Do you believe you can read one book a week?

Do you believe you can read one book a week?

Sometimes it takes a push to get something done.

I know that every summer /winter vacation

you may make such a promise

read books for half an hour every day

run 3KM/to make 3 pictures


Wechat exercise mileage

belly shaking flab

LOL's segment is higher

your IQ is lower.

so we can always see such moments

Cloud | Bird

Bird wishes to be a cloud.

Yuner wishes to be a bird.

☞ decadent ☜

I said in July that I would read 10 books during the summer vacation and be a group of people with abdominal muscle tears every day. If not, I would delete and resend it in September


put away the full text

or these "self-reflection" moments

☞ ☜

I read the moments and found that everyone lives a good life, either running or reading every day, or going to some tourist attractions and sending us 9 selfies that only look like "resorts". I remembered that my summer vacation was very decadent, and I regretted it, so I decided to close my moments for a month.

put away the full text

as I said, this kind of "self-deprecation" is the most terrifying

because it makes people who have no self-control think

self-deprecation is much easier than effort

anyway, no one will see if I have tried

well, so you don't work hard during the summer vacation

you are very anxious. Because "others are trying"

and you know that you "have no reason not to work hard"

"there is no reason not to work hard"

ample time | No one is running around for a living | No one interferes with us

but have you ever heard the saying:

"others are trying" is not the reason why you have to work hard! "I really want to work hard! "that's right!

❖ ❖ ❖

so whether you want to work hard or not is the key

but I know The limited period of "Chicken Blood" is very short

so if you are excited to see here

but turn this page upside down and sleep

but if someone is willing to work with you

if someone reads the same book with you every week

will you be able to stick to it

❖ ❖ ❖

We want to be such a book club

Trying to find a superb summer colors bridesmaid that will not kill your budget? Nowhere else you will find such a superb choices of collections.

people who attend

it's called

A\ "A few people  join

◤. You have to promise that you can read one of our designated books

◤ every week

book. Share with us every week a chapter we agreed on

◤ members need to pay a snack fee of 20 yuan every three weeks (we are not profitable)

B activity details

◤ every week we will select a book and send it to you in the form of e-book

◤ if you don't finish reading the specified book that week. Members who will not be able to attend

◤ will have to share their reading experience

every week

"scan the code and join the group to read with us."

this is initiated by Friends, the most fun psychological platform in the universe. Is there only book sharing in the book club sponsored by the Zhentiantuan x bacteria team? More than that! All I can say is that if we are here, there must be a surprise!