Borrow the light from me when you are bored.

Borrow the light from me when you are bored.

"forgive me for crossing the line of pessimism\ nbut the blood gnawed in my throat."

Wen /eel whale

I felt a sudden and unprecedented panic during the holiday. After taking the last subject, I folded my English test paper in front of the podium in the large staircase classroom. From the moment I came out of the classroom, there was something stuck in my throat and breathless. I told the people around me, "I'm so panicked," and they said, "you're stupid. I panicked after the exam. I'm so happy to go home." I don't think so. "

that night I held a forum on fake grass and invited people to my moments. In fact, I didn't really want to vent negative energy. I just wanted to see who would "I'll come as long as you need it." As a result, I blew a cold wind for an hour, not to mention people, there was no ghost in the whole playground. Some people said it was too cold, some said they would take an exam, and some told me to hurry back to bed, but no one came.


Why do you work hard to

forget to go for a half-night ride with you and don't need too much money

Why do you generally no longer have the courage to meet in the middle of the night



one night two months ago, when I was in bad shape, A called me. She said, come out, I'll walk with you. To tell you the truth, I was really moved at that time, and as a result, she accompanied me to walk around the playground ten times. It's just that in the nine laps she was talking about herself, and on the last lap I finally had a chance to talk about myself, and the other person told me, "Wow, it's cold, let's go back." In an instant, all the stories I thought I had to tell tonight were extinguished by this jar of cold water.

talking about myself

I didn't realize that the cruel sun had risen

someone asked me the other day, "Why didn't you tell me something?" Don't you think I'm a friend? "

" I want to tell you, but are we talking about the same point? I talk about family, you talk about boyfriends, I talk about work, you talk about boyfriends, I talk about dreams, you talk about your boyfriend. I even talk about your boyfriend when I am fucking lovelorn, and it is clear that I have something to solve. As a result, I say that you talk for half an hour, and I will talk for another half an hour. How can I talk to you properly? "

Xu has been fond of Chen for three years. It is said that no one knows about this except the person concerned and me. Well, she hasn't told Xu, but I think she still doesn't know if she has been liked by a person around her for three years. The only possibility is to play dumb. One day Xu came to see me, I took her to the fake grass to sit, she suddenly said to her face: "he came to me." In the CET-6 exam that day, I was waiting in line to enter the examination room, and the invigilator asked us to turn off our phone. When I took my phone out of my bag, it rang. He said he was at the gate of our school, so I took my ID card from the teacher and ran out of the examination room. I know that there is only one possibility for him to come to me, that is, he is lovelorn. You will scold me for deserving it. I know he is just lovelorn again, but, yes, he is more important to me than CET-6. "

in the past three years, classmate Chen has changed three girlfriends. Every time he changes girlfriends, Xu disappears from him and breaks off contact, and every time Chen remembers Xu's existence, it is time for him to break up.

the night she told me about this, the moon on the fake grass was so beautiful that I suddenly remembered that Chen Ji sang in "Miao Ling Tong", "I am the moon in your room. Ask me to borrow light when you are bored."

I also have a friend who has been suffering from insomnia for a long time. Let's call her "Miss sleepless" for the time being. Miss sleepless has an allusion to her insomnia. When I knew her, she was a famous sleeping god. She fell asleep before 11:00 at night and could sleep for five classes in the morning. She was an amazing person. The reason why Miss couldn't sleep began when she knew Mr. 01:30. Miss Sleepy wanted to know Mr. 01:30 very much. She observed that this person would only send out one moments every day, and every time it must be 01:30 in the morning, so she began not to sleep, drank tea, coffee, listened to rock and roll, lasted until 01:30 every day, and sent out the edited moments at 01:29. In this way, when Mr. 01:30 refreshes his moments at 01:30, he will notice such a person. Sure enough, she talked a lot about it from commenting in moments at first to talking in private.

it becomes a habit for miss sleepless girls to stay awake until 01:30 in the morning without coffee, tea or rock and roll, because it has become a regular pattern for gentlemen to find her at 01:30. Then one day, Mr. 01:30 disappeared. It turned out that Mr. 01:30 had worked as a part-time singer in a bar. He got off work after one o'clock every morning, and 01:30 happened to be a time when he had a lot of time to spend on his way home, so since he resigned, he had never found a lady who couldn't sleep. but the sleepless lady has formed a personal habit that can't be pulled out.

he said, "I'll see you next time" means

"I'll see you next time when I'm bored and unaccompanied."

I wish you really wanted to be a part of my life.

Time to update your wardrobe and add some wedding wear patterns free factors. Your will be elated by your enchanting look.

Today is the first day of the holiday. There is no one at home, and I am bored to the extreme. On a whim in the afternoon, I changed my clothes, took my wallet and keys for a walk, wandered along the place where I grew up, and walked as far as the shop where my friends worked. This is an old friend C we haven't seen for three months, and we have another good friend Y. when I was out at school, Y broke up with my boyfriend of many years and cried over C's collapse. C inadvertently said, "I think I'm in love recently." It is said that after she finished saying this sentence, Y seconds stopped her tears, turned around and asked her, "when!" What kind of person is the other party? "

some people have made it clear that they are still indifferent

some people guess your current situation from your words

I was moved, funny and guilty when I heard about it. I was moved when I always wondered if anyone really cared about my current situation.Hou, in the corner I ignored, there are some people who are thinking and talking about my current situation, and my emotional situation seems to be a little more important than their lovelorn. The guilt is that I focus too much on people who "only borrow light from me when they are bored", and I have become a person who "only borrow light from them when I am bored".

I have been a listener since childhood. I have been the right person to talk to in many people's lives. They will talk to me about a lot of problems, emotional, working and social. I listen to them cry and laugh. Listen to them drop wine bottles madly in the middle of the night, but when there is such a day, I have to say a lot tonight. I find that I can only go downstairs and walk around, and the fake grass blows a cold wind. When I drink a can of Coke and go back to my dorm to wash and sleep, I wonder if no one in the world has the desire to participate in your life at all.

it's not that I don't want to hear you say

it's just whether you can occasionally calm down and listen to me

when I was a kid watching Meteor Garden, that is, about 15 years ago, F4 released an album in which there is a song called "the first time" that is still on my playlist. There is a passage in the song: don't look out when you're tired. Dig me up and spit it out. I can't stand the difficulties of my friends. Who is still watching coldly? If you are bored, don't be an outsider, find me out, accompany you with the burden, the warmth of a cup of coffee, until you want to open.

I wish I could hear you talk until three o'clock in the morning, and one day you'd like to hear me talk until three o'clock in the morning.

because it's really hard to play a bosom sister who wants to make you laugh at 9: 00 in the morning and listen to you cry at 3: 00 in the morning.

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