Count on others, and you lose.

Count on others, and you lose.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when walking in this bustling world, we always encounter a lot of unexpected accidents.

when you don't know what to do, you will yearn for someone to rely on.

when you are tired, give us relief;

give us an umbrella when it rains;

show us the way when you are confused.

but the reality is always difficult to be satisfactory. The more you experience, the more you will find that

people's life is destined to be a solo journey.


who can you rely on in this life?

who can you rely on in this life?

some people say that relying on parents, parents will always be a solid shield behind us.

but most of the time, we don't want to tell our parents about our difficulties because we don't want our parents to worry about our own things anymore.

as we get older, our parents can't protect us from the wind and rain all our lives. Sad, we can only endure it by ourselves.

some people say that relying on friends, friends will always be the bright light on our way forward.

but in this world, everyone has their own troubles and sorrows. When they move forward in the wind and rain, their friends also have their own sufferings and difficulties.

in the face of the sufferings of others, it is difficult to empathize with others, but love can not help them. It hurts, so we have to hold on by ourselves.

some people say that relying on dignitaries, expensive people can show us the way of life.

but what a noble person is, expensive is that you can't find it. Things are changeable, and dignitaries don't want to have them.

even if they meet, they can't help you for a lifetime. Tired, we can only carry it by ourselves.

as the saying goes, leading the way depends on dignitaries, walking on your own.

in the face of the ups and downs of life and the unhappiness of life, we still have to deal with it alone after all, no one can stay with us forever.

after all, wind and rain life, cold and warm self-knowledge, joys and sorrows, others difficult to understand.

Life is really hard, and you and I can only get through it by ourselves.

others may be able to give us temporary help, but in the final analysis, life has a long way to go, and most of the time, we still need to go on on our own.

when there is no one to accompany, know how to walk alone;

learn to hold an umbrella for yourself when there is no one to hold it.


No one can be trusted unless you use a saying in the TV series "my first half of Life":

think about it, it is true.

in this life, people rely on people, people will leave at any time; relying on feelings, feelings may change; only on their own, can they become stronger and stronger.

in this world, you can't rely on anyone unless you are useful.

I remember a short story about a young man who accidentally fell into the water on his way to the shore.

A boat passed by and asked him if he needed any help.

unexpectedly, he replied that it was not necessary, and God would naturally come to the rescue.

after a while, another ship passed by, and the young man declined the rescue for the same reason.

later, the young man drowned and went to heaven. He immediately ran to ask God:

"God, why didn't you come and save me?"

God replied, "I've sent two ships to save you, fool!"

in life, we will inevitably do the same. When we encounter difficulties, we expect someone to help us.

but the reality is that you are useless, and even if someone comes to help you, you may not be able to seize the opportunity.

it's not easy for anyone to live. You're the only one who can help you.

I like what Wang Guozhen said very much:

improve yourself in a down-to-earth manner and become stronger by virtue of your own strength, which is better than relying on anyone else.

it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself. it is the greatest strength to rely on yourself for everything.


rely on yourself

Napoleon once said:

"there are not enough people to rely on, you have to rely on yourself to survive."

indeed, if you are not independent and rely on others everywhere, you will be easily swayed by others and cannot control your own life.

in this life, if you want to achieve something and gain a foothold in the world, you still have to rely on yourself to stand firm.

I read a story: two brothers grew up and went out at the same time.

two years later, my brother's savings are only 50,000, while his younger brother's is eight times that of his brother.

in the past two years, my brother worked conscientiously in the farm and accumulated experience.

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while my younger brother ran around soliciting sponsorship, he was favored by several investors and partnered with others to run a fresh shop of his own.

it is another two years, and my brother has built a farm on his own by virtue of his working experience in the past few years.

but my younger brother's career has been in the doldrums in recent years, during which a partner withdrew his capital, making the fresh shop face the situation of closing down several times.

when the two brothers met and talked about their entrepreneurial experience over the years, the younger brother could not help sighing: "sure enough, you still have to take it one step at a time."

my brother said, "with the help of investors, you always have to do things according to people's mood."

in fact, no matter what you do, you still have to rely on yourself to be down-to-earth and steady. "

Mencius said, "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

instead of counting on others and waiting for the help of others, it is better to enrich yourself and do what you most insist on.

as the saying goes, it is better to rely on others than on yourself.

rely on the mountains will fall, rely on everyone can run, rely on their own, is the most reliable.

as the old saying goesLife is really hard, and you have no choice but to cross it by yourself.

Life is not easy. Everyone has their own responsibilities and responsibilities, and no one can be your patron for life.

you have to carry the hardships of life by yourself;

you have to protect yourself from the wind and rain on the road;

you have to walk on your own.

on the road of life, you can't rely on anyone but yourself.

as the French writer Hugo Hugo said:

for the rest of your life, I hope you can be strong, run alone in distress, hold an umbrella in case of rain, and cross the bridge.

live a world on your own!