Did Kangxi only leave us memes?

Did Kangxi only leave us memes?

Although the timeliness has passed, I want you to see a different point of view.

"Why did Kangxi die?"

this afternoon, Kang Yong and Xiao s posted the news that they were leaving "Kangxi" on Weibo one after another. In fact, to tell you the truth, I have seldom watched Kangxi since I went to college. It is not because it has changed, but because it has never changed, and the constant celebrity gossip can no longer satisfy me, so it can only become the seasoning for my meal. Its nutritional content is too low, the comedians on the program come and go, it is not like the domestic variety shows, there are so many hot spots and people to dig, the low production cost is also one of the reasons for the decline in quality.

earlier, GQ published an article on Ma Li Lingshan's "Kangxi on the Island", which reviewed how Kangxi accompanied loyal fans of Kangxi on both sides of the strait and even overseas Chinese for ten years. I intercepted one of them, and you should know why "Kangxi is coming" hasn't changed much in the past 12 years.

since its launch in 2004, Kangxi has only changed the set three times, in 2006, 2009 and 2012, with a budget of NT $1 million each, which is also the prevailing price in Taiwan. Joey, the boss of Qiao Jie, an effective visual design company that has been making sets for Kangxi, has been going northward frequently in recent years to produce locations for variety shows on the mainland, because "any scene over there can cost 1 million yuan," which is five times the price difference. Another direct consequence of the lack of money is the lack of manpower. Kangxi's production team remains at about 10 people all the year round, which is smaller than the number of directors under an associate director of The Voice of China. These people have to complete all the production tasks such as thinking about themes, inviting artists, interviewing, writing story scripts, making props, shooting live, post-production, transmitting videotapes, and so on. All of them have multiple roles, and "in principle they have to know a little bit of everything."

and "Kangxi is coming" has five episodes a week, which is doomed to take a "short and fast" route in content, and a program that does not change for 12 years, although it can make people feel familiar and cordial, it is also doomed that a creative talk program is difficult to break through the bottleneck.

if we compare "Kangxi is coming" with "The Voice of China", we can clearly understand the limitations of "Kangxi is coming". When The Voice of China comes out in its fourth season, we have an obvious intuitive feeling that there are a lot of overseas players this season. Because in the first three seasons, the reserve of local music talents for more than 20 years has been tapped by major music programs. If viewers do not feel aesthetic fatigue, new changes need to be made, including the introduction of new mentors (Jay Chou) and changes in the competition system.

at this time, "Kangxi is coming" is still constantly digging for ordinary people in Taiwan, but what the audience wants to see is not passers-by, but the stars they like, and no matter how hot the topic is, it can't fill the quality of the guests.

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what can be changed is called weakness, and what cannot be changed is called weakness.

as the host of "Kangxi is coming" for 12 years, Kang Yongge is more aware of its weakness. After experiencing popularity and depression, he chose to leave today. It seems sudden, but it makes sense. He once wrote for "Strange Shuo" on Weibo:

"taking more photos with one celebrity will not broaden your knowledge; only if you know one more way to look at fame will you broaden your knowledge." If you live in your original state for one more year, you will not broaden your knowledge; if you know more about your attitude towards life, you will broaden your knowledge.

recently there is a debate program that is about to end the season. I wonder why we read the debate and write down these words. "

in today's farewell Weibo, he mentioned Xiao S, the boss and work partner, and the reasons for saying goodbye, but did not mention the significance of "Kangxi is coming" as he did with the "strange theory". I think this may be because "Kangxi" means a lot to Kangyong, but he understands that for the audience, "Kangxi" may be a pastime for them.

it is inevitable to leave, although we do not want to see it, because its suspension will mean that our group of people have really grown up. In the future, maybe only a group of us will know that Kangxi is not the famous Qing emperor, but two lovely people with true temperament.

❖ ❖ ❖

"after watching Kangxi for so many years, I only remember these two episodes"

I have watched Kangxi with my sister since junior high school, but what impressed me most was not those funny special episodes, but the two episodes in which Xiao s cried at the scene.

this issue was recorded in 2009 with the theme of "Stars being outspoken and making enemies". Yang Qi shared her experience as a guest at that time, and she once described her nephew in front of her sister:

"he is cute at most, and he is ugly."

Xiao s reacted greatly after listening to it, and repeatedly stressed in the program, "you can't say that a child is ugly." However, Yang Qi still thinks that it is necessary to "seek truth from facts." A child who is good-looking is good-looking, and not good-looking is not good-looking.

then Xiao s shared a story about her:

I went to breakfast last week, when I was sitting with my eldest daughter, and a mother came up to me and said, "is this your eldest daughter?"

I was right, and then she said, "I think your little girl is cuter."

I said, "the eldest daughter is actually cute, just a different feeling."

"No, the small ones are cuter." With that, she left.

then my eldest daughter was quiet for a while, and then said, "Mom, I want to go back and hold my bunny."

after saying this, Xiao s cried because she thought her daughter was taken out to compare with others. In her mind, her children were all lovely. A word that others didn't mean to say may have directly hurt the eldest daughter's heart.

I remember very much.At that time, after watching this episode, I didn't remember all the jokes in it. I just wrote down the story silently, and then when I met every little friend, I would try my best to avoid discussing this topic of "good-looking and bad-looking" with others.

another episode is that in January this year, Huang Zicheng and Xiao s made peace in the century of Kangxi.

Xiao s cried in "Entertainment 100%" that Huang was having an affair, but she didn't expect that this cry would suddenly make Huang fall from the heyday to the bottom of her career. The relationship between the two men was completely broken, and it was not until 15 years later, in January, that they really "shook hands and made peace."

Xiao S said to Huang Ziqi on the program: "at that time, my feelings were too young and impulsive, which caused great influence and harm, so that the whole world blamed him. I had no intention of hurting anyone. I did not expect that the recoil was so strong. I am sorry for the great entanglement that this matter has caused to you."

A previous WHATYOUNEED article, "Don't let Chen Hecheng be the second Huang Ziqian," said that Huang Zicheng's hosting skills had reached a first-line level, but he was almost unable to turn around because of an affair. I can't help thinking about the question that we are bound to make some mistakes at some point, but does it have to take a lifetime to repay the price we have to pay? Just like in previous Hong Kong dramas, the leading actor shouted to his enemy: "I want you to never turn over."

I was relieved of this problem when I saw Xiao s. It turned out that she also felt that the price was too high for Huang Zikun.

"Kangxi has come" for 12 years, it not only brings us countless laughter and gossip, but also gives us the audience the opportunity to experience 12 years of life with them. I went from junior high school to college. Some people came out to work, and we watched Xiao s get married, then gave birth to two daughters, and watched brother Kang Yong come to the mainland and shed tears over gay topics in the wonderful work.

the audience and the staff have jointly given "Kangxi is coming" a new meaning in addition to "entertainment", and it is also the right choice to choose to quit at this time. Because as Brother Kang Yong said on Weibo: "Kangxi can not be with you forever."

Weibo has a popular comment that I would like to use at the end of this article. It goes like this:

"in those seven years abroad, many days and nights were spent eating takeout while watching Kangxi. Spent the ignorant days of life to maturity, I am grateful for the happiness that Brother Kang Yong has brought me. Good luck."