Control yourself (depth good text)

Control yourself (depth good text)

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writer Liao Yimei has such a sentence in the Flower of pessimism:

most misfortunes in a lifetime are caused by uncontrollable self-control.

only when we are responsible for life, can we gain strong growth from self-discipline and gradually improve our lives.


he Ruodun, a famous general of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, made numerous military achievements in his life and fought very bravely.

but he has one drawback: he is too talkative and speaks without thinking.

for this reason, he offended many people in the imperial court.

once, when the Turkic army attacked, Zhou Wang Yu Wenwei personally led 200000 of the army to fight. Due to a miscommand, the eastern expedition failed.

as a minister, he Ruodun not only did not grieve because of the defeat, but joked privately when drinking with his subordinates:

these words were passed to Yuwen ear protection and became "he Ruodun coveted the position of coach and had the intention of rebellion." under Yuwen's anger, he Ruodun ended on his own.

it was not until the official official came to announce the decree that he Ruodun realized that his inadvertent words had led to murder.

on his deathbed, he called his son to him and said, "I die with my tongue, you must think about it."

then he pierced his son's tongue with an awl to warn his son that evil came out of his mouth.

to be a human being, we should not "talk and walk the board" in every word and deed, but to be moderate.

talkative is the key to disaster; careful words and deeds are the foundation of success.

when Xu Pu, a bachelor of the Ming Dynasty, was a teenager, in order to constantly check his words and deeds, he put two bottles on his desk.

whenever a good thought comes to mind, or says a kind word or does a good deed, throw a soybean into the bottle; on the contrary, if there is any mistake in words and deeds, throw a black bean.

slowly there are more soybeans in the bottle and less black beans.

he kept this habit until he became an official.

because he spoke politely, behaved modestly, and was strict with himself, but he never cared about others. For many years in the middle of the dynasty, he was as cautious as the beginning, so he became a wise prime minister and returned to his hometown with the honor of "the elders of the four dynasties."

in Li Ji Yi Yi, there is a saying:

in dealing with the world, you should think carefully about what you say and do, and be careful in your words and deeds.

to keep your mouth shut is the wisdom to stand still and settle down.


take control of your "body"

someone in Zhihu asked, "how to make a profligate person control himself?"

wrote in the highly praised answer: "Let him pay the price he deserves for his actions."

perhaps, momentary indulgence brings pleasure, but those momentary pleasures at the expense of health are marked with high prices.

an 18-year-old girl in Shanghai was sent to ICU by her family because she was unconscious.

when the doctor asked about her illness, she knew that she liked milk tea very much and bought nearly 100 yuan of milk tea every day. She was a veritable "milk tea sister".

not only that, but on weekdays, she also has a serious disorder in her diet, work and rest.

sleep if you want, stay up all night if you don't want to, eat if you want, and be hungry if you don't want to.

she had no idea that she was so laissez-faire that she almost killed herself.

know that unrestrained greed is not the ability to be a man, but the ignorance of life.

only by allowing ourselves to eat well, sleep well, exercise well, and take good care of our bodies, can we have the strength to learn, love and actively control our lives.

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there is such a story in "Fan Si Xun":

Master Yungu asked why he felt that he was "childless". What are the other reasons besides his destiny?

Mr. Fan analyzed that he was addicted to alcohol on weekdays, and drinking would hurt his mental and physical strength. In addition, sitting still without sleep for a long time would also hurt him.

Master Yungu said:

from the day he restrained himself, everything was very different.


, Yuan Jiaofan diligently restricted his work, rest and habits, and cared for the kindness of his students. in the following year, his wife was pregnant and gave birth to a son apocalypse.

people with strong self-control and weak self-control are not only poor in the whole life, but also related to the quality of one's life.

A healthy life depends on our own choices.

only one person can really control his own body, have a reasonable diet, live regularly, and exercise a moderate amount of exercise, can he be able to enjoy the beauty of life.

youdao is that if you want to civilize its spirit, you must first strengthen its body.


Control your "heart"

if a person can easily break his inner peace by others, he is almost out of control of himself.

I remember that a classmate once said in the WeChat group that every time she watched her moments, she couldn't help but feel a stir in her heart.

some people are scuba diving in the Maldives; some are skydiving in Pattaya; some are posting their children's admission letters to Tsinghua and Peking University, and some luxury houses and fragrant cars.

as for myself, I was blowing a fan in the cubicle, eating a box lunch, sweat glued to my forehead, and I felt happy when I turned to a piece of meat.

whenever I think of it, she feels restless and sad in her heart. She always thinks why other people are handsome and rich, but I am.

so, when she is idle, she is almost full of thoughts about how to get rich overnight and has no intention of doing anything at all.

Even when it comes to work, I don't like my leader and get tired of seeing my colleagues.

she once said frankly:

in fact, the heart is boundless, so the desire that arises from the heart, if not limited, is a bottomless pit.

No matter how much you get, you will feel that it is far from enough.

only when you have peace of mind and confidence can you do things in a down-to-earth manner.

once heard such a story:

once upon a time there was a king who asked his teacher how to "keep his heart".

the teacher asked the king to send two classes of maids, one dancing in East Street and one singing in West Street.

then release a prisoner sentenced to death from the prison, take a jar full of oil, let him hold it, and come back around the street.

if the oil in the tank does not pour out, he will be exonerated and his head will be beheaded if it spills over.

as a result, the prisoner walked a long circle, and the oil in his hand did not spill at all.

the teacher asked the king to ask what the prisoner had seen and heard on the way. The prisoner said,

the king wondered, "how can you not see it when the street is so busy?"

the prisoner replied:

the teacher smiled: "you see, only if you really keep your heart, you can not be disturbed by external interference."

people who are able to calm down, keep their minds, and practice their minds are all strong people in life.

only by "keeping your heart" can you focus on the things you need to focus on, don't let the noise interfere with your thinking and affect your down-to-earth work.

A truly reliable life is not only achieved by walking out, but also by self-control.

A person's biggest opponent is ourselves.

self-control is the instinct of the strongest people, says George Bernard Shaw.

the sincerity of the deeds can strengthen the will, the words can honor the virtue, and the ability to keep the heart will make us completely become ourselves.

those who want to control their own destiny will not let it go.

A truly mature person is bound to be able to keep his mouth shut, practice self-cultivation, set his mind, and constantly practice his way of life.

do not act willfully, do not speak freely, and be not wayward.

only those who have enough control over themselves will not hand over all the acquired luck to be the real master of their own life.