu Inn, she, who used to wander everywhere, has been trying to please everyone since the day she stepped into the inn:

No matter what dirty work, whether she should do it or not, she takes the initiative to do it;  other people rest pillows, she has to make buckwheat pillows for others in her spare time.

when others break up, even if she is in a mess, she immediately stands up and patiently comforts her.

the mantra she often says is "Let me come."

it is a pity that she, who has been working hard and courting everywhere, has not attracted the attention of others, but has been regarded as a dispensable existence.

once, she competed with Xiao Guo for talent, and the loser had to leave the inn.

originally, there were four stages in the competition, but she has already won three rounds and is the proper winner.

but in the final vote, the other friends in the inn, as judges, all turned to Xiao Guo.

No one cares about the fact that she has nowhere to go if she loses.

between people, if you don't pay attention to each other and care both ways, then no matter how much you give, it's superfluous, and it's futile for you to please.

A netizen on Weibo told her story:

when she was at school, she had a very close relationship with seven people in her class.

after graduation, she made great efforts to maintain her relationship with these seven people.

when someone opens a shop, she picks around to send gifts; when some children have a full moon, she doesn't say anything about red envelopes; when someone moves, she is generous.

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and something is all right, she takes the initiative to contact them and greet them.

but then she suddenly found that five or six of them only received her gifts and never returned them, and as long as she did not contact them, they would not take the initiative to think of her.

it was only then that she realized that these people had a new circle and that there was no place for her in their hearts, and that she had been making fun of herself.

We always think that as long as we keep a low profile and treat others well, others will give us the same feedback.

but forget that some people, no matter how kind you are to them, they will not take you seriously.

even if you dangle in front of his eyes every day, he still doesn't care about you.

there is a good saying: if you are not afraid that no one will understand, you are afraid of giving it to the wrong person.

people who don't care about you, don't bother to please, please in every way, can only get disappointed.


those who don't cherish you, don't miss

read a sentence: the most beautiful interaction between people is to give, and the greatest harm is to live up to.

when you get along with others, you are most afraid that you treat him as a lover, but he treats you as a passer-by.

during the period of the Republic of China, Su Qing, a female writer on a par with Zhang ailing, was very considerate and devoted to her husband Li Qinhou after marriage.

not only take good care of him, but also give up his beloved career for him.

even though Li Qin hung out all day and often went home drunk in the middle of the night, Su Qing did not scold him, but still took good care of him in silence.

it's just that she, who loves someone from the bottom of her heart, gets her husband's cold disgust and merciless betrayal.

in the tenth year of marriage, her husband slapped her hard on the face for a trifle, and it was this slap that completely shattered her last illusions about the marriage.

learned from the bitter experience, she decisively put an end to this dilapidated relationship and started a happy life of her own.

the biggest unworth of a person is to overdraw his precious time and heart to someone who doesn't cherish you at all.

when true feelings are trampled on at will and good intentions are mercilessly disappointed, there is no need for nostalgia for the deepest feelings.

after all, for some people, no matter how desperate you are, you can only make a fool of yourself;

some people love you, no matter how hard they give, it will only be a waste of time.

not all obsession with persistence can lead to a warm ending.

instead of humiliating yourself, let go of your obsession and let go of yourself.


your heart is very expensive, leaving it to worthy people

writer Zhang Meng said:

in this life, you will meet a lot of people, but there is no need to invite all of them into your life, and there is no need to give your heart to everyone.

not long ago, Qin Hailu sent a soul torture question to Liu Tao: why do you only have two best friends?

faced with such a sharp and heart-piercing problem, Liu Tao did not even think about it and said frankly:

many people know that Liu Tao has been engaged in acting for more than 20 years and has participated in countless programs. Naturally, there are not a few people he knows.

but she did not blindly pursue "multiple friends and multiple paths", inviting everyone into life.

but leave only a couple of bosom friends and be kind to them wholeheartedly.

it's hard not to agree with her sober and thorough view of society.

the adult world, more important than adding, is always learning to break up.

cut off unnecessary connections, give up meaningless relationships, and stay away from people who are not worth it.

for the rest of your life, don't please people who don't care about you, don't want people who don't cherish you..

only by spending precious time and energy on people who are really worth it can we reap the truth.

someone said: "those who have you in their hearts want you to get in touch with them; those who don't have you in their hearts are most afraid of your disturbance."

if a person does not take you to heart, no matter how enthusiastic and active you are, you can only stick to the cold wall with warm blood;

if you cater to and indulge, you will only disturb others and humble yourself.

your heart is very expensive, so don't waste it on someone who doesn't have you in your heart.