Cleanliness is the best temperament of a person.

Cleanliness is the best temperament of a person.

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the writer Yi Shu wrote: "you should live as if you were alive, with four or four neat clothes, clean home and good work, not for idle people, but for yourself."

long mountains and rivers, long vicissitudes of life.

even if you are stuck in trifles, you should live out of your own realm.

cleanliness, calmness and self-cultivation are the best practices in life.


the house is clean and the life is rich

"A quiet heart means no impatience, but a clean heart means no worry."

if you clean the house, you will feel at ease.

Clean is the best temperament.

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Guo Wanying was a rich daughter of the Republic of China and the fourth Lady of Shanghai Yong'an Company.

in 1957, her husband was sent to prison and she was sent to the countryside.

dig fish ponds, pick river mud, from the shoulder covered with blood skin to the shoulder hard scab, with a hammer to smash big stones into small stones, from hands covered with blood bubbles to calluses.

in 1966, her husband died. She was saddled with 140000 yuan in debt and lived in a pavilion of less than 7 square meters with her children.

even though it is so difficult, she still lives clean and at ease.

Guo Wanying likes bread, so she uses a coal ball stove as an oven, uses iron wire to make a net, and bakes bread over a coal fire.

if there is no tea set, make some big bowls of tea in an enamel jar.

Clean the windows, brush the floor, pick a few roadside flowers and put them on the table, and the small room was cleaned up by her.

the neighbor mocked: "how can you be so fastidious when you are so down and out?"

Guo Wanying replied, "because this is what people are supposed to be like in life."

writer Bai Luomei wrote: "A room is clean, a court moonlight, a cup of light tea." Life is difficult, but also to add wisps of flowers to their fragrance. "

someone asks: why should people keep clean?

answer highly: because cleanliness is a kind of tenacity, it pulls you out of the abyss and makes you live a magnanimous life.

Clean people have no evil thoughts, clear eyes and focused work.

No procrastination, no ambiguity, no laziness, step by step towards the goal, to make the hard times sweet.

Life is originally simple, you are clean, the breeze comes naturally.


the heart is quiet, the pattern is relaxed

has heard such a sentence: "the greatest sobriety in life is: do not say when sad, do not promise when happy, do not fight when angry."

quiet is true wisdom.

quit flashy, keep an inch of your heart and keep a low profile.

as the old saying goes, "frustrate its sharpness and solve its dispute." With its light, with its dust. "

the more a person is in the trough, the more quiet and introverted he is.

remember the story of Hu GE.

he was in a car accident and was almost disfigured.

in those years of medical treatment, Hu GE lived in seclusion.

besides eating and sleeping, I read books, practiced calligraphy and read plays.

he no longer participates in the fun, but focuses on improving his self-cultivation, honing his acting skills, and walking into the heart of the character.

making a comeback, he won numerous awards with Nirvana in Fire, got rid of the label of "fresh meat" and transformed into an "acting school".

Su Shi once wrote: "the saints of ancient times must be obscure and discerning, quiet and moving, then the feelings of all things will be in front of them."

those who achieve great things have a better understanding of the strategy of static braking, do not panic when things go wrong, make decisions calmly, and have more quiet spirit than ordinary people.

Su Dongpo experienced twists and turns in his life, suffered demotion and his young son died early.

but he can still live safely in the thatched cottage wasteland without being seduced by the hustle and bustle.

those who are vigorous and noisy with gongs and drums finally quieted down.

"I hate this body for a long time. When do I forget the camp?" The wind is calm and flat at night. The boat died and Jiang Hai spent the rest of his life. "

an is the vision of "the road to the simple, the big taste must be plain".

quiet is a pattern of "not fearing the future, not thinking about the past".

in a cool place, it gives rise to joy.


do not stain right and wrong, cultivate self-cultivation

"people with real self-cultivation, do not gossip, do not discuss right and wrong, do not talk about length. Keep your mouth shut and keep your heart. "

self-cultivation is a person's second face.

facial features are born, but self-cultivation is acquired.

A person without self-control is a nuisance wherever he goes.

it is written in the Book of morality: "those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know."

those who really know the truth will not boast, while those who use sweet words are the most shallow and ignorant.

empty valley and orchid, fragrance between cliffs.

Bamboo is hollow and climbing.

A person knows his position, does not admire glory, does not feel inferior and aggrieved, and is calm and in full bloom.

during the Wei and Jin dynasties, luxury prevailed.

the seven sages of bamboo forest live in seclusion in the mountains and forests, accompanied by green mountains and green rivers, and do not want to enter officialdom.

Ji Kang, Ruan Ji, Shan Tao, Xiang Xiu, Liu Ling, Wang Rong and Ruan Xian seven people, do not hear foreign affairs, do not ask the imperial class.

they drink, play, sing, write poems and play chess in the bamboo forest of Shanyin. They are very stylish and detached from the world.

there is a saying in Xunzi: "the jade is in the mountains and the vegetation is moist, the pearls are born but the cliffs are not withered."

if there is jade on the mountain, then the vegetation in the mountain is nourished, there are pearls in the water, and even the river bank is not so dry.

all things in the world have laws.

the top practice is round without sharpness, softness without cowardice, kindness without flinching.

A person of self-cultivation, the light can not be hidden.

it is recorded in Caigen Tan: "those who wait for a long time will fly high; those who are pioneers, Xie Duzao."

if the realm of life is different, the situation will be 108000 li different.

do not complain about heaven, not especially people, everything starts with yourself.

the house is clean, the heart is quiet, and there is no right or wrong.