Bureau (good text in depth)

Bureau (good text in depth)

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Life is like a new chess game, those who enter the game need to pay attention.

in a game of life, there is no regret, one step is wrong, one step is wrong, every step you take, you must think carefully.

as the ancients said: what is lost is what is gained.

if you lose something, you must get something.

in 1056 AD, Su Shi went to Beijing to take the exam and became a scholar in high school. The son of Heaven is favored, the teacher appreciates, and has a bright future.

however, when the Wutai poem case broke out, Su Shi was demoted and his official career was hopeless.

he also lamented that he "when to forget the camp". But he finally let go and looked down on the gains and losses.

although he has been wandering all his life, his artistic achievements remain immortal. Although he could not serve in the court, he still made great achievements in the place. Although he was demoted to Hainan, he opened his own context by his own efforts.

A hundred years of life, there are gains and losses.

Don't forget your complacency, don't be frustrated.

there is progress and retreat in life.

when you advance, you must cut through difficulties; when you retreat, you will never drag your feet.

enter, can rely on a cavity of blood, retreat, but need enough wisdom.

through the ages, how many people have suffered great losses because they do not understand this "retreat".

Gou Jian killed Wen Zi, Liu Bang killed Han Xin and Zhu Yuanzhang killed Xu Da.

these people are first-class talents, first-class heroes. But in the end, he died.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: where the road is in danger, you should return early.

the bigger the tree attracts the wind, the greater one's fame, the greater the chance of disaster.

officialdom in the Ming Dynasty often said: think of danger, think of retreat.


the situation of bitterness and happiness: there is joy in bitterness, and there is bitterness in happiness

Master Hongyi said: there is an intersection of sorrow and joy.

there is no eternal happiness and happiness in life. Life is always mixed.

there is such a fable:

Wanna buy a flirty elegant dresses for special occasions and flaunt your luscious curves? We have the right selection to suit your tastes.

A young man fell into an ancient well and got away with a vine.

just as he was climbing up, he found a mouse gnawing on vines and a poisonous snake waiting for him in the well.

then a drop of honey slipped down the vine, and the young man opened his mouth and caught it.

in the desperate situation of life, he tasted the last taste of sweetness.

bitterness and happiness follow the heart.

No matter what the situation, don't forget to make yourself happy.

Life can't be chosen, but mindset can.

the situation of success or failure: success and failure are also gratifying

Zeng Guofan said: when great things are accomplished, people plan half, and providence is half.

success is a matter of probability. It depends on the current situation, luck and ability.

time, place and people are in harmony, and none of them can be missing.

but the providence is always high and hard to ask, and we can't guess it.

people's hearts are separated by their bellies, and we can't really guess them.

the only thing we can decide is our own efforts.

manpower is sometimes exhausted, and very often, no matter how hard one tries, he can't win in the end.

God's will is not determined by man.

Zeng Guofan worked hard for half his life to save the dangerous situation of the Qing Dynasty. He fought the insurgency, was in charge of the government, started westernization, and spent his whole life's painstaking efforts. In the end, however, the building will fall down and there is nothing we can do about it.

if your ideal can't be achieved, you might as well let yourself go.

put aside your obsession, keep your mind at ease, and do things with an open mind.

Cheng Gu Xin ran, failure is also gratifying.