Do you think confession is useful?

Do you think confession is useful?

Thanks but sorry.

text /eel whale, Tong c, thorn

I heard someone say that today is the day Leonardo ended many years of Oscar-winning accompany. I heard someone say that today is February 29, once every four years. I heard someone say that today is confession day.

I thought they were joking until I thought of you.

and your confession, and my refusal.

@ eel whale

when he was halfway through the meeting with thorns in the afternoon, he suddenly exclaimed, "Today is World confession Day, and it will take four years to miss it." so we put aside the business we were supposed to talk about. talked about the "confession" experience, I said I never confessed, he said he had not been accused.

I ask, what do you think is the cheapest way to reject others? I have seen someone say, "I don't want to fall in love in college." as a result, I see one of the women around him every week. In fact, it's not that I don't want to fall in love, but "I don't want to fall in love with you." Thorns said, "the worst thing I've ever encountered is'I don't want to ruin our friendship. 'who the fuck has ever had a friendship with you?"

from the point of view of the "victim", we smiled and scolded these stalks for being cheap, but after the show ended, we suddenly remembered that I not only used this sentence, but also at the ancestor level.

the first person who confessed to me was in elementary school, Christmas Eve, church, alone. He gave me a box of Dove heart-shaped chocolates that were very expensive for us at that time. I panicked all night. The os in my head was not "so romantic, so touching," but "how can I find an excuse to leave?" and "the gift box in his hand can't be given to me, is it?" When I got home, I opened the box of chocolates and opened the wrapping paper. There was a "heart word" in each of them. It was popular at that time, but the funny thing was that the one I opened just said, "take a step back."

the next day I brought chocolate to school and distributed it to the front and back tables in front of him. From then on, every day after school, either the earliest or the latest, I tried my best to avoid this man, for fear that he would confess.

do not know why, we do not like a person, we can hurt him in various ways, but also scold others, why I have done so much and do not like me.

it was only after chasing me for two years that he sent gifts and cards by the hand of a friend in junior high school. "this is the 637th day that I like you, and I replied," you are very kind. But I cherish our friendship more.

I have been counting for ten years. Today, I think of marveling that I have used such a refusal way of the Virgin Green Tea bitch, but at the same time, I also told my friend that no one will ever like you for two years without any response. "well, never again."

after writing so many things, we have been talking about people who don't like us, all the details about each other, how we have suffered so much to love others, without thinking for a moment about these people who have liked us and have also been treated with cold violence.

if today is World confession Day, I don't want to express my love to anyone. I just want to say to everyone, "Thank you for being blind and loving me."

@ Tongc

/my confession of love has something to do with Jay Chou.

I was eating chicken steak rice in the canteen in the afternoon when I received a voice message from thorns.

Today is International Girls' confession Day.

"so?" I look dazed.

"you have to hurry, you'll have to wait four years if you miss it."

"but I don't have anyone I like."

Yes, I even thought about the experience of confession for four seconds. I may have thought that these things had only been experienced "when I was a child." the more I like someone, the more timid I am to express my love. In the past, however, we went so far as to make us laugh at our own boldness, that is, "every opportunity he lost is now making fun of his meaningless care."

Stu said that the first time she was confessed was a love letter from a boy in the next class. She forgot the content and just said, "it's like a stranger suddenly sent you a letter saying, 'stay with me'." "at that time, I liked listening to a song by Jay Chou very much, so I wrote him a sentence in my reply, and there was only one sentence, 'give me time for a song'."

I said why she was so non-mainstream and used the title of the song to continue the storyline, but she said, "you don't understand. Although I didn't like him at that time, this was my most memorable confession experience. Because I used to feel inferior to death, a boy came to confess his love to me. I can't even remember his name and appearance now. I don't like him, but I just remember." That boy's love for me gave me a great positive value as a girl, but unexpectedly, Jay Chou helped me avoid a robbery. "

/2 /my confession is, white form.

"We met at a cram school, but because I majored in liberal arts and he majored in science, every time I wanted to see him, I pretended to go to another friend of mine. I felt very secretive and dared not let people know that I liked him, but I was afraid that others would like him."

it turns out that the secret love before confession is that they are afraid of others knowing, afraid that he knows, and even more afraid that he does not know.

"three months later, the school final exam, I ran to the door of his class to talk to him, he clearly said," I still have to read, you go back to review, the exam good luck ". At that time, I had such a low IQ that I could not tell that it was a refusal, so I thought he really cheered me on, but it was the best time I ever did in high school. "

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to like a person is to misinterpret his every sentence into the meaning he wants.

"at last it was his birthday, and I sent him a book to record what we said every day.In some of the photos taken, he gently hugged me on the back stairs and said, 'actually we're fine'. I cried on the steps for two hours. I didn't know how he got there. it was so quiet that there was no one, only my embarrassment kept turning into crying and choking in my tears. "

confess your love to those who don't like you, the end is white, and the end is no ending.

when you are rejected or parted, please do it in the hustle and bustle of lights and wine, because it will not be so difficult to say goodbye.

all the expressions of love are what you think you like each other, so what's the use of expressing love? it will be rejected. Happy day.

@ Zhang Jingthorn

in fact, advertising is like a charge before launching an attack. You tell the other person loudly, "I like you", and then do everything you can to be nice to him /her. You think it's called "burning your bridges". You think you caught the other person by surprise and thought you could wait for him /her to reply: "I like you, too."

but all the "think" is just what you think.

so your "I like you" is destined to be exchanged for the "Let's still be friends".

there is never the word "equal strength" in love, in which there are only three roles, one is the weak, the other is the strong, and the other is the weak pretending to be strong.

how about your "confession history"?