CCTV voice! The truth behind the Wu Yifan incident is actually …

CCTV voice! The truth behind the Wu Yifan incident is actually …

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the Wu Yifan incident has been fermenting for several days, and in the past few days, I have also eaten a lot of melons in my moments one after another.

on the evening of July 22nd, Beijing police reported the Wu Yifan incident, which unsurprisingly went viral on Weibo.

the specific description of the event is long. For more information, please click below to view it.

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there are also enthusiastic netizens who have summed up the main points.

apart from eating melons, it should also cause us to think.

originally did not want to touch this topic, after all, in my opinion, the entertainment industry is mostly disgusting people and things, not positive energy at all.

however, some readers in the background can't help asking me what I think of this matter.

my view on this event remains the same.

in my opinion, there is only one truth about the Wu Yifan incident:

that is, we young people in China are in great need of an ideological "earthquake".


I still don't understand a question:

Why do these traffic stars represented by Wu Yifan have so many fans?

his Weibo profile reads: singer Wu Yifan, actually I am an actor.

but he sings so well that he is not as good as the buskers who sing in the subway near my house.

after so many years of debut, the scene depends entirely on sound correction, and the masterpiece is almost zero.

as for "actor", it is even more hilarious.

my little nephew, who participated in the Children's Day performance this year, can hang and beat him in his acting skills.

in my opinion, there are four trends in the development of domestic entertainers:

1, the professional ability is getting worse and worse;

2, the educational level is getting lower and lower;

3, fame does not depend on hype;

4, positive energy is getting less and less, and there are more and more scandals.

Rao is like this, but the appearance fees of these people can remain high all the time.

this is the most heart-stirring part.

I saw a news story some time ago.

A Hong Kong female artist can act, sing and host.

according to the current saying, this is a veritable "amphibious artist".

graduated from Boston College with a first-class degree.

A few years ago, he received a doctorate in education from the University of Hong Kong.

in 1997, he made his debut as an actor and became popular.

"Forensics record", "wonderful hand and Heart", "Genesis", "soaring to the Sky" …... These tvb Hong Kong dramas starring her can be said to be household names in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

and she sings very well.

in the Hong Kong music scene, where there is no shortage of talented singers, she has won two consecutive Golden Song Awards.

she has also hosted many variety shows, and the audience has a good reputation for her.

her name is Chen Huishan.

the most popular search recently was because she worked as an English tutor in an English institution in Shenzhen.

there is no other reason: life is forced, do more work to subsidize the family.

in the eyes of many people, artists are gorgeous and cannot spend a lot of money.

but in Hong Kong, artists are just an ordinary profession.

sky-high price pay? It doesn't exist.

do not coordinate with each other? That's going to be eliminated.

all artists are working conscientiously, relying on their own skills and hard work to earn an income.

Chen Huishan, who is good at singing, acting and hosting, has to work part-time in a tutoring organization in order to make a living.

by contrast, Wu Yifan, who holds both hands and pulls the hip with both hands, can still dominate the entertainment industry.


the reason is simple, because he has enough fans, he has nothing to fear.

the Wu Yifan incident, on the surface, is the self-immolation of an artist whose private morality has been corrupted.

but I think the deeper reason is that the bottom line of young people who worship traffic stars determines the bottom line of these stars.

how can traffic stars make waves without the mindless pursuit of fans?

this is the question worthy of our deep consideration.


I have always felt that contemporary young people are sick.

this disease is a mental disease.

remember when we were young, when we first fell in love with the opposite sex.

We like to be alone, because ta studies well, because ta sings well, and because ta plays basketball well.

but when I grow up, I find that many people around us like the reason for a person.

is no longer this person who graduated from a prestigious university and is knowledgeable.

is no longer this person who is well-read, versatile, versatile, and good at playing and singing.

many people around us like others for no more than two reasons:

money or skin. The same is true of

projection into the entertainment industry.

in the past, we went after a singer because he sang well.

I like an actor because his role is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

when Zhang Guorong first made his debut, he was singing on the stage and was scolded by the audience below as a "chicken crow." he was thrown off the stage by someone who threw his hat off the stage and kept crying in the bathroom.

Andy Lau went from actor to singer and was scolded by the Hong Kong media as a sieve because of his poor singing skills.

Huang also denounced him for being uneducated and writing nonsense lyrics.

it was only after both of them worked hard and developed a good voice that they gradually gained recognition in the mainstream singing world.

actor Tang Guoqiang, who was jokingly called "pretty boy" by insiders when he first made his debut, had no status at all.

until he took the role of Zhuge Liang in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, relying on his superb acting skills, he brought the dedicated Zhuge Liang to life and into the hearts of the audience.

has laid the mass foundation for the image of "one Emperor through the ages" in the future.

in the past, it all depended on strength.

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it's different now.

Traffic stars have no excellent works, only a beautiful face and a succession of hype topics.

one matting drama after another tastes like wax, and one list song after another is foggy.

there are fewer and fewer in-depth works and more and more nipple music.

I believe that anyone with three values will have a sense of crisis about this situation:

the stars we pursue should not look like this.

it's no use if we don't change our minds fundamentally and just stay and yell at Wu Yifan.

when Wu Yifan falls down, there will be more Wu Yifan who will be operated by capital to stand up in the future.

they will be exposed to more scandals, harming more women and spoiling more young people.

on the afternoon of the 20th, CCTV issued an article criticizing the Wu Yifan incident.

one of the words is thought-provoking:

stars are role models and there should be a threshold.

how do traffic stars appear?

on the surface, it is the operation of capital.

however, in fact, young people vote with their feet.

it is not the official media that sets the threshold.

it's us who decide whether to pay for the stars or not.


are we short of stars in our time?

looking ahead, there are 1.4 billion people in China, and there are countless stars worthy of our pursuit.

I'd like to introduce you to some stars I admire.

Please look at the picture.

the old man in the picture, I want to call him "national male god".

this year, he is 84 years old. he is not only Hale and hearty, but also has a strong tendon.

in the face of reporters and foreign experts, he can switch back and forth between Mandarin, Cantonese and English calmly.

Professional level makes peers all over the world give a thumbs up.

just after the year of his flower armour, he has experienced two "big exams" in China.

once it is called SARS, once it is called COVID-19.

in both exams, he was the mainstay of the health care community. At the beginning of last year, he risked his life to go to Wuhan and worked continuously for more than 70 days.

with the greatest group of medical workers in mankind, Chinese medical staff, at the worst node, built a great wall of steel for the Chinese people to prevent epidemic.

A few days ago, he talked about the progress of China's third phase of vaccine research and development at a press conference.

said rather helplessly: "our progress is very slow now, because there are no domestic cases to do clinical trials, so we can only go abroad to do it."

netizens said that Grandpa Zhong Nanshan's words can be regarded as the most handsome Versailles.

this is the common achievement of him and tens of thousands of Chinese medical workers.

this one is no stranger to us.

Director Yang Jiechi can be called a "king superstar".

at the China-US Alaska Dialogue this year, the Americans wanted to give us Chinese a hard time.

said: "the United States from the point of view of strength."... "

Director Yang is very unhappy.

he gave Americans a thorough understanding of what is meant by Chinese majesty and the roar of dragons:

"I am not qualified to say that you are talking to Chinese people from the perspective of strength."

"Chinese people don't buy it!"

his attitude and aura seem to announce to the world: