Collective lovelorn Zhang Zhiming.

Collective lovelorn Zhang Zhiming.

I used to think it was called "romantic".

recently, Yu Wenle and Zhou Dongyu, who have been very popular, have appeared on a Reality Show show together. In the program, Yu Wenle said: "I want to get married, I want to have a family, I want to have children."

listen to this, all Yu Wenle's "girlfriends" are probably crazy.

"then date me!" In the

program, Yu Wenle embodies the other side of the male god that makes people scream. Considerate and careful, care about each other again and again, "are you cold?" He was humorous and generous, and when he was worried that the other person would be nervous, he relaxed the atmosphere with jokes. Tolerant and patient, he said, "it's always like that at first, take your time."

such Yu Wenle always reminds me of Zhang Zhiming.

that I don't know whether he is romantic or ambiguous.

/one /

how to describe Zhang Zhiming?

wearing black-rimmed glasses and plaid shirts look good. I like to wear baggy trousers and frown when I light a cigarette.

it's a little cheap when you talk, but it's not annoying to be cheap. Childish, usually very casual. Sometimes mature, sometimes childish.

is a very interesting person. Will go to the street to pay the platform fee, will get drunk and call six sixes; will send upside down I miss you, will keep the cigarette butts they have smoked together; will refute cigarettes in the corner, and will play with dry ice in the toilet.

he said, "take your time. I don't have a lot of time to do it all night."

he said: "when I was a child, I liked to eat spaghetti with meat sauce from convenience stores. Many friends ask me why, it is really a little salty, not a lot of meat, but like, just like. "

he said, "but I'm really taller than you."

is what many girls think their boyfriends look like.

at least before we get together again, when we fantasize, yes.

/II /

Zhang Zhiming can be said to be the most successful character created by Yu Wenle, and Zhang Zhiming has become synonymous with a kind of boys-fascinating but elusive.

have a stylish but not greasy appearance, dress appropriately and not casually. A little alienated from the low-key character, delicate ideas, usually careful,-easy to move people and fall, but it is difficult to reassure people. When I like you, I seem to like you or not, and when I don't like you, I like you.

my good friend met such a Zhang Zhiming.

heard her say countless times: "he has good taste and knows how to dress." I usually don't like to talk, but it's so interesting to talk about it. It's totally different from those frivolous boys! "

she said that the boy was very careful and would ask her about her mood when he saw her somewhat depressed moments.

she said that the boy was very reserved in expressing his ideas and never went straight. Will share the song with her and tell her that some of the lyrics are what he wants to say. Will write some words "euphemism and good literature and art" in moments, making her read "my heart is so itchy, different from those single-minded boys!" .

she said that the boy "is not in such a hurry to get together like other men!" Will tell her to develop slowly, see if we want to be together, face her confession, and say to her, "I like you, too, but is it too soon?" Let's get along again. "

anyway, she will be happy tomorrow, smiling like a flower at her mobile phone.

but I don't think she can understand.

Damn it, if you like each other or not, what the heck is this bullshit?

implicit and introverted are the changes that should occur in the precipitation of the years, and it is irresponsible to be still vague after understanding the meaning of mutual love.

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is it not self-deceiving that you are not clear about the line in your heart and are ambiguous to death with each other? you have crossed the line of "getting along" 108000 miles long ago, but you can still say "will it be too soon" and "don't be together"?

shouldn't those who really like you have a clear idea of what they think and when they go to every step? After confirming that we like each other, isn't it natural to be together?

what kind of implicit introversion is this?

/3 /

after losing Zhang Zhiming, Yu Chunjiao seemed to say desperately and helplessly: "I desperately wanted to get rid of Zhang Zhiming, but I became another Zhang Zhiming."

and every girl seems to have met a Zhang Zhiming.

Why do you like Zhang Zhiming?

the root cause is that he is emotionally introverted and impressed by his comparison with other boys.

maybe other boys will choose a date for dinner and movies, while Zhang Zhiming will wander the streets with Yu Chunjiao at night, speculating with her about the strange stories of the vendors setting up stalls on the side of the road.

maybe other boys chasing girls will choose to invite or take care of them, while Zhang Zhiming will send an implicit I Miss You that needs to be found backwards.

maybe the other boys have picked up the girls in the middle of the night, and the rooms are all open, and everything goes without saying, while Zhang Zhiming can just hold the girls and say, we have to take our time.

this implication is like the song in the lyrics: "Boys come to ask me to send flowers, but no one can plant flowers like you."

/restaurant /

Zhang Zhiming's implication is like experiencing emotion drop by drop, unlike other people's quick decision. It is precisely because of this that Yu Chunjiao bumped into it and fell directly.

it was Zhang Zhiming who began to flinch and refused to declare his position and take responsibility. Such hesitation can also be understood as "not wanting to be too fast" and "serious responsibility" for the relationship.

later, it was Zhang Zhiming who set foot in two boats and wanted to return to his old love before he let go of his new love. And looking back like thisIt can also be understood as "constant obsession with true love".

said, "I like to eat spaghetti with meat sauce most", but I made a decision to break up directly when I chose to go north, and it wasn't long before I got a new girlfriend. In this way, can it be understood as being single-minded in love and not disdaining the imperfections of reality?

believes that "there is plenty of time in our land", but conceals the incumbent when he is still unable to let go of his old love, secretly answers on the phone, makes up lies when traveling, and refuses to set foot on two boats until he can no longer procrastinate. This kind of "plenty of time" is also worth "taking your time"?

people's tendency to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages has always been so obvious.

always think of things as imagined and hoped for. When Yu Chunjiao thinks "will he like me", then what she digs, sees and feels will be evidence that "he may like me". In such a psychological environment, coupled with Zhang Zhiming's special "introversion", it has become "the sincerity of love."

sincerity is responsibility and commitment, not superficial implicit and fundamental evasion.

while the surface implication is not direct, it is actually a kind of shallow exploration and ambiguity.

Zhang Zhiming, to some extent, is just what you want to see and feel on the surface.

Love is such a thing, true or false, maybe you lie to me, I lie to you. The reason why Zhiming and Chunjiao have a happy ending is also because Chunjiao is willing to believe Zhiming, willing to insist, want to insist.

if you meet the elusive Zhang Zhiming and don't believe it, how can you have it?

"Don't ask who I am, please fall in love with me."