Do you want to take a part-time job in college or not?

Do you want to take a part-time job in college or not?

Is money important in the end?

Wen /Zhang Jingshi

in fact, there is only one reason why I go to work, and that is because I am poor.

A year ago now, during the winter vacation of my sophomore year, I went to work part-time at McDonald's in town. The salary is very low, only 9.4 yuan per hour. That is to say, even if you work 7.5 hours a day, it's only 70 yuan. I still remember one time when I went out on the morning shift and found it was dark and gray all around, and I was as cold as a fool, and my nose was running while riding my bike. But I still took a picture in front of the McDonald's and posted a moments saying:

"I know I work harder than the sun is enough."

because if you don't "move yourself" at this time, you will fall into "self-pity". The former is chicken blood, which allows you to maintain a positive attitude on that day, while the latter is the Achilles' heel, which, once poked, can only deepen your grievances and blame all faults and unluckiness on the job.

tell a story.

on the 14th National Day, my girlfriend and I rushed to work at McDonald's because the legal holiday job was triple the salary. Then I began to go home for two days of work every week, Friday afternoon, Saturday evening shift, Sunday morning shift, and then ride my bike home for dinner, take a shower and go back to school at 3pm on Sunday. I calculated that I could earn about 140 yuan at the end of the week.

at that time, I lived on 500 yuan a month, plus McDonald's money.

on the night of December 31, my girlfriend and I went to the city for the Spring Festival. That night, she blamed me for not preparing a New year present for her. I said I would buy it for you when you saw what you liked. Finally, we took a fancy to a headband, which looked good. I asked her, "do you like this?"

when the clerk saw us trying, he came over and said, "this is from South Korea. The last one is only 220 yuan."

We stared at each other in disbelief.

I said, "you can buy it if you like, regardless of the price. I'll give it to you."

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she said, "I like it, but it's really too expensive."

I gritted my teeth and bought it. Not because it's really worth 220 yuan in my eyes, but because I want to prove it, prove that she chose it correctly, whether it's that headband or me.

it was New year's Eve, but I lost a lot of trivial memories, except for the process of buying this headband and her expression and what she said to me at that time. I didn't forget a bit.

that was the first time I thought it was nice to have a job.

the next day, January 1, 2015, we began to take the bus home at 10:00 in the morning because we had to go back to McDonald's in the afternoon. You know, working on a public holiday is three times the salary, although the scheduling manager will only assign you a six-hour shift at most.

but you can earn 169.2 yuan on that day.

in the second semester of my sophomore year, I delivered a term newspaper in our school.

work is easy, but it also requires rain or shine. Because there was only 320 yuan a month, I was often laughed at by some brothers and sisters at that time for wasting my time. They thought that I should focus on the things I really like (such as chaos).

but I stuck to it, not because I wanted to accumulate life experience and collect writing materials, but because I wanted to buy a laptop I had been looking for for a long time during the summer vacation.

so every Monday and Tuesday at three o'clock in the afternoon, I will ride the small electric car equipped by the school to appear downstairs in our school's management building, and every time I get off the bus, I have to sort the newspapers to be delivered on my hands according to the floor, so that the next work can be done with the highest efficiency.

during the hour and a half of delivering the newspaper, I will think about a lot of questions, most of which are related to "work".

I began to realize that since I graduated from the third year of junior high school, I have done a lot of mindless work. During the summer vacation in high school, I went to the assembly line, worked as an intern with only 1000 yuan a month, and tried to do filing work, as well as McDonald's and delivering newspapers in college. Although these all require certain skills, but they also need only skills, do not need any creative thinking.

We were taught from an early age to "study hard, or you won't find a good job when you grow up," but to tell you the truth, you may not be able to understand the good intentions of those adults before you do jobs that "don't need to use your head."

and before doing those jobs, with the monthly living expenses given by each parent, you may still not understand how important "money" really is. Because it not only allows you to buy what you want to buy, but also makes you realize clearly:

if you don't work hard, you're dead.

if you don't work hard, you will spend your whole life on these "no-brain" jobs.

so when you don't have the motivation or don't know which direction to go, try to do a "mindless" job and write down what you think about your work.

in my experience, when you do those jobs, all you think about is what you want to do.

yesterday we went to have a disorganized meal together. Although the four of us only ate 200 yuan, I secretly calculated the existing account after checking out, and I still felt a little heartache.

the eel whale asked me how much I ate, and I said 200 yuan.

Tong c said: "what are you afraid of? it's the editor's money anyway."

I raised my glass and said, "this time next year, don't say two hundred, I'm going to take you to two thousand yuan of sushi."

they cheered, saying that they had been recorded and were not allowed to cheat.

PS: I saw a question about "whether money is important or not" in Zhihu.I find it very interesting to share with you:

money is the most important thing before there is not enough money. When you have enough money, you will have the courage, the courage, and the qualification to pursue what you think is really important. It is hypocritical to talk about ideals, self-esteem and true love when there is no money. If you have money to return to the market, you are still vain, and you are still a money slave, that is, the low end. Is money important? the importance of it is that we must make it unimportant.