Don't be a man. If you float away, you will get a knife.

Don't be a man. If you float away, you will get a knife.

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some time ago, I followed an ultimate fighting championship match on the Internet.

Zhang Weili, who attracted a lot of attention, lost to the challenger, failed to defend the title and missed the gold belt.

this result is really a bit unexpected.

someone ridiculed her, saying that she didn't train well after winning two championships, which was too impetuous.

someone comforted her that winning or losing is a common occurrence. Losing once doesn't mean losing all the time. It's good to win back next time.

Asia's first UFC champion did not explain much in the face of the controversy, but wrote eight words on his personal social platform: prosperity does not float, adversity does not fall.



I have seen a very incisive concept called "prosperity management".

it is said that when people are particularly smooth, they must hold down their momentum.

because, when a person goes well with the wind, it is easy to become arrogant and unsure.

the purpose of prosperity management is not to dig a hole for yourself to avoid capsizing in the sewer in the future.

Bon voyage is naturally a blessing, but if you stand high and get carried away, it will become a disaster.

many people have seen Xing Yeh's "Tang Bohu order Autumn incense". In the movie, Tang Bohu is both civil and military, talented and beautiful.

but in history, Tang Bohu had no martial arts, no Qiu Xiang, and no happy ending.

it is true that he is full of talent, but he also suffers from his arrogance.

Tang Bohu came from a family of merchants and was gifted since childhood. At the age of 16, he won the first place in the scholar examination, causing a sensation in Suzhou City.

rich, talented and famous, Tang Bohu gradually floated.

one year, he took part in the local examination and invited him to dinner before the exam. during the meal, he said bravely:

"who else is there to give up Tang Bohu?"

sure enough, in this rural examination, he won the first place in high school "Jie Yuan".

the following year, Tang Bohu went to Beijing to take part in the examination and once again boasted:

"I, Tang Yin, will be at the top of the list!"

however, he was slapped in the face by reality.

the halo on his head has been worn for so long that he seems to forget that there are no friends in the capital, only opponents.

before the exam results come down, you say that you are the first place, and there is only one possibility, that is, cheating.

in this way, Tang Bohu was involved in the "imperial examination fraud case", fell off the list and went to prison.

although he was finally released, he was stripped of his status and was not allowed to take the imperial examination for life.

in fact, his good friend Wen Zhengming has advised him many times not to be too frivolous and to rein in.

but he was ungrateful and finally stumbled on his arrogance.

coincides with the saying: don't be a man. If you float away, you will get a knife.

all wise people know that the more prosperous they are, the more they should guard against arrogance and rashness.

as Mr. Zhou Guoping said:

"I believe that pride is proportional to talent.

but, just as great talents are simple and flashy, great pride is often modest and peaceful, and only small pride shows an arrogant face. "

Lightning always strikes the highest object.

keep a low profile and walk modestly in order to be stable and far away.


adversity is not reversed

A farewell to weapons, there is a saying in

life, difficulties are standard, adversity is the norm.

the real master in the world can always survive in the face of adversity.

Media man Mu Zi Qianyuan told the story of his friend Lao Chen being "forced" to start a business.

A few years ago, Lao Chen had become an executive of the company, with more than a dozen people under him.

however, in a business structure optimization, the whole department was cut off because the business Lao Chen was responsible for was not the company's main business.

Lao Chen, who left the company, took a group of brothers to start his own business.

but it is not easy to start a business, the market competition is big, the operating cost is high, and it is difficult to sustain.

once again encountered verbal support from the customer, but delayed to place the order.

in the most difficult time, he mortgaged all two houses in his family and paid everyone their wages.

however, everyone's income fell, and gradually someone left, and in the end there were only two people left to carry it with him.

they know that Lao Chen is under a lot of pressure. They have three children to support and their parents in their hometown also need him to take care of them.

but I have never seen Lao Chen depressed, and I have never heard him mention giving up.

every time I meet Lao Chen, he is happy to talk about business and interesting things in the team. as for the immediate difficulties, he doesn't say a word.

he always said, "the business level of our team is needless to say. When customers turn around, they will find that we are still the most reliable." As long as you hold on to it, don't fall behind. "

as he expected, after holding on for more than a year, the company turned a profit.

I especially like what teacher Luo Xiang said in "Thirteen invitations":

in a difficult situation, flinching is an instinct and strength is a skill.

what you have to do is not to win right away, but not to fail now.

hold on, get over it, and one day there will be willows and flowers.

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the most difficult practice in life is to practice a normal mind

when Su Shi was young, he became famous and became famous, and was called "the first person in the Song Dynasty".

among the many words of praise, the bachelor of Su University began to be proud and turned a blind eye to anyone.

one day, Su Shi was humming a tune and walking along the field path when he came to a village girl carrying a mud load.

Su Shi in light clothesOf course, we have to make way for the heavily burdened village girl.

but he thinks he is a great bachelor, so why should he make way for others?

when there was a stalemate between the two, the village girl suggested that she should first get out of the upper couplet, and if Su Shi could get out of the lower couplet, she would make way.

the village girl came out of the couplet: a load of mud blocking the road.

Su Shi could not think of the next couplet for a moment, and he was very anxious.

when he saw the farmers planting rice seedlings on both sides laughing at him, he was right: the Master on both sides smiled back.

No sooner had the voice dropped than there was a roar of laughter.

Su Shi was so ashamed that he made way for the village girl.

at this time, he finally realized how vulnerable he was to his pride.

in his later life, Su Shi learned to restrain his edge, look down on fame and wealth, and treat the vicissitudes of the world with an ordinary heart.

when praise was added, he lost his arrogance and faced the praise of the world with an indifferent attitude.