Being with a well-behaved person is the best way to keep fit.

Being with a well-behaved person is the best way to keep fit.

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as the old saying goes:

without rules, there is no square.

all things in the world are inseparable from rules. Only when there are rules can we know the boundaries, and only between people can we know the boundaries.

people live in the world, when they know what to do and what not to do, and the premise of these, otherwise there is a constraint, that is, rules.

what are the rules?

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rules are a principle and a boundary.

rules, but also a kind of self-cultivation, used to practice as a virtue.

rules are actually a code of conduct that constrains our behavior and controls our desires.

only by knowing the rules and abiding by the rules can you be right, behave properly, respect the rules, and don't do anything against your conscience.

only if you do not exceed the rules, know well, have self-control, and have moral conduct, you will make achievements in life.

people who are well-behaved, well-behaved, well-behaved and well-behaved are the best people to keep in good health.


No matter who you associate with, remember not to be arrogant and defiant.

all your life, you should put conduct first, do not do anything harmful to heaven, do not go against your conscience for the sake of profit, let alone make fun of other people's defects, or even poke at other people's unspeakable secrets!

A person can win the trust and respect of others only if he communicates wisely and wisely.

if you do everything too well, you don't know how to leave room for others and only think about your own interests. It is chilling to set tricks on others everywhere, and for a long time, you will end up betraying your relatives.

know the rules, moderate communication, will be comfortable, the relationship will be harmonious, the relationship will be long-term.

with proper knowledge and rules, there will be a storm in your life!


the rule is a principle

A person who does not even have the most basic moral bottom line will be ruined for a lifetime.

in dealing with the world, we must have a moral bottom line, have principles to restrain ourselves, and be a kind-hearted person who knows the rules.

Open-minded, regardless of personal interests, do not remember people's mistakes, and be a tolerant person with a pattern.

know the rules, have principles, have character, no matter what you have encountered, you must be an honest person.

being upright and upright, doing things in a down-to-earth manner, without losing one's conscience and bottom line, are the principles and rules of being a man.

No matter how difficult you are, you can't deceive him, let alone use and calculate him in order to achieve your own goals.

A person will respect you only if he knows how to respect others. Only when you treat others sincerely, is it possible to get the sincerity of others.

to be a man, you can do anything without anything, but you can't lose your conscience and do things without the bottom line principle.

know that you can't do it, but you still do it. In the end, you will only live uneasily and live a restless life.

everything must be considered, well-behaved, principled, respectful, considerate, kind and sincere, and well-behaved in order to live with peace of mind and peace of mind, and only then will some people be willing to walk with them.


rule is a kind of freedom

to behave properly, not to take advantage of others, not to count others, and to live a lifetime of peace of mind.

honest and upright, with a clear conscience all his life.

if a person understands the rules of life and adheres to the moral bottom line, no matter what happens, he will not go out of line or panic.

Heaven and earth has its own circle, people living in the world must have rules, rules, conduct, will have more freedom.

No rules, no bottom line constraints, you will make mistakes, or even take the road of no return, ruining your life.

rules seem to restrain us, but they actually strive for more freedom for us.

people who obey rules are well-behaved, have no fear at heart, have no shame in their hearts, have no regrets, are willing to work together, and are welcome wherever they go.

being with well-behaved people, we not only get along comfortably, but also feel at ease. We don't have to worry about being hurt and used, and even exert an imperceptible influence on us, making us better and better.

for the rest of your life, you must deal with people who are well-behaved and measured. At the same time, you must also be a well-behaved and measured person, keep abiding by yourself, know how to reflect on yourself, and constantly improve yourself in order to achieve a great life.